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Top 10 greatest and most important events in Transformers fiction history – part 1

10- Sentinel Prime turns on the Autobots – Transformers Dark of the Moon

10 Sentinel Prime kills Ironhide dark of the moon

Cosmic Rust makes its mainstream return!

Bringing up the rear of the pack comes one of the more recent events occurring in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  Sentinel Prime had been billed as an “great” good guy and mentor to Optimus Prime by Micheal Bay and the villain of the film had been pegged as the evil Shockwave, to the delight of one-eye fans.  Little were we to suspect that Sentinel Prime would betray the Autobots at a key moment of the film and kill the much beloved Ironhide.  In some versions of the script, he was meant to kill the Autobot twins, Mudflap and Skids, but this didn’t make it into the film.

The moment has a bit of emotional impact due to Ironhide’s decomposition into rust, but this is not touched upon in the film after it happens even once!  This is Optimus Prime’s right-hand man that’s dead here, and we don’t hear a thing about for the remainder of the film.  The plot of the film tries to convince us that this betrayal was many, many years in the making between Sentinel and Megatron but after piecing the plots of all 3 films together, there is just no way this makes sense.  Ultimately, the movie takes a sudden dark turn after this event and the siege and resultant destruction of Chicago is a direct result of Sentinel Prime’s allegiance with Megatron.

For non-super fans and people avoiding spoilers, this event was most likely a major twist in the Transformers movie plot.  Fans digging for any information on the film most likely knew the twist was coming before they saw the film, and so this event was at least a bit predictable.  The film’s marketing department did a pretty good job of keeping a lid on Sentinel’s Decepticon ties though so this event should receive notable mention in this top ten.

9- Overlord discovered to be prisoner of the Lost Light – Transformers: More Than Meets The eye

9 Overlord discovered in the cargo of the lost light more than meets the eye

Just been hangin' around!

Is this the golden age for Transformers comics?  I’ll put my energon on “yes” and usher in the most recently occurring event in this top ten from the last page of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye issue 6.  In this final panel of the book, we have an upset Red Alert peaking through wall’s crack, discovering very top-secret cargo near the bottom of the Autobots’ ship.  Unexpectedly, we discover the lethal Decepticon Overlord is being held incapacitated, and clearly against his will.  Overlord has always had an almost mythic role in the minds of Transformers fans.  He had a large base-bot toy that has never been available in the United States.  His toy commands high prices worldwide and he finally received serious characterization in the highly-acclaimed “Last Stand of the Wreckers” comic book, in which he was the main antagonist and displayed a level of sadism that was new to Transformers.

We have not seen him since his near-death at the hands of Springer during the climax of “Last Stand of the Wreckers.”  Many had anticipated his return in “More Than Meets the Eye,” but the eventual reveal in issue 6 created intense excitement as well as more questions than it answered.  Who put him there?  Does anyone aboard the ship (other than Red Alert) know he is there? Who rebuilt him (last we saw, he was missing limbs and all but skeletal)?

This issue was followed up with the introduction of the very dangerous Decepticon Justice Division, whom has Overlord at the top of this hit-list.  Having recently discovered traces of Overlord’s energy signature, the DJD is en-route to meet up with our heroes aboard the Lost Light, which we’re all assuming will culminate with deaths, explosions, and utter insanity.

Although the story has not yet been told in full, readers have been biting their nails with anticipation for what Overlord’s discovery could mean and the comic has been in free-fall mode ever since.  It remains to see what the outcome of his presence, but no one was expecting everyone in this comic to come out alive.

8- Forest battle – Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

8 Transformers Movie Revenger of the Fallen forest scene

He'll take you all on!

It’s hard to claim that any of the events in Revenge of the Fallen deserve to be on this list, but if I had to pick one highlight from the entire movie franchise, it is definitely the forest battle where Optimus Prime takes on Megatron, Starscream and a Blackout clone.  After discussing with many fans, this is THE SCENE from the entire movie franchise that made allowing Michael Bay to have his way with us worth it.

