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First look at Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Thundercracker


He’s big green motha from outer space and he’s bad

In an ‘announcement’ far less interesting than even the latest Botcon 2013 giftset reveals, we have pretty definite proof that a Machine Wars Thundercracker will be an add-on or the attendee figure for Botcon 2013. The character art was revealed on the embroidered hat for this year’s convention.  Who actually buys that stuff anyway?

Too bad I won’t be there to find out because this year’s Botcon is no longer on my list of “trips that are anywhere near worth the money.”


Botcon 2012 convention exclusive speculation – Black Convoy, Junkions, and more

Black Convoy

Found a digibash I made last year, I think I like this other one I found better

Well now we know what we’re getting in the Botcon 2012 boxset, but that just isn’t enough!!! It’s time to bite your nails and wag your tails because we are now going to wildly speculate on the additional exclusive toys to be offered at this year’s Botcon 2012!!!

Botcon 2012 exclusive junkions

Good or evil? Let's hope for good.

3- Junkion troop builder
Since we seem to get troop builder sets each year, I’m going for broke and assuming we’ll get some new Junkion decos this year. Everyone wants them! Maybe they’ll even be EVIL junkions?!

Shattered Glass Black Ironhide

Ol' Ironhide's gonna pull through nicely.

2- Shattered Glass Evil Ironhide from classics Ironhide

Gotta re-use that mold right?  A black Ironhide would be pretty sweet, and he’s shown up in the comic a time or two.  Or even Ratchet instead?

Black Convoy from Car Robots

Who is this Scourge asshole I keep hearing about?

1- Black Convoy from G2 Optimus Prime
This is so obviously going to happen that I shouldn’t even need to mention it. Will it be shattered Glass or straight up classics? I’m hoping for Classics instead of some weird Shattered Glass spin. There would be so many levels of double-negative that the toy might turn out bright yellow.

The only other speculation I can make at this point are molds that should / could be used.  RTS Jazz, Universe Galvatron, Classics Tankor… these are all molds that haven’t been repurposed by Hasbro yet, except for Galvatron coming out as another version of Galvatron.  There is also the Powerglide mold which Botcon has yet to use, but I’d put my money on Silverbolt before the latter.  And don’t forget about those Cybertronian War for Cybertron molds…

The future is bright, let it shine until 2012!!!!


Transformers Encore revived with Soundblaster, Twincast, ENEMY, and 2 other WTF cassettes!

Transformers Encore series Soundblaster Twincast and ENEMY

Collecting cassettes just got a smidge more fucking insane.

TakaraTomy has supplied us with plenty of “WTF?!?!” moments this year and here comes another!!!  The Transformers Encore Series is BACK and weirder than ever as it becomes  home to Soundblaster and Twincast again.  Don’t roll your eyes just yet though, they sure found a way to make you get plastic scratch fever: Soundblaster now comes bearing a never-before-seen BLUE Cassette door much like his Headmasters appearance.  THERE’S MORE THOUGH – 4 apparently brand new cassetticons!  A red Ratbat, red autobot Ravage, black autobot Steeljaw, and best of all, OFFICIAL TRANSFORMERS ENEMY!!!  Enemy is a weird hold-over from the Microman days.  The original Frenzy/Rumble mold was released in Microman as a red / blue amalgamation.

Soundblaster Headmasters cartoon

Soundblaster as seen in the incredibly-hard-to-watch Headmasters cartoon

No changes to the Twincast mold as far as I can see.  I guess that’s why he comes with the batshit crazy cassette repaints.

TFsource put the preorders up just now so check it out now if you must – SoundblasterTwincast.


Guessing the Botcon Customizing Class figure – Animated Stepper

Animated Stepper digibash for Botcon 2011 custom class

Quite simply my most hacked together digibash to date!

With Botcon 2011 just around the corner, it’s time to have some fun and play around round of guess the figures!!

Since I landed a spot in this year’s customizing class, I decided to take a different path than last year’s convention exclusives guesses and instead focus on that custom figure. Usually it’s a redeco of a figure that is already being released at the con, but it is not always the case. To start, I am gonna keep it simple with the already revealed Stunticon figures. Behold – Animated Stepper from the Animated Jazz mold being used for Dead End. Handsome AND topical!


What to expect from MP-10 and men acting like children

THS 02 Hybrid Style G1 Convoy

Everyone forgets that this amazing motherfucker came AFTER MP-01

It revolts me to no end how so many Transformers fans can stain a good time with their greedy childish bickering and comments about how they have been wronged by the companies that provide them wonderful Transformers toys.  There is a growing mass of upheaval surrounding the revelation of Masterpiece 10 being another Optimus Prime / Convoy.  “We don’t want another Convoy!”  Oh really?

