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Kid Robot Flight Dunny (Starscream) available at Rotofugi

Flight Dunny Starscream toy kid robot

Too late kid, ya missed it already!

**Special thanks to Unregistered User for the tip on this story!

Well well well, the age of collectible vinyl toys is beginning to creep into our beloved plastic crack! Today, Chicago local toy store, Rotofugi, made available a special Kid Robot Dunny by artist KaNO called “Flight.” As indicated in the announcement article, the design is “Inspired by the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons.” Ha ha, nice try. At least this is better use of parody and inspiration than most ‘inspired’ 3rd party products.

The toy was marked ‘out of stock’ on their online store within 2 minutes, but a few remaining stock trickled back into the system. If you were unlucky enough to not be able to purchase it online, Chicago natives were welcome to pick this Starscreamer up in person when Rotofugi’s doors opened at 11 AM. Guess who was there? THIS GUY! However, my phone was dead so I have no photos of the event. Sad face.

Kid Robot Starscream vinyl toy


Still no word on the chase colors, but if I were to guess, I might expect a Skywarp and Thundercracker version. Who knows how ‘in the know’ KaNO was for this though. This is a very cool cross-over collectible that comes highly recommended by yours truly.

Chicago Rotofugi dunny dlight

I wonder what we got here?


ROTF powered-up Optimus Prime finally gets his day, albeit 3rd party style

Fans Want It Powered up Optimus Prime


Collecticon.org begrudgingly reports on 3rd party non-Hasbro non-Takara items, but today there was an announcement for one that kind of deserves some praise.  Back at the transitional period between Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon, TakaraTomy teased an amazing looking group of figures under a line named “Unite for the Universe.”  Two major figures were promised but never saw the light of day: a nice silver -painted voyager Megatron, and power up armor attachments for voyager Optimus Prime.

The power up armor looked so good, and so close to the movie representation, that of course it was cancelled, never to be seen on store shelves.   A few years later, we have a leader-sized rendition of the same upgrade kit by Fans Want It.  The ever-revealing Planet Iacon Singapore Facebook Group broke the news, as they typically do, and showed us the first images of the set.  It brought more tears to my eyes than the actual ROTF film, yet this time tears of joy.

So now in my glee, I present a smattering of all the renditions of Upgrade or Jetwing Optimus from the movie-verse up till now.  Enjoy!

Dark of the Moon Jetwing Optimus Prime
transformers-legends-jetfire-combined-optimus-prime-toy transformers-ROTF-jetfire-combined-buster-optimus-prime-toy transformers-rotf-poweredup-jetfire-optimus-prime trnasformers-ROTF-Powered-Up-Optimus-Prime-Unite-unreleased


Fall of Cybertron combining Bruticus – the iron fist of Hasbro silences the land

Fall of Cybertron Bruticus on screen

"And our prayers were answered by fists of steel and rain of blood..."

Today was a day where the mighty returned and the weak were silenced. Today was a day where wrongs were made right and a solidarity that has been fragmented for years was made whole again. Today was the day that the true king to the throne returned and that king is a company named Hasbro.

Let’s get a bit more realistic now and explain what happened this week in Transformerland. This year (it’s only been one month long so far!) has been one of the most insane years to be a Transformer fan since the movies started in 2005. Let us list the notable events, shall we?

  • We’ve already weathered through the madness of registering for Botcon
  • Tolerated Funpub’s dismal track record with a webstore they’ve only had, well, about 5 years to perfect
  • Discovered rather shockingly that Transformers Prime contains a rather large multitude of toys that we were kept very successfully in the dark about (jolly show, Hasbro secret service, jolly show)
  • Discovered even more shockingly that all the fabulous, and expectantly readily available First Edition Prime toys were to become exceedingly desirable and hard to find, especially in the USA
  • SDCC will featured another GI JOE / Transformers crossover, this time with a Shockwave-styled Hiss Tank

It’s already been a topsy-turvy year and without going into begrudging detail about the Transformers Prime toy fiasco, let’s just set the stage to a world where everyone is feeling a bit frustrated and disappointed. Put yourself on that stage, and then feel yourself get nailed by a giant cream pie of surprise. Hasbro just knocked everyone’s socks off with the announcement of a figure no one dared dream would become a reality – a fully formed gestalt figure the way it was meant to be done. Five (supposedly) deluxe individually transforming figures that include minimal extra parts or internal connections. There is not a ton of data other than what was discovered in the latest issue of Game Informer, but it’s enough to drop any current transfan to their Primus worshiping knees.

Fall of Cybertron Bruticus revealed

Bruticus! Bruticus! Bruticus!

Beyond the excitement, what does this all mean? Well I couldn’t call myself a Collecticon if I didn’t figure this shit out for you so here goes.

