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Call the feds! Unaltered samples of MP-23 Exhaust exist!

This ain’t no fake toy!

With the advent of Facebook, I’m reconnecting with a lot of big-time collectors from my pre-TFW2005 banning days. Lots of goodies are being revealed in the process and one of the most notable recently is a production sample of a non-modified version of MP23 Exhaust, otherwise known as Marlboor Wheeljack.

If you need a refreshed on the odyssey of MP23 Exhaust, then go here for further reading.  I will now assume you know everything about how this toy came to be.

The original deco of MP-23 and the box the housed him.

So it’s really not a huge surprise that a few non-nerfed MP-23 Exhausts survived the culling. The hammer from Phillip Morris came down awfully late in the life-cycle of the figure. I would imagine that there are probably 100’s if not 1000’s somewhere, unless part of the litigation was that all completed pieces were destroyed with proof. According to the buyer of this piece, only 2 are known to be seen in existence.

the collector card for the original MP-23 on the left and the nerfed version that was mass-released on the right.

The buyer is now selling the piece with a hefty price tag of $8,000 USD.  And here I was thinking he was going to keep it in his collection.  A pity.  The listing can be seen below.

Who wants to complete their MP collection?

I’m happy to see that illegal contraband like MP-23 is finally appearing in the wild, but I’m a little sad to see that the first person to acquire this amazing piece just wants to flip it for a quick buck. There’s a few manic Masterpiece Collectors out there that have reached out to me asking if I think it’s real.  I definitely think it’s real. All the stories line-up but if you are asking me that question in hopes of not needing this figure to have a truly finished MP collection then you’re flawed.  This is not a mass release. Just like lucky draw Gold MP-01, this is outside of the realm of completist.  You have to climb a few rungs of insanity to think that your collection has a huge gaping hole that will only be filled by figures whose production runs are in the single digits.

Someone out there is likely to purchase this specimen, but I think $8000 is a price that the seller is just fishing with.  The true price ought to be somewhere between $1500-$3500, I think you’d find a buyer easily for that cash.  Then again, how much was the piece originally trading hands for? We may never know.  Happy hunting Collecticons!


Unreleased ROTF / HFTD “Megatron Rising” giftset figure

“I’m so rare no one even knew I existed until today!”

Well well well.  Thanks to my old pal Blue Boost for nefariously sneaking a photo of our private little Megatron treasure into a TFw2005 news post yesterday. He’s stirred the pot and now would-be movie collectors are salivating over his unreleased ROTF Voyager Megatron from the ill-fated “Megatron Rising” giftset.  I decided to share this photo of my version, which has been actually out on my table recently amongst other Megatrons.

Bask in the glory of what could’ve been. Officially, the giftset was revealed at SDCC 2010 but none of the giftsets saw the light of day, except Ravage infiltration giftset which did appear in the UK in limited numbers.

Getting ahold of figures like this is no laughing matter. You usually get one chance and you must strike immediately. Boost and I got these off of Ebay from a seller than typically has sample toys. Apparently this giftset was very near final production before it was pulled.  Perhaps a warehouse does exist full of packaged pieces… we may never know!

More like Megatron falling… amirite?

Strange enough, while writing this quick article I found a place online that has listings for this Megatron (sold out) as well as the individual legends class constructicons. The red scrapper in particular is interesting.  But are $235 per legend, they may be the most expensive legends of all time!  Happy hunting Collecticons.


MPM-4 is Masterpiece Movie Optimus Prime

Masterpiece Movie Optimus Prime

I am your God now

The upcoming Masterpiece Movie line is one of the most exciting things to come from ten years of Bayformers. We’ve already seen Bumblebee, who is an incredible adaptation of the character, with others rumored to follow such as Barricade, Blackout, and maybe even Bonecrusher? It should would complete the B’s.

MPM-4 was revealed this week to be none other than Optimus Prime himself in an incredible rendition the likes of which may never be topped. Many fans believed the ROTF Movie Optimus mold would never be topped, but it’s amazing what 9+ years can do.

The figure does have some strange proportions at first glance but seeing the front and back side comparisons makes this new mold hands down the de-facto Prime.

The lack of kibble on the back and the proportions of specific parts just blow me away.  The smoke stacks even retract!!  Incredible! This upcoming figure takes everything you know and love about Movie Optimus Prime and dials it up to 11.  I for one don’t miss the $180 I’m already going to spend for 2 of them.  Bravo guys, bravo.


Forged to Fight mobile app game live now

Combiner Wars Starscream beats on DOTM Barricade

Well the new game is out! So all you suckers that dropped mad cash on Earth Wars have a lot of soul-searching to day.

So far I’ve joined alliance RIPT Apparel in hopes to reach the top!  Looking forward to seeing how these two competing mobile games evolve. Remember kids: don’t spend money!


The Leftovers is the best tv show in existence – catch up before it departs

Skepticism rises: “I thought this was a Transformers collecting blog…”

It’s not often that I choose to make mention of a non-Transformers piece of pop-culture on this spare blog, but this is my only outlet for writing so this is where I have chosen to make my stand; and that stand is that “The Leftovers” on HBO is currently the greatest drama on television of the three years it has been running.

