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Awesome Generations Shockwave on Ebay – Take some lessons Botcon!

custom generations Shockwave with Nemesis Prime and Skram

Just 3 cool dudes hangin' out, being custom

Alas, what could’ve been! Here we get a look at some titillating custom generations figures from Ebay user venom_7.  It’s funny how close his Skram figure actually looks compared to the Treadshot figure we are actually getting at Botcon 2012.  Of note is the pretty nice Nemesis Prime in the photos from the ebay auction.

Don’t get too greedy folks, I’m bidding on this little Shockwave, or Shockblast if you want to be really nerdy.  It is based on the Alternator Shockblast that was a remold of Alternators Jazz.  Repetition kills.  The head is from a spare Action Master Shockwave.  I guess Action Masters can be good for SOMETHING once in a while…

Custom Generations Shockwave

Oh Botcon 2012, what could have been!!!


Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Octopunch – a punch in the face

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass SG Octopunch


Thanks Ebay for this horrifying look at what is coming for the Botcon 2012 exclusives. Here we have the brilliant choice of Octopunch as the Seaspray mold.

Seriously, why do we have to reach back so far as to use the shittiest of all Transformer lore in Botcon sets these days? Action masters and Pretenders sucked, they were and still are pathetic excuses for Transformer toys, and no amount of ret-conning or upgrades will change that fact. These things KILLED the Transformers franchise, let’s not celebrate them anymore, please? Alice was the only good pretender we ever got, and that still hasn’t become a toy!

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Octopunch hovercraft

Under the sea, the only place you should ever see me!


Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Treadshot – meh

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Treadshot


Botcon 2012 – blurring the lines between Generation 1 and Armada one toy at a time.

Transformers Universe Treadshot


Just to help everyone make sense of this, Treadshot is the weird Armada toy from the Ultra Magnus two-pack from back in the day. I guess since he is Shattered Glassified, he is in the Armada Sideswipe colors. What the fuck ever. Ok, it’s better than another weird Action Master homage.

Armada Sideswipe

Armada Sideswipe - one of the worst Transformers ever.


Classics Actionmaster Starscream – custom to go with Botcon AM Thundercracker?

Classics Action master Starscream custom

Wings, dear God he actually has WINGS!

Deceptigtar sent me an awesome custom from yahoo Japan today.  It looked so good I almost thought it wasn’t a custom!  It also made me think that this would look super cool next to the supposed Action Master Thundercracker that has been rumored for Botcon 2011!

Enjoy the pics.

Action master Classics Starscream blue jet

Seriously, who thought of this color scheme?

Action Master Starscream classics jet

Baby blue wings!


Botcon Attendee figure is Decepticon Slice (Blue Energon Downshift)

Botcon 2010 Decepticon Slice is the attendee figure.

Free for all who attend Botcon 2010.

According to a post by TFW2005.com, the free attendee figure for this year’s convention is Decepticon Slice, which is an homage to Action Master Slicer.

This means that the attendee breakdowns will be something like this:

G2 Rapido
Ultra DoublePunch

Scorch w/ Shattered Glass Ravage

I’m sure we’ll know by tomorrow what the real attendee breakdowns are.  Till then, have fun all you Bot-conners!