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G1 prototype Starscream on Ebay – not a prototype at all

Generation 1 TFC 9 Starscream prototype from Heerotoymaker

A beautiful site, but just what are we looking at?

Check out this auction by Heero Toy Maker.

The auction is listed as “G1 Starscream prototype near perfect complete.”  So what does that actually mean?  Well from the looks of the photos, we are talking about a prototype from 2003’s Transformers Collection #9 Starscream.  And as you can see in the photograph below… I already have this prototype.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream with recast mold

Something tells me these aren't original prototypes worth $500...

So just what is going on here?  Let’s talk a little bit about Heero Toy Maker first…  He is known for making very awesome recasts of the WST Optimus Prime and Seeker molds.  His WST seekers differ from the official originals in a few ways: the wail fins are two separate pieces, and the weapons are of the null-ray shape instead of the missile shape.  Overall, these unofficial unlicensed toys actually excel when compared to the official originals.  Heero knows how to mass produce figures, and do it extremely well.

So when he first put one of these almost glow-in-the-dark looking G1 Starscreams on Ebay, I went nuts and made him an offer to buy it right now.  Of course, by doing this, I set the price for this figure.  This was almost one year ago, and I thought that if this really is a prototype, it must be for some sort of Encore version of TFC 9 Starscream with the Megatron gun.  I have been patiently waiting for this reissue ever since, and it has failed to appear.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream with prototype from Heero

Starscream is joining Jay-Z and his next White Party

About the only conclusion I can come up with is that the industrious Mr. Heero has decided to change gears and try mass producing his own full-sized G1 seeker molds now. What he is actually selling are his own personal ‘prototypes’ of these completely unlicensed figures, not original official factory samples.  Can I confirm this? No, but the writing is on the wall.  I also do not pass judgment as to whether this practice is OK or not, that is up to you.  I only wish to inform anyone thinking of buying this to make sure they know what they are buying, and also realize that yes, I already have it so you do not have a one-of-a-kind toy. Sorry Charlie.

Transformers Collection #9 Starscream copyright stamp

The copyright stamp is even in tact. I give up.

Featured Ebay Auctions

Revenge of the Fallen Starscream Keychain hardcopy auction – $1000

Starscream Keychain prototype

Wow, almost worth it's weight in fool's gold!

Oh Ultraconvoy, how you make me laugh.

Here is a one-of-a-kind resin prototype of ROTF Starscream’s keychain mold, apparently. I am not quite sure what the mass release of this figure is.

Here is the explanation given by the seller:

Here we have a rare treat for you Starscream collectors. Unreleased Desert Storm Starscream. This is a resin hardcopy hand painted piece. It was rejected by Hasbro and had to be recolored and remolded. I added pics of the mass released one and you can see there are a few differences. No copyrights. The Resin hardcopy is a bit bigger and has somewhat shorter wings and this is hand painted. This Hardcopy piece made 4″ key chains for the ROTF Movie Line. This is a one of a kind item that I got from a Hasbro employee. You wont see this anywhere else. I was going to keep it but I am sure there is someone out there who will enjoy this more than me. A awesome display piece! Due to the fragile nature of the piece I can’t not accept returns or any refunds for any reason. I will package it the same way I got it so no worries but again remember this item can not be replace due to its rarity. So ask Any questions before making a offer. If you can’t agree with the terms of this auction please don’t make a offer. I present to you unreleased Desert Storm Starscream

While the story is most likely authentic, the asking price is a tad on the insane side. I will play Ebay police today and just let you know that is piece is not worth $1000, not even $100. I specifically collect this type of figure and I know it’s not worth more than a fraction of the asking price.

These are the types of auctions that I just love to point out.  For the untrained collector, the prices on these types of figures can be murky at best.  But if you really have the money to be spending $1000 on a toy, don’t you think you’re going to be at least a bit educated about said purchases?

Now just look at some pretty pictures.

Starscream resin prototype

Starscream saw his price tag and now he's beside himself

Featured Ebay Auctions

ATB Megatron and Starscream on Ebay – $5,500

Generation 2 Unreleased ATB Megatron and Starscream

It could be yours for $5,000

With Botcon 2010 revealing their Generation 2 themed boxset over the past few weeks, a lot of focus on Generation 2 figures and lore has been popping up. It really came to a head today when Deceptigtar showed me this auction for the very rare G2 ATB Megatron and Starscream set.

I have been trying to get my hands on one of these for a few years and two of them have slipped through my fingers during that time.  Now we have one publicly listed on Ebay for a whopping $5,500.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone that the price is absolutely ridiculous.  It also brings up a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for the past week or so: what is the most expensive Transformer ever, or even more specifically, is any Transformer worth more than $2000?

My reasonable offer was declined from the seller automatically, so the seller apparently believes his asking price is appropriate.  in the end, he price is set by what someone is willing to pay for it.  So Collecticons, are any of you willing to fork over $5,500 for some plastic parts in a sealed box?

Oh, it’s also nice to see that the seller isn’t expecting to inflate shipping charges on your $5,5000 purchase – it’s only $9 UPS!  HOW THOUGHTFUL!!

Featured Ebay Auctions

Revoltech Skywarp?

Revoltech Skywarp found on Ebay

100% haha! Famous last words, yet still intriguing...