Originally advertised to “Game of Thrones” fans on Sunday nights, the trailers left me uninterested in the what I believed to be predictable story line about The Rapture. I was dead wrong. The first season semi-follows the path laid out by author Tom Perrotta in his novel by the same name, but season two took the express space-bridge to Cybertron when they transplanted their cast to a sleepy Texas town. Without spoiling anything, season 2 was gripping, mysterious, and left you hungry to answers each episode. If season 1 was a B-, Season 2 was a letter that comes before A that the human race hasn’t invented yet.

With future of the show uncertain at the time of season 2’s finale, fans took to the streets dressed as the Guilty Remnant and stalked HBO’s NYC Headquarters with handwritten “renew” signs. This is definitely the kind of fandom action and cosplay I can get behind. It is unclear if the staged cult event had any bearing on HBO’s decision, but it seems execs reluctant compromised to the give the show another season… labeled as the last one.

There must be something freeing about knowing the work you are toiling on has some finality to it. I believe the ending of season 2 manifested from the uncertainty of a season 3 or 4 and resulted in a somewhat acceptable finale if it were to become the end of the story. That is not the case however, and so the ending is even more satisfying, knowing that there is a chance to wrap up the really big mysteries. The writing team has profusely stated we will never get an answer to what the departure actually is… but the upcoming trailer teases us on that very premise.

I recommend watching this artful and excellent trailer, and if you’re on the edge of you seat like me, you must be saying “That phone call, WTF!!!”  Here’s hoping that Nora Durst can get some solace before episode 30.


Someone fully animated a scene from More than Meets The Eye – Skids vs legistlators

Stop what you’re doing and watch this right now!

So this incredible piece of animation essentially uses the comic panels illustrated by Alex Milne in More Than Meets The Eye issue 2 as key frames for the sequence.  This must have been no easy feat…

The sound and voice acting is from a audio-comic fan retelling of the entire issue by a group calling themselves Team Train Wreck.  Their efforts are also well-received by this Collecticon and it also deserves a focus watch if you’re a fan of the comics. See below.

I’m simply breathless every time I see one of these intense fan creations to augment the already incredible comic book. If anything this just shows how much the core fanbase would love to see the More Than Meets The Eye storyline come to life in animated form.

I give a heart-felt thank you to the fans that are spending their free time contributing to these types of projects and I simply cannot wait for the next batch!!!


More MPM-3 Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee comparison images


This thing is definitely growing on me, and I’m getting excited for Movie Transformers again!  Way to go Hasbro!

I am a little miffed why this is labeled MPM-3 when Hasbro never released anything under the movie masterpiece line… just a strange slight of hand there.  The MPM (masterpiece Movie) toyline only ever had two entries in its catalogue, MPM-1 Starscream, also known as Leader Starscream in the Hunt For The Decepticons Line, and MPM-2 Bumblebee, which was a repaint of Battle Ops Bumblebee.


I have no idea where these images are from, but how did they get ahold of new photos of an unreleased MP figure!?

Later figures you might expect in a line called Masterpiece Movie were under Hasbro Asia only. So whatever guys, do what you want, just give us these awesome re-imagined figures!MPM3-masterpiece-movie-bumblebee-comparison-vehicle-car


Leader Dark Spark Optimus Prime Revealed at Hong Kong Toy Show


Guess who’s back, back.. back again, gain…

The second toy from the upcoming “The Last Knight” toyline was revealed at the Hong Kong Toyfair along with Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee. This time it is Shadow Spark Optimus Prime! We can surmise that this represents the evil Nemesis Prime version of Optimus that we’ve seen battling Bumblebee in the trailers thus far.  The color scheme is a little… weird, but the more depressing thing is that this is our first repackaged redeco from a previous movie line popping up.  We have a redeceo of Age of Extinction Leader Optimus Prime on our hands, complete with bizarro non-canon sword!


Holy box art, Batman

Also revealed is the massive change in packaging which is focusing on box art instead of the toy! I guess  the robot characters were finally deemed to matter? Also notice that stupid logo for “Transformers: The Last Knight” is still in effect and this is also dubbed as part of a “premiere line.”


Transformers Premium Movie Toy line revealed – Bumblebee displayed in Hong Kong


Premium Bee

Today at the 2017 Hong Kong Toy Fair, Hasbro revealed the first of supposedly many Masterpiece Movie toys.  Of course Bumblebee is the first and it’s claimed to be an all new mold. But is that true?

Let’s take a look!


Only the best giant Bumblebees of all time.

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. A lot of the features of this ‘new mold’ of a giant Bumblebee looked awfully familiar.  After doing some quick analysis though, I am happy to announce that this new Bee is indeed all new! Very nice! Transformers designs truly do age like a fine wine after ten years.  Will this be the penultimate Bumblebee toy?  Chances are yes, at least this is the best we are likely to get for a very long time.


Battle Ops / MPM2 Masterpiece Bumblebee on the left – 2017 Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee on the right.

The movie masterpiece line is expected to drop in July of 2017 and Bumblebee price starts at $79.99.  More to come surely!


Topspin looks great… as Misfire!!


I’m baaaack! – Digibash by Air Hammer

With photos of Titans Return Topspin surfacing and the reviews looking great, many are wondering who he might be redeco’ed or remolded into.  One very exciting possibility is Targetmaster Misfire whose loud pink color scheme has stood out over the years amidst his Decepticon allies. With rumors of a “Scavengers” comic story circulating, and Krok coming in wave 4, could wave 5 be full of rummaging Decepticons?