I have to wonder though if there may be some sort of generation gap involved with the importance of this scene.  Do young transformers fans choose a different battle scene?  Would the highway battle from movie 1 stand out as more epic in their minds?  Did the initial transformation of Barricade while interrogating Sam have more “WOW” factor?  Hard to say, since I was not able to view these movies with fresh eyes.  To me, as a long-time surveyor of Optimus and Megatron battles, this took the cake for battle scenes and my overall excitement level was at its highest during my first viewing of what we all have come to call the Forest Battle.

The sense of scale of this scene probably took a cue or two from The End of Evangelion, and who else loved Optimus hitting Megatron with a tree?  Such bliss.  It even culminated in the apparent death of Optimus Prime, and our first look at Cybertronian loose teeth.  But more on that later…

7- Return of Megatron – Transformers Animated

7 Megatron returns iN Transformers Animated

Transform and RISE UP!

One thing that was absent from most of the start of Transformers Animated was the Decepticons, and most importantly Megatron.  The method the writers chose to tell the Animated story was somewhat unique to Transformers: the main antagonists were human villains.  This was changed significantly during Season 2 and 3 though, when Hasbro realized they weren’t planning to sell toys for the villains.  The big payoff at the end of season 1 of Transformers Animated was the triumphant return of Megatron as a dual-blade helicopter.  The scene was dark and many thought that Megatron had murdered Professor Sumdac during his metamorphosis from a immobile head and body to a full-fledged warrior of destruction.  We later learned that Megatron was keeping Sumdac as some sort of pet, but it took the break until the next season to discover that.

After a full season of an incapacitated Megatron, seeing him come to life was incredibly satisfying and set the tone for the rest of the run of the show.  The Decepticons were completely over-powered compared to the Autobots and the return of their leader signified a heavy sense of dread that the Autobots themselves must have felt.  Voiced by Corey Burton, the original voice of Shockwave, we now had our first good look at a new style of Megatron that no one dared to challenge, that is except the immortal all-spark-infused Starscream.

All in all, the arrival of Megatron showed that Animated had a lot more to offer than just being a kids’ show.  Definitely the most anticipated and ultimately game-changing event of the series, Megatron’s return reminded us to never underestimate his devious and manipulative demeanor, even if he is lying around the room in pieces.

6- Ultra Magnus takes off his armor – Transformers Dreamwave

6 White Ultra Magnus

They took the brother at arms thing all the way

Compared to where Transformers comics have gone most recently, it’s almost sacrilege to give praise of any kind to the Dreamwave comics run of the early 2000’s.  The Dreamwave era was something Transformers fans had devoured instantly but years later, it’s easy to see where they feel short on many levels.  The art is still one of the great successes of the company’s uses of the Transformers comic license, but even that has its critics.

There was one major plot point that had a resounding impact for the fandom and that was the finale of the second volume of Dreamwave’s G1 series.  During this pivotal moment, Ultra Magnus removes his battle armor and reveals in canon for the first time that he is a white clone of Optimus Prime.  He then attempts to thwart Shockwave, who has already activated the matrix, and evidently doomed Cybertron after inadvertently sending some sort of beacon to a previously dormant Unicron.  It’s a shame that we’ll never know the true outcome of this event since the comics were never fully resolved due to Dreamwave’s demise.

The impact for this was a legitimization of the white Optimus Prime figure included with the G1 Ultra Magnus toy.  Many a young transfan had made up their own reasons for the white Prime figure during make believe battles.  Now for the first time, the white prime was not just being swept under the rug but being celebrated and revered.  Magnus essentially saves Optimus Prime and redeems his previous deeds from the previous five issues.  The scene had nostalgia value, great art, and made for one heck of a wrap-around comic cover.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article!


