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Spotlighted video reviews of Transformer figures by members of or others.

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Mastermind Creations KM-01 Knight Morpher Commander

Quite possibly the coolest 3rd party figure to hit the market yet – Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime comes to life! Check out the latest TFsource review made by your very own Diablien here at

Video Reviews

Henkei Dark Skyfire video review

A wild Dark Knight appears! Check out one of the best classics molds turned into one of the best G1 throwbacks in the past few years!

Video Reviews

Fansproject Warbot Defender video review

TFsource video review #8 is Fansproject Warbot Defender! Check him out in all of his gun-totin’ glory! Also, thanks to Punchline for supplying one of the best audio tracks yet! Check them out at

Video Reviews

World’s Smallest Transformers Shockwave and Blaster review

Feast your eyes on these two tiny gems available now at! See the video on Youtube now!

Video Reviews

Coronation Starscream add-on kit video review

Grimlock’s not the only robot running around with a crown! The crowned prince of Decepticons has barged his way into our hearts but once again.

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Masterpiece MP-8X King Grimlock video review

The King himself is back to defend his author-i-tay!

Video Reviews

Masterpiece MP-1B Black Convoy video review

Just finished this and posted it to Youtube!  Enjoy the latest TF Source Video Review by yours truly!

Video Reviews

Black Diamond Alternity Megatron video review

I thought I might as well post the pilot video review I conducted for It was a lot of fun working with this figure. The smaller figures are easier to review than the larger, that is for sure. A special thanks to Jason Blue Boost for hooking me up with his blue Alternity Megatron for this review! Enjoy.

Video Reviews

TF Stocking stuffer 2009 – Fansproject Superion add-on kit “Snowman Version” video review

The 3rd review from the new is fresh off the presses. In fact, this video still has yet to reach HD quality on Youtube. This one is very TFsource-centric because one of their exclusive Holiday Stocking Stuffer pieces is the subject. I must say, the Add-on kit is so far one of my favorite fan-made creations, that is if you can still consider Fansproject to be fan-made. It’s more of a third-party company at this point, only nothing is licensed.

I regret not having the original Fansproject set to compare in-person, I think the review is suitable for those that are still wondering how this actually connects to the same toys that make Superion Maximus. Believe it or not, you can actually make that fuddy-duddy combiner into something completely awesome.

If you want to see more of this exclusive figure, you can check it out at

Video Reviews

Henkei Ghost Starscream video review

My 2nd review for TFsource has been up for a while. I’d like to share this with anyone that hasn’t seen it. There are many more reviews in the pipeline but they take a while to complete. For now, enjoy an in-depth look at one of my favorite figures ever!