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Guns don’t kill people, Megatron kills people


So when does this alternate redeco of Megatron come out?


If you don’t find this at least a little funny then you shouldn’t be reading this blog.


Hasbro enforcing 3rd party seperatism on ebay? – my WST shockwave listing removal

Transformers Ebay listing removal by hasbro because of 3rd Party

Well I'll be

Today I received a surprising email – one of my current ebay listing was removed. Not because it was a non-orange-tipped Megatron, not because it was a cruddy listing, but instead because I used the word “Transformers” in the listing title. This was for a Justitoys 3rd party WST Shockwave that was sealed.

Justitoys Worlds Smallest Shockwave

Here is the culprit right here!

The funniest part is that WST Blaster is still listed!

So here is just further evidence that Hasbro is finally starting to take in the reins on their intellectual property, and it is about time! I guess I’ll just have to list the item was NOT being a Transformer. Pretty funny since just about every 3rd part item is listed as a Transformer.

EDIT: It is also possible that my auction was just flagged by an Ebay passerby that decided to be a dick. Who knows?!


Hegemon 3rd party Megatron hits the mark – a fake Transformer I actually like

Awesome 3rd Party Megatron

Amongst his fake Transformer underlings

For all my outright hatred of all KO’s and 3rd party non-licensed Transformer toys, there is once in a while a glimmer of awesome amongst the crap.  Today a shining star appeared from beneath the rubble and it is a new 3rd party Megatron toy from some company that has yet to be named.

3rd party Hegemon Megatron gun and accessories

Predacons, accessorize!

This thing comes with awesome accessories and succeeds where the Masterpice Megatron somewhat failed int he bulk and overall build of the robot mode.  The gun handle is a bit oversized, but we always have to give in a little, don’t we? Feast your eyes on the new emperor of destruction!

Hegemon Megatron with axe and morning star

A little white-balance never hurt nobody


iGear Masterpiece Thundercracker – dear God, let this madness stop

iGear Thundercracker

Just because the original became $300 doesn't mean you deserve a cheaper one

Annoying. Well, I’m sure there are plenty of whiney “i missed it the first time, why is it so expensive?” bastards that are rejoicing to get a sub-par anime-colored Masterpiece Thundercracker. Enjoy your fakes. In fact, order them here!


Maketoys is Fansproject – 3rd parties in disguise!

maketoys devastator 3rd party

Brothers from the same mother.

There, I said it.

Blog Video Reviews

Fansproject Protector & Shadow Scythe TFsource review

Yes, it’s pathetic that it took me so long to get this made but I’ve had a rough year so far. If I hear one more person tell me I said ‘scythe’ wrong, I’ll make them sorry!

Enjoy the video.


United Laser Optimus Prime dual wields with TFC mini Shockwave

G2 United Optimus Prime

By the power of Gray Skull!!

I just got my latest order from Robot Kingdom! The Phantom Screamer sets from TFC and United Laser Optimus! Yee haw!


iGear Kup01-Kup Head Kit having some issues, but looks cool!

igear Kup same head in box no cygar

Two heads are better than one?

The new iGear Kup head is making its way overseas into the hands of American collectors as we speak.  My good friend MarshallDusty just received his but to his dismay, he apparently received two of the same head, only one sans cygar.  Bumms.

This is the risky of minimal quality-control products that come from smaller manufacturers, otherwise known as the murky realm of 3rd party toys.  The presentation of this particular set is quite nice, with a collector box, foam insert, and even a supplied screwdriver to remove the old head!  However, not getting what you initally paid for is always a strike on an otherwise pretty good record.  Let’s hope this is just a one-time production error, but according to additional posts on TFW, things are not looking so good…


The TakaraTomy version even looks nice with this new head.

Overall, all problems overlooked, the head seems to make a massive difference on the quality of the Kup figure and persona.  The results have been incredible!  These are the types of 3rd party accessories that make me smile.  There are still some available from iGear.