– Some say that these 5 figures are what remains of the supposed 8 figure count for the Fall of Cybertron line, as reported at the UK Toyfair. While possible, to me this seems unlikely due to a weighted consistency of Decepticons amongst the ranks. We are likely to see Grimlock, maybe Jetfire, Ironhide or Ratchet, and with any luck, some seekers. They didn’t just re-design Megatron for nothing, either.

– Another question is whether these will be sold individually or as a large set. The answer? Who fucking cares. You’re going to buy them so move on.

– Is this really happening? After what feels like a prison riot full of 3rd party companies doing “everything that Hasbro won’t”, did the giant just stir in its sleep? It sure seems like it to me. Like always, Hasbro follows through but not in the 3 day timeframe that the Transfan manbabies decree. Enjoy your shoddy-plastic 3rd party Devastators boys, they will all be made obsolete soon. And that, my fellow Collecticons, is a fact.

Fall of Cybertron Bruticus from the trailer

Bruticus says: Don't fuck with hasbro


MP-11 is a new seeker mold – Masterpiece Coronation Starscream with cape, crown, and new parts

Transformers Masterpiece 11 Coronation Starscream


Dear lord, the entire Masterpiece line appears to be gaining a reboot! This figure apparently has a bunch of remolded parts, hopefully fixing the issues with the hanging kibble. It will also be a sort of Coronation Starscream version. It’s funny because the first Masterpiece figure was the Prime mold, followed by the seeker mold… so what’s next? We clearly do not need a new Grimlock or Rodimus… but Megatron? Could MP12 be a new Megatron? Let us not worry about such things for now. Just cast your eyes upon the image above.

So how do you feel now that you’ve purchased your stupid KO seekers from iGear? Huh? Not going to fit in the collection so well now, will it? Feel the shame.


Fansproject Insecticon prototype gallery on TFsource.com facebook – pretty

Fansproject Insecticon figures with G1 versions

Old and new

It was over a month or two ago that TFsource.com sent me the prototypes of the Fansproject Insecticons first seen at Botcon. Me being the busy body I am took all the photos for the next TFsource Review but alas, it just never came to be. So the photos were recently posted to the TFsource Facebook and I recommend checking them out!

These were prototype versions of the toys and very flimsy, hard to transform, and over-all frustrating. The review wouldn’t have been a very positive one and it wouldn’t have been fair to the final versions of the figures. So for now, check them out on Facebook and enjoy as they head to your mailbox.

Fansproject bug bots insecticon insects



3rd party Masterpiece G1 Soundwave in the works?

Masterpiece Generation1 Soundwave trasnformer toy


Again, I am hit over the head with another random group of retards making a new product that they have no business making. This is the result of no action taken against these rampant 3rd party toy manufactures. I can’t believe there is nothing that can be done about this. Sooner or later, I’m just going to start my own third party toy manufacturer making Dildotrons and Smokeitbots. Maybe then I can get arrested and help you guys catch the real culprits here.

That being said, the Soundwave looks kind of cool. Say it with me now: “WHO THE FUCK IS FANS TOYS?”

FansToys Soundwave

Hasbro still could've made this thing better


Videos from Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Botcon 2011

Here is a smattering of videos I’ve posted from Botcon 2011. Enjoy!

iGear Ramjet at the TFsource Booth

Transformers Prime process booth

Transformers MMO Game concept art

Hasbro display – Thursday sneek peak

Transformers Kre-O Booth

Botcon 2011 dealer room setup

Botcon 2011 Registration line and entrance speech by Brian Savage

Maiden Japan Custom Junkion heads and chest sculpts. VERY COOL!

Clear Generation 1 Optimus Prime Knock off

First entrants to Botcon 2011 Friday

Kre-O booth at Botcon 2011 with tons of parts and toys

Giant Movie Starscream costume! AWESOME!


iGear PP03J Masterpiece not-Ramjet in hand video

I was able to get a first-hand look at the upcoming controversial iGear PP03J Jet Fighter Team figure, aka Masterpiece Ramjet. The quality is impressive and reinforces the notion that 2011 is the year of the 3rd Party. Look out Hasbro!

iGear Ramjet

It's sad but true: this 3rd party toy is just as good as the real thing.


Handmade Transformers

Talk about literal


Hail King Optimus Prime! – Masterpiece Convoy gets a cape

MP Convoy wearing the iGear cape

Starscream isn't the only man of metal who gets to feel the soft touch of velvet!

I recently received iGear’s Masterpiece Convoy Cloak.  It took me a while to figure out that the clasps cover the air horns on the top of the chest.  This is a pretty cool accessory and very well made, especially when compared to the Masterpiece Starscream coronation set.  Enjoy the pic!