Masterpiece 18S Silverstreak – nominated for biggest bum-out of 2014


A now for something completely useless…

When the Datsun brothers came out, Bluestreak was far and away the aesthetic winner of the bunch.  The evenness of the alt mode, the muted color scheme, and the fact that a somewhat C-list character was getting the big bad masterpiece treatment elevated its likability above the fan-favorite Prowl. When it was announced that MP-18S would be released later down the line,  a fever raced through the fandom.  Just a year earlier, a special release of the Lamborghini Masterpiece mold had yielded a rare Diaclone-origin Tigertrack in yellow.  Diaclone figures were getting the Masterpiece treatment!  TakaraTomy is known for their stubborness to keep tradition going so the release of a special Datsun, especially Bluestreak, could only mean one thing: Blue Bluestreak!  THE UNICORN ITSELF!


Is that what I think it is?! A unicorn in the wild!? Nope, it’s just a custom by TFW2005 user pumpkingonzo

I have done my own private retcon in my head and the silver version of Bluestreak will always be dubbed Silverstreak, until we get a real Blue Bluestreak.  So to see today that MP18-S is actually going to be the real Silverstreak really pulls at some painful strings inside my body.  This is really a big shame.  The only difference is a few paint apps on the hood of the car.

I’m just so annoyed by this that I think I’m going to let this blog post fall flat.

TL;DR: MP18-S is a huge letdown and it sucks.


  • TGBX
    December 9, 2014 - 6:09 AM | Permalink

    Getting annoyed because a rumor – about a product that didn’t exist and was entirely fan assumption in the first place – didn’t pan out, and nominating said non-existent figure for biggest letdown of 2014, is stupid.
    Silverstreak is a very pretty figure and has plenty of fans, some of whom select Silverstreak over the original Streak.

  • January 7, 2015 - 4:48 PM | Permalink

    Thanks for joining the party but guess what? I’m right.

  • ZeldaTheSwordsman
    February 10, 2018 - 9:15 AM | Permalink

    No, you were an idiot. You hyped yourself up over a rumor, and managed to overlook the fact that BLUE DOESN’T START WITH THE LETTER “S”. That “S” should have made it obvious that this was going to be Silverstreak, much as, say, the “T” in MP-12T is an obvious indicator of that toy being Tigertrack.

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