Botcon 2012 Customizing Class Day 1 – Shattered Glass Longarm / Shockwave is awesome

Botcon 2012 Custom class Shattered Glass Longarm head jazz

So purple, so refinded.

For the past few years, Botcon has offered the elusive Custom Class. I have been lucky enough to attend the class over the past two years and have reaped some incredibly benefits, like selling my Animated Minerva for an insane bag of cash. I won’t be selling this year’s figure though, oh no. I was able to create the very cool and clever Shattered Glass Longarm, which is a sort of bizarro classic-ized animated Shockwave.

Botcon 2012 custom class Shattered Glass Longarm profile art purple

So dark, so scary... so awesome!

I collect Shockwave figures, and indicated by the comically similar custom Shockblast I bought earlier this year. I cannot wait to photograph the two figures together.

Botcon 2012 Custom Class Shattered Glass Longarm parts plastic sprue tree

The bag of plastic parts that all attendees of the class start with. There is a long road ahead of us!

Shawn Tessman and his crew outdid themselves this year with two custom parts – a resin Shockwave head and an arm gun. The parts came in white and purple versions with most people preferring the white, which was a little easier to paint.

Botcon 2012 custom class parts resin shockwave head gun arm

These were the two possible custom parts that came with your custom figure. Both are resin piece, one a white set and the other a purple. The Purple gun arm was somewhat transluscent, but very rough.

When I first heard of Shattered Glass Longarm during my hungover stupor enroute to the hotel, I thought “WTF IS THIS CRAP!?” But then I realized the catch that it was just a roundabout way to make a Classics Shockwave, and I was very very pleased. Not only does Shockwave have a history with Jazz molds, this was a way to bring some canon from Animated back into the forefront. Longarm was the alternate persona for Animated Shockwave, the Decepticon spy. Now in the shattered Glass Universe, the tables have turned. Longarm is the evil Autobot posing as Shockwave, the benevolent Decepticon. He is also in the alternate persona’s colorscheme instead of his own, which would’ve been a sort of black, teal and gray. I love it.

arm of botcon 2012 custom class figure

This puts the arm in Shattered Glass Longarm

This figure was incredibly difficult to put together due to somewhat confusing instructions, and some last-minute changes at the factory in regard to the screws used to assemble the chest and hood to the body. Screws were replaced with pins, causing some headaches for everyone involved. I personally messed up about five times and had to disassemble the same parts over and over again. I broke for lunch to get a breather.

Botcon 2012 Custom Class artwork and official prototype

These are the official samples we were supposed to work from. Of course, it's your figure so you can paint it however you choose, but this example was quite good and I stuck to it as best as I could.

Problems aside, the figures turned out awesome. Everyone’s is a little different, and you get lots of choices in regards to how you want to display it. Gun arm? Longarm head? Shockwave head? Vehicle mode?

Transformers Shattered Glass longarm leg purple

Time to put his foot down

I expect these figures to reach an inflated value of around $1500-$2000 based on the popularity of Shockwave. Do not forget that the number of figures is doubled this year to 120 versus last year’s 60. My friend’s was already up to $900 24 hours after completing the toy. Yikes!

Botcon 2012 customizing class

They upped the attendance from 30 to 60 this year. Too bad the mold was unexpectedly difficult to assemble.

Botcon 2012 Shockwave torso

Grape ape has got some legs

Longarm Shockwave Shattered Glass Transformer custom paint

Gettin' the paint on, instead of waiting in line to assemble everything for 2 hours

Botcon 2012 Transformers convention Shattered Glass Shockwave

It's coming to life!!! Just needs da head!

In closing, the custom class is still one of the best events at Botcon. Some suggestions for next year would be perhaps 3 cyberverse-sized figures that are easier to assemble so that time can be focused on painting. I want to extend my thanks to the staff that put on this event and hope to see you again next year!!!

See Collecticon’s feature on the custom class from Botcon 2011 featuring Animated Minerva.