Thoughts on 3rd party toys – TakaraTomy says “no more!” in Japan

TakaraTomy says no to 3rd party Transformer toys

No means no, and yes means no

A startling announcement was made the other day by Japanese toy retailer Red Mercury when they cancelled a plethora of 3rd party Transformer toy orders.  Although I cannot find any information online even indicating the existence of said seller, I do not doubt the validity of the statement.

The 3rd Party Transformers toy market has ballooned in the past few years.  New “companies” appear to develop over night including manufacturers like CrazyDevy, iGear, and the leader of the pack, Fansproject.  The products these companies offer span the gamut from add-on accessories to official Transformer toys to fully transforming standalone figures.

Some fans claim that these companies fill the gaps left by Hasbro and TakaraTomy, citing a lack of figures they want and apparently deserve.  This of course assumes that customers of Hasbro and TarakTomy deserve to get what they want in any fashion.  The unfortunate thing is that the particular customer base for the 3rd party figures is speckled with selfish greedy middle-agers – a demographic that the major toy companies have again and again reminded the world they need not worry about.

igear Kup cygar 3rd party toy for generations

Cool as hell, but illegal!

It goes without saying that these add-ons and replicas of Transformers properties are in violation of copyright law and intellectual property law.   A blind eye has been turned for many years, with the potential gains from stopping production or creating a lawsuit being outweighed by the costs of protecting their properties.

I for one applaud TakaraTomy’s initial stance.  I hope it is the first in a long line of crack downs.  iGear has repeatedly pushed the limit with figures like down-sized Masterpiece molds and Masterpiece coneheads.  It takes more than a non-descript name of the character to save yourself from being an out and out fraud.

Why should TakaraTomy care if there is a ‘gaping hole’ left by not creating a masterpiece Dirge?  It is up to them to decide what gets made in the official Transformers line and if you don’t like, become a customizer.  Mass-producing figures outside of the realm of official production is beyond wrong.  I’m looking at you KOtoys.  Sure, you can still do whatever you want, but when the hammer comes down I hope it’s shiesty thieves like you that’re nailed to the cross first.

I had often wondered why the toy companies don’t attack the resellers that provide an easy outlet for these black market toys, namely TFsource, BigBadToyStore, and various other smaller shops along the way.  Sure, these shops help Hasbro and Takara sell off some of their stock, but compared to the big box stores, the novelty toy store market is a drop in the bucket.  Apparently someone poked the bear and now it’s awake.  I have been waiting for this day, and await to see how the dust settles.  Let’s ask some good questions at Botcon 2011 this year!

igear Diaclone Masterpiece Convoy

It's gonna be a blue Christmas for you, buddy!


Universally dominating Unicron stand – TakaraTomy 2010 Chaos Bringer gives birth to improved planet stand

2011 new and improved unicron stand for planet mode from Brownnoize Productions

Jizz | In | My | Pants

I had been hoping for it. I had been praying for it. Primus heard my call and has brought forth his own demise – Unicron’s previous 3rd party stand has finally been rendered obsolete by another fan just as aggravated as myself. No disrespect though, Unicron.com definitely brought the house down with their Unicron stand which I featured in my 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron review for TFsource.  That thing definitely had its flaws but now someone has taken the torch and given us the custom stand we have been thirsting for.

Named the Throne of Chaos, Brownnoize Productions has posted a blog advertising some great photos of the stand and 2010 Unicron placed atop it.

I just had an exchange with the creator of the throne and supplies are VERY limited.  I purchased two and I hope that it will fit within an Ikea Detolf shelf but who knows.  I need these for my Armada and Energon versions of the mold which I plan to keep in planet-mode in my updated display for 2011.

Shipped price for the stands is $41 domestically and there is no combined shipping.  The stands cannot be collapsed or fit into a larger box, that’s the breaks!  If you really want / need this, you don’t give a crud about paying that price for a stand that ACTUALLY works.  Our bargaining posture is highly dubious.  Get the stand while there are still stands to be taken!  You can order one directly via this contact form on Brownnoize’s site.