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Star Wars Transformers done the right way

Darth Vader inside Classics Cyclonus

The circle is complete

Found this beautiful image on 4chan. If only we lived in a world where the Star Wars Transformers didn’t have to turn into characters from Star Wars!


Ridiculous Transformers combiner fanmodes

Seriously what the fuck is this?


There comes a time and a place for gestalts and combiners, but some fans decide to take matters into their own hands. Results may vary, however…

Some one kill it with fire


Some of these abominations are just impressive. I mean, how can someone even bother?

War for Cybertron Megatron with Soundwave claw

Mechtech, is that you?

Once in a while, you get something that actually looks cool but still… no. Double Bruticus does not approve.

Seaspray combiner

He has a floaty!

Thank you /toy for being so bat shit crazy!


TakaraTomy 2010 Creator Primus in da house

TakaraTomy 2010 Creator Primus gives promotions

According to the chain of command, all the Autobots just got a raise!

Well, we screwed the pooch on getting Fansproject Protector before everyone else. The pre-release sample is drifting about somewhere in between China and the USA. Predaking is also lost in some postal jungle. So what does that leave? Creator Primus will be touching down on the TFsource channel very soon. In the mean time? PROMOTIONS!


Super Transformio Kart

Transformers Mario Kart Straxus

Damn those blue shells!


Transformers United Kup – not such a shitpiece

Transformers United Kup

"You left a piece out!"

Here is one of the last big reveals for 2010 – the awesome all-new mold for Generations / United Kup!  Looking good!

Transformers United Kup truck mode

"Most days I feel like a piece a'...."

Transformers Botcon 2009 Kup

Whoa, hey! Look who just became worth something!