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Blog Dear Hasbro...

Dear Hasbro: Please, no more bumblebees please!

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Leader Bumblebee

Wow, I didn't know the lunar module came in sunburst yellow

Doesn’t anybody listen?? Cyber Ops Bumblebee wasn’t enough?  Now you have to give each Transformer a frickkin’ spaceship to stick on top of them.  Transformers 3’s toyline continues to baffle and disappoint, but realize these are all pre-release figures so perhaps there will be some explaining.  I am definitely looking forward to this year’s Toy Fair report to get the word on all this crazy shit we are seeing.  Good luck Hasbro, please don’t let us down!


Henkei Knock-offs not as pristine as believed – KO Skywarp compared to original

Henkei Skywarp compared to it's latest knock off

A variety of differences, although minute, exist between the original and KO.

Reports are coming in that the knock-off Henkei Seekers are anything but perfect replicas of their original namesakes. Thanks to an industrious post by a user at ACtoys, we have some images of the differences between two versions of this mold.

Although the thread is in Chinese, the pictures do reveal some telling differences:

  • Alternate rotation of hexagonal peg holes on the inner legs
  • Molding differences in various places such as the inner legs, the interior sides of the stomach area, and the tailfins.
  • The nosecone hangs from a higher point in robot mode on the KO than the original.
  • Rear thrusters appear to have a different paint app treatment

There are probably other differences as well.  It’s incredibly difficult to know the plastic quality from photos on the net so we’ll have to wait for some reviews.  See all the photos by visiting the post at ACtoys.


Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy hardcopy images from Cybertron Con

Hardcopy images of Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy

"I'm a mog - half man, half dog!"

Seibertron has posted photos that were originally posted on ACtoys finally giving us a sneak peek at Masterpiece Rodimus Prime.  We can assume that more photographs will surface over the next few days from Cybertron Con 2010.

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy Trailer opened up

After 25 years, I'm still not feeling this design.

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy vehicle mode

I guess not every Masterpiece mold gets major improvements huh?


TakaraTomy Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy sketch

TakaraTomy Masterpiece MP Rodimus Convoy

And the next Masterpiece is...

After seeing a late night re-tweet from my good buddy th0r4z1n3, I was shocked to see that the next Masterpiece really IS going to be Rodimus… CONVOY!  I was hoping for a Hot Rod that might somehow convert into an older, wiser Rodimus Convoy but I’ll take what I can get!  This production sketch was found on actoys