G2 Menasor appears on Taobao with ALL ACCESSORIES – listed for $30,000


The world’s most valuable accessories, all in one place!

I love the Generation 2 unreleased toys saga and it continues today with another historic offering featuring components of G2 Menasor and the Stunticons.  This time, however, the listing features ALL of the components for a hefty $30,000 price tag.  The last time firepower of this magnitude dropped, the sale went for around $26,000 and hilarity ensued.  The important aspect of that auction was that the purple Menasor head was missing.

Well this time the gang’s all here and it’s on Taobao.  The listing can be found here. I’ve included some of the auction photos for the inevitable time when this auction ends or is pulled.

So are you going to be the ‘lucky’ buyer?

Are these authentic or has the ko market finally created a G2 version of the classics?  Your guess is as good as mine.


The Taobao listing as seen today.


Looks like there are a few missing paint apps, but lots of stickers.


Is there a gun-pack missing here?



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  • ZeldaTheSwordsman
    June 13, 2016 - 2:15 AM | Permalink

    I think these are legit, just missing all the stickers except for Motormaster’s (an inversion of the usual).

    And Motormaster is the key thing to note here. He has his stickers, which references for making are rare (and if they were duplicating his stickers, why not duplicate the others?). But more than that, take a look at the roof of his trailer: It’s been retooled with a 5mm socket on it where the rubsign indent once was. G2 introduced two new missile launchers that could be fully operational while remaining safety-regs-friendly: one cloned from a GI Joe launcher but given a peg with a 3mm section and a 5mm section in lieu of the original handle, and one with just 5mm pegs which was created for the Seekers as a replacement for their original weapons. That retool, similar to those on G2 Silverbolt and G2 Onslaught, is meant to acommodate one of those launchers, and is one of the most significant differences vs. the original G1 version of the Motormaster tooling.

    If you’re curious, some of the other G2 Motormaster samples that have surfaced have come with the launcher and missile. They are of the type created for Starscream and Ramjet. The launcher is black, the missiles a bright orangeish red.

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