During my daily stroll down Ebay Street, I found a rather peculiar auction image for TRANSFORMER REVOLTECH STARSCREAM GENUINE FIGURE AP746 that caught my attention.  That’s a Revoltech Starscream box, and a Revoltech Starscream mold, but those are not Revoltech Starscream COLORS.  Black and purple only belong to one Decepticon bruiser and we all know him well, our good buddy Skywarp.

The picture in this auction is a little hard to decipher since the collage was obviously created in Photoshop, but it’s difficult to tell whether the colors are legit or treated.  I seem to recall hearing murmours of Revoltech seeker repaints, but my memory is not serving me at this time.  For now you can check out the auctions here and decide for yourself whether this is a bootleg or the real thing.

Featured Ebay Auctions

Henkei Blue Bumblebee sells for $375.00

Henkei Blue Bumblebee final high bid of $335 + $40 shipping

Maybe this paint joib was secretly GREEN!

Looks like the hoopla has ended for now. The final bid came in at $335 + the outrageous $40 shipping and handling fee for a total of $375.00 USD. And now, we wait…

Featured Ebay Auctions

Lucky Draw Micron Legend Green Unicron up on Ebay

Micron Legend Green Unicron 1 of 10

"Luck of the Irish" Unicron - It only costs ye' a pot o' gold!

An acquaintance of mine has posted one of the rarest Transformers figures “out there” to Ebay recently.  It is the Lucky Draw Micron Legends Green Unicron.  This figure has the distinction of being one of the largest lucky draw figures ever.  It also has a solid reference to the show – the moment when all the minicons formed into a doppleganger Green Unicron to fend off the real menace from Cybertron.

Rikkomba is a major minicon collector and purchased this figure mostly for the Minicon!!!  Yes, we all have our reasons.  Unfortunately, it’s time to him to pass the torch and at a starting bid of £2,499.00, Green Unicron won’t be going cheap.  Still, this is a far cry from the $5,000 USD this figure originally demanded over five years ago. This figure is supposedly one of only 10 made, but I hardly ever believe those counts.

Check out the auction here and enjoy!

Featured Ebay Auctions

Dairycon 2009 Pretender Motormaster for auction – Starting bid $350

So remember yesterday when I brought up the fact that Dairycon is starting to show it’s too legit to quit?  Well it turns out someone might have been listening (wishful thinking!) because look what’s sitting on Ebay at quite a hefty buy it now: Dairycon 2009 Pretender Motormaster

Dairycon 2009 Pretender Motormaster

Who knew Motormaster was such a pimp?


This toy is in very much the same vibe as the upcoming Pretender Convoy.  I have not had the pleasure of seeing a Dairycon exlclusive in the flesh so I cannot vouch for the quality, but it appears that these are indeed expertly molded figures, not just simple repainted customs.

Perhaps someone can vouch, but at an asking price of $350, Dairycon’s fun little universe is becoming more important every year.

Blog Featured Ebay Auctions

Here we go again… G2 Protectobots hit Ebay


One of the rarest lots around... up for bid NOW on EBAY

Every few years or so, you gotta try it. You bought that rarest of the rare super expensive Transformer and figured it didn’t matter what price you paid — you’ll get it back and then some. This is one of many possible through processes that can go through a collector’s mind to convince them it’s ok to pay a good-sized mortgage payment on pieces of old/new plastic formed into the shape of little robotic men.

I wish I could tell you, my fellow Collecticons, that it was a sure thing and that you always will get your money back and then some in this crazy Transformer collecting world.  With every passing year, it seems this is more and more not the case.

Let’s take one of the most classic feverish transactions to ever take place.  The Hartman Brothers were “getting out of collecting” and decided to sell some of their rarest items on ebay.  Luckily for these guys, they had a great deal of publicity surrounding their sales and people trusted them.  They banked on their collection, to say the least.  Then came the individual sales of quite possibly the rarest set of all time: the Generation 2 Protectobot limbs.  This set was never released, yet a handful of finished packaged samples exist. The auctions were featured on all of the major Transformers fan sites and as the first G2 Protectobot made its way onto Ebay, the bids went wild.  In the end, each Protectobot sold well over the $1000 mark and each landed into the hands of one (un?)-lucky winner: Delpan Rane.

I have had the fortune of getting to know Delphan Rane over the past few years.  We have discussed the inevitable re-sale of the unreleased items in their posession.  I have seen them go up for sale more than once, and the price is never cheap.  Each time, the auction runs its course, and although I expect there are hundreads of watchers, no one buys.

So what’s the problem?  Is the price too high, the toys too ugly, the market too depressed?  One thing is for sure, the hype surrounding the original sale is no where to be found.  I for one think it is far too soon to be trying to sell them off.  Mystic items like that should not be sprouting up on ebay every year, or even every five years.  Otherwise, they begin to lose their glimmer and fade.

So I wish my cohort Delphan Rane all the luck in the world.  Someone out there is drooling for these AFA’d beauties and waiting for the price to come down just a bit.  To all those collectors licking their lips and rubbing their hands like hyenas be warned: if you wait too long, you might just have to buy them one by one.

And that, my friends, would be the worst fate of all – separating these bots from their siblings forever…

G2 Generation 2 protectobots MISB

The G2 Protectobots in their early days, pre-AFA - It's almost like they have a candy-covered shell