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TakaraTomy animated en-massé

Fucking giant boxes!

Sorry there's not a human there for scale but trust me, it ain't small

So Aazon.co.jp is cutting prices…


Amazon.co.jp has a sale – Mountains of TakaraTomy Animated

TakaraTomy Animated Transformer toys on sale

While Chicago is in a whiteout, Japan is in a definite BLACK OUT!

Circle the globe and you will be in a little old place called Japan. Apparently, it’s time to clean house at their Amazon website and almost every Transformer toy across the board was drastically reduced. Can you say TakaraTomy Animated Leaders (regularly $80 + shipping) for $22? Ummm yes please! This photo is not of all my toys but it is a sight to behold. I have a few choice items in this bundle, but even with the shipping, I will be making out like a bandit. Come to me Shiny Black Soundblaster!!!


MP9 Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy in-hand video

I took it upon myself to create a duplicate of the video found on Amazon.co.jp today so we can comment on it with giddy American glee! Enjoy the video courtesy of yours truly!


More Transformers United toy images (video)

I took the liberty of combing through the Amazon.co.jp listings to find the new images of Transformers United and put them together in this fancy little video. It’s quick, but you can pause on the images you want to see. Enjoy!