Botcon 2012 Custom Class Longarm shockwave finished

The finished product is logically awesome.


Botcon 2011 Animated Stunticon Breakdown 360 video

The circus continues with the new Botcon 2011 Boxset figures! Stunticons, unite!


Botcon 2011 Animated Custom Class Minerva 360 video

My new favorite Animated figure gets a nice little spin on the catwalk.


Botcon 2011 Animated Ironfist / Fistitron 360 video

Enjoy this short and sweet look at Botcon 2011 Animated Ironfist freebie exclusive! Wheee!!


Botcon 2011 Customizing Class experience – Making Animated Minerva!

Botcon 2011 Animated customizing class sign

Welcome to the show!

I was lucky enough to get into the Botcon 2011 customizing class earlier this morning and boy was I glad I did!

Botcon 2011 customing class

The table stations prior to beginning the class

Botcon 2011 customizing class book

This was the instruction manual for the class.

About 30 participants were able to attend today’s class, which started at 9:00 AM. A few stragglers had to come in late due to travel problems, but they were pleasantly accommodated, regardless of the “no one will be seated after 9:15 AM” rule. We were then told that the figure to be created would be Animated Minerva from the Animated Arcee mold, which will in turn be used for the Dragstrip figure in the Botcon 2011 set.

Botcon 2011 Customizing class

These were the tools we were each given to create our Transformer figure.

Two samples were provided for us to see what we would be making. Apparently this year was special because this figure is meant to be an official Animated line figure, complete with character art, bio card, and two sets of headgear!

Botcon 2011 Animated Minverva samples

These girls are beautiful!

Botcon 2011 Custom Animated Minerva G1 head

Here is a sample of the G1-styled head component.

Botcon 2011 custom animated Minerva derrick wyatt head

The more plentiful Derrick J. Wyatt concepted head antennae

After everyone was seated, we were each divvied out our bagged set of raw materials to make Minerva. There were 4 colors of plastic: Red, White, Light grey, and the translucent blue.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva sprue parts

Here are the raw part sprues for the figure. You don't see this too often, unless you work at a toy factory in Asia.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva parts

Out of the baggie!

Each piece had to be twisted or carefully cut with an x-acto blade from the sprue, and then placed in a corresponding tray for easy access. There were 5 main sections – Head, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg. The instructions were easy to follow, and apparently this year’s figure was easier than most due to all the screws being the same size and no springs. The most difficult part was attaching the pins for the wheels, which required some excessive force.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minvera parts in tray

Organized and ready to go!

After about an hour, I was ready to start assembling this hot mama into discernible pieces. First the legs, then the arms, followed by the central component.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minverva Leg assembled

And it actually is starting to look like something.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minverva almost assembled

A good look at the instruction diagrams for assembly.

We were told it was best to get it assembled first, and then worry about the paint applications later. Slowly but surely, Minerva was coming to life!

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva no head paint

Frankenstein's Autobot!

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva assembled no paint

She sure is lookin' purdy now.

As I had mentioned previously, this figure had a custom molded part created out of resin. There were two options – the G1 headmaster style antennae or the Derrick J. Wyatt concept antennae. I ended up with the Animated style head piece and I was happy with that. It is a bit fragile and could break easily, but so far it is holding up good. The head still works in alt-mode as well!

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva resign head piece

The rather fragile head piece that sits between the two sections of the head.

Next came the paint apps. I had to dis-assemble some of the figure and then use masking tape to mask off areas I wanted to stay white. Then I applied some red via an air brush. I’ve never done this before, and was a little hesitant. I was instructed to try two coats, and the results were awesome. I did, however, get a little bit of bleeding under my tape, but who’s keeping score anyway?

Botcon 2011 animated minerva paint

These parts were painted with an airbrush and masked.