The Masterpiece Prime mold is old, out-dated, blocky and overall unimpressive compared to 100’s of toys that have come out in the past 8 years.  Did it ever occur to you short-sighted twits that the reason they are re-creating the mold is to make a far superior toy?  It wouldn’t take too much given the amazing engineering advances the TakaraTomy designers have made.  Take Hybrid Style G1 Convoy, pictured above.  This is quite easily the best of the best as far as G1 Convoy goes.  There is no comparison!  THIS IS THE MASTERPIECE!  It’s size tends to overshadow it’s awesome-sauce though.  I’m positive that MP-10 will surpass every other Convoy that has come before, even THS-02.

For the love of God, we may have a successful alt-mode AND robot mode and lord’a mercy, only one truck grill! A girl can dream, can’t she?

Now suck it up and wait for the big reveal in the next 2 months.  God I can’t stand even looking around the other TF sites with all this verbal diarrhea!

THS02 Hybrid Style G1 Convoy

Shut the fuck up already and be patient.


MP-10 is MP Convoy version 2, just like I said it would be

Famitoy pre-order for MP-10 Convoy Version 2

You can never have enough Convoy!!

Sucks to be a collector these days, don’t it?

Come on, the writing was all over the wall.  I only wish that I had publicly made the prediction months ago when I deciphered the Da Vincitron code.


Masterpiece 10 – Who is it going to be?

Masterpiece Convoy Last Shot

For the last time? Yeah I doubt it

There’s been a lot of hoopla about which character Masterpiece 10 is going to be. We were apparently going to be teased with the identity of MP-10 from the audio clips housed in MP-1L’s pedestal. So far, no one has found any hint that may or may not be lost in translation from the 15 or so phrases from the pedestal.

MP-10 is going ot be large, with a hefty price tag of 22,000 yen, according to Big Bad Toy Store.  This is going to be pretty large, in the vein of MP-4 or MP-9.  Some speculation is a fully armored Ultra Magnus, a Masterpiece Devastator, or even Omega Supreme from left field.

I however, have composed a different theory.  I worry that the true identity of Masterpiece #10 may be much less spectacular than a new Masterpiece Shockwave or Galvatron.  WIth the hoopla building up to the “last shot” of the Masterpiece Prime mold, I am left wondering why it was re-release more than 3 times in the past 18 months in various incarnations.  What was the need to churn out production run after production run of a mold that has surely seen its fair share of time in the sun?

As the Masterpiece line has increased in complexity I have felt that the MP Convoy mold is a bit simplistic and just doesn’t fit in with the aesthetic anymore.  Ever since Starscream, Megatron, Grimlock and now Rodimus Prime, MP Convoy is left looking a bit boxy and clunky, not to mention the ‘cheating’ going on with the double front grill.  Might it be time for an upgrade of the Cybertron Commander to the new realm of Masterpiece figures?  I’m sure greater leaps and bounds can be taken to make an even more grand and regal Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold to be abused by the factories over and over again for another decade.

Optimus Prime painting

You can never get enough of me!!

So there you have it.  MP-10 could very well be a brand new updated Optimus Prime mold, leading us into an entirely new realm of Masterpiece figures and the possibility for all of them to be re-imagined once again.  Does this theory hold water?  Just as much as any other one.  I myself would prefer a nice shiney Galvatron figure to stand opposite Rodimus Convoy, but my spidey senses tell me otherwise.  We shall see…


Optimii in the wild – generations of the now


Talkin' bout my generations!

G2 Laser Prime is shooting from the hip!


G1 Wingblade God Ginrai – Animated hits it home!

G1 God Ginrai with Animated Wingblade fists

So 'handy!'

Did anyone know that Animated Wingblade Prime’s giant fists were compatible with God Ginrai? For the lamens, you can consider this Wingblade Powermaster Prime. Snuff. Photos by Professor Smooth


Lamenting the Terradive redeco

Generation 2 cyberjets digibash by Air Hammer

Neo-seeker digibash by Air Hammer of the Team Awesome Board

I half-started a top ten toys of the year for 2010. I never finished it because I didn’t have nice photos of each of them, plus I was gushing way too much. This fictional chart would’ve been topped by none other than deluxe TERRADIVE. This is seriously the greatest Transformers achievement to date. It’s is a flawless figure. It includes the most crazy transformation and successful two modes I’ve ever seen. Plus it’s only roughly $10. YOINK!

So why has such an amazing figure not been redecoed yet? There are clearly many feasibly options for such a fantastic specimen. We can all continue to be patient and pray, hope, and wonder as we shed our tears.