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Dai Atlas & Goldbug – death of the Alternity line

Alternity dai atlas from Optimus Prime


It had been fortold that a few new Alternity figures were coming out before the end of the year, namely Dai Atlas and Goldbug. We had an idea of which mold these figures might assume, but the result revealed today by Robotkingdom has dropped some jaws — in a bad way.

Dai Atlus is made of the Optimus mold and boasts no remolds to speak of (although the solicitations from Robot Kingdomg clearly say “different head cast”). This is a pretty strange decision and one for only hardcore Japanese Transformers fans. I mean, come on, Zone only had one episode…

At least the Goldbug repaint is about what one might have expected, although it is the bare minimum. The lack of new head sculpts is definitely disappointing, but don’t overlook these figures to become very hard to find later down the road. With only four molds to choose from, there really wasn’t a ton for TakaraTomy to work with. Can we still expect a Megatron or Starscream redeco? Sunstorm? Megaplex? Someone ever WEIRDER?  Oh yeah, Galvatron and Banzai-Tron.  Whoops…

Alternity Goldbug from Bumblebee

At least it's close, right?


Transformers Prime Starscream similar to Alternity Starscream

Transformers Prime Starscream

Already getting some cover-time, ey big guy?

Looks like someone’s been dippin’ their pen in the company ink!

Transformers Prime and Alternity Starscream

Separated at birth?

I had been seeing photos and thumbnails of what Starscream is supposed to look like in the upcoming Transformers Prime cartoon series, and wondered where they came from. Then I found this post at Tformers showing some artwork from the initial graphic novel for the story.

To me, it looks like some of the rather samurai-esque features of Alternity Starscream have made their way into the latest iteration of everyone’s favorite seeker.  So it appears the Prime universe won’t borrow everything from the movie-verse after all…

Transformers Alternity Starscream artwork

I am becoming more canon every day!!!

If you want a sneak peek at what the Air Commander is going to sound like, check out this video featuring the voice of Mr. Blum!

Video Reviews

TakaraTomy A-04 Alternity Starscream and Skywarp video review

“The Alternity seekers are definitely a front-runner for the most-out-of-place Transformer of the Year Award…”

Where do I come up with this crap?


Alternity Starscream + Generation 1 Encore Starscream

Transformers Generation 1 Starscream meets Alternity Starscream

Jet becomes car!

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been neglecting my fellow Collecticons!  So here is some eye candy just to let you know I’m still alive.  Alternity seekers will be the net TFsource Video Review coming right before Botcon!


Alternity Thundercracker

TakaraTomy announce Transformers Alternity Thundercracker

Wow, big surprise there!

In the biggest ‘no shit’ moment of the year thus far, TFsource has revealed the first image of Alternity Thundercracker to round out the Decepticon threesome.  Although the image above is simply an official digibash of the Alternity Skywarp product shots (check out the reflection!), we can expect the final product to looks pretty close to this.

Expect this figure to be released in October – November 2010.

Video Reviews

TakaraTomy A-03 Alternity Bumble and Cliff video review

Glad to finally get this video review out. A little late, but it was definitely worth the wait! Bumpin’ fists with Bumblebee!



Transformers Bumble and Bumblebee figures

What's all the buzz about?

Looks who’s up next for a TFsource video review after a few week hiatus!


First sketch of Alternity Starscream / seeker mold

Our first look at the upcoming Alternity seeker mold

Following up from the other day’s post, our first glimpse at the Transformers Alternity seeker mold is here in the form of a sketch first posted at Digital Toys.  The drawing depicts Starscream as retaining some sort of tail-fin on his shins as well as what appear to be “wings” protruding from his back.  The iconic seeker air-intakes on the shoulders are also there, but in a more hook-like shape.

So far, the figure looks awesome!  Be warned though, other sketches have shown parts that did not end up in the final production model of the toy, such as Megatron’s fusion cannon.  We’ll just have to wait and see how this turns out, but all signs are pointing to another amazing Alternity figure.


Alternity Starscream – HE’S A CAR!

Alternity Starscream Car Mode Mistuoka Orochi

Alternity Starscream! A jet right? Not this time. Daddy got a new set of wheels. From Mitsuoka Motor Website

A rash of new listings from Big Bad Toy Store today have caused some excitement amongst Transformers collectors. Not only has the ruling on Device Label Blaster been once again overturned (This time they say he’s coming out again.), but new listings for Transformers Alternity figures have appeared.

Whoa partner, did you just say we are getting Alternity Seekers?  This is exciting  in my eyes, because we will finally get a seeker mold that isn’t a jet.  Transformers Alternity is starting to be a really unique line where characters that are recognizable appear in completely different alt-modes.  Transformers Alternators and Binaltech did a bit of this with examples like Ravage and Broadblast, but the only Alternators seekers we ever got were from the hands of talented customizers.

Custom Alternators Starscream

One could only wish - An Alternators Starscream custom created by TFW2005 user Jarrod. Nice "wings!"

Much like the other Alternity releases, this new mold is being sold alongside an alternate paint scheme, but unlike the methods TakaraTomy used to release Alternity Convoy and Alternity Megatron, the second color of figure is a completely new character instead of a redeco of the original character. One can only speculate that there will be a 3rd exclusive version painted blue as Thundercracker…

Mitsuoka White Orochi

The Mitsuoka Orochi in white. This is the car from which Starscream is expected to be based on. As an avid collector of Starscream, I can't say I have a problem with that!

The vehicle itself is a car I was unfamiliar with until today – Mitsuoka Motors’ Okamora Orochi. You can see an expose of photos of the car at the Mitsuoka Motors website.  As one can see, this sleek sports car is incredibly aero-dynamic and will not be something the normal every-day Japanese citizen is zipping around town in.  This is one bad-ass piece of machinery – a perfect fit for the boastful and deadly Decepticon Starscream and his gaggle of clones.

In closing, this is an unexpected and progressive move on the part of TakaraTomy. Being the first line to provide an alternate take on the classic look of the Decepticon Seeker army will give Alternity a place among the collector community and with each new mold we step closer to “The Perfect Transformer.”

Pre-orders for each figure are currently $49.99 at BigBadToyStore

Mitsuoka Motors Okamor Orochi in Purple

Hey there... Streetwarp!

Video Reviews

Black Diamond Alternity Megatron video review

I thought I might as well post the pilot video review I conducted for TFsource.com. It was a lot of fun working with this figure. The smaller figures are easier to review than the larger, that is for sure. A special thanks to Jason Blue Boost for hooking me up with his blue Alternity Megatron for this review! Enjoy.