There were 5 colors of paint – black, red, slate gray, a lush blue, and vivid orange. The orange was only use on the face, and REALLY sets this figure apart. Wowie! We were also given a custom sticker sheet. All the stickers could’ve been painted on as well, so it was up to the creator to decide how the additional apps would be applied, if at all.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva paint

Here you see the decal sheet that was supplied for this figure.

As an added bonus, a full techspec was supplied. This techspec helps to vindicate this figure’s place in the real Transformers Animated Line. We were told that the character chosen for the custom class could not be a character that had appeared in any other Transformers Animated fiction. Considering the wide breadth of characters seen in the comics, cartoons, and other Transformers Animated media, this was no easy task! We really received a great character for the mold though, and everyone involved with this custom class deserves a truckload of recognition.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva sticker sheet techspec

The stand-alone techspec for Animated Minerva and the custom stickersheet

After about 4 hours, I was satisfied with my creation. I re-assembled all the now-dry painted parts, applied the decals that I wanted, and marveled at my finished Animated Transformer. It really is incredible how complex these seemingly simple toys are once you make one from the ground up. I personally cant’ stand customizing to a certain degree, and this gave me a lot more respect to those that practice the craft well. I met David from Encline Designs, who was in my class, and he is one of the best out there. He chose to black line some of the creases on his figure, which gave it a very unique look.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva finished

Botcon 2011 Customizing Class Animated Minerva, in the flesh!

When compared to the provided samples, I feel that mine is pretty true to the intended design. The face is a little messy and I could’ve been more careful with my paint applications, but this was my first custom figure.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva sample

The provided sample of Animated Minerva for comparison

So the question to me, as a Collecticon, is if this figure will garner the same attention that last year’s G2 Sideswipe figure did. It certainly was an incredible figure to get, and as it’s price inches ever-closer to the $1000 mark, will Transformers Animated Minerva do the same? With under 100 of these sets produced, the rarity factor is through the roof. But do a lot people in the fandom even really know who G1 Minerva (or Minelba) even is?

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva complete

So pretty.

Here is an image of the figure in alt-mode. It still looks great! A figure for the ages.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva alt-mode

Animated Minerva in alt-mode

Overall, I would highly recommend this class!


Hangin at Botcon 2011

I’m here. I made it this morning.

I was lucky enough to attend the customizing class being held this morning. Apparently things ran more smoothly than ever before today. Wow, it’s hard to believe small children in China churn these figures out en-masse!!!

Anyway, until I get full internet access, this will suffice. For now please, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER for consistent updates.

Here are some things I can reveal after ‘strategically’ over-hearing some things by Botcon staff in the lobby:

  • Shattered Glass two pack attendee exclusive: Shattered Glass Galvatron + Shattered Glass Thundercracker.  This is the Cybertron Evac and Classics seeker mold.  THIS IS GOING TO BE THE HOT SET!
  • Animated Sideswipe is part of the set.
  • Other options for the custom class figure were the Animated Rodimus & Animated Jazz molds, since they were the only others that were availble to the club to use for this purpose.
  • Rodimus as Sunstreaker was considered for the custom class figure, but ultimately the Arcee mold was chosen due to it’s simplicity.  Rodimus is a very complex mold.
  • “The Stunti-con Job” name for the Botcon 2011 Comic is meant to be a play on “The Italian Job,” a caper / heist movie.

Closer look at Animated Voyager Thundercracker for sale by Deceptigtar

Animated Voyager THundercracker blue robot

Strike a pose, let's get to it

Deceptigar, who is selling the Animated Voyager Thundercracker on Ebay currently, has supplied me with some awesome pictures of the figure. He does not want to transform it since he is selling it and the dollar value is high. That seeker mold does have some misgivings…

unreleased Animated Voyager Thundercracker toy

Stick 'em up Autobots!

The auction has risen to over $1000 but has stayed at that level for a few days now. With over 100 watchers and 19 bids, this thing might go insane-o in the last hour. Hold onto your butts!

Voyager Animated Thundercracker figure in robot mode blue

Ladies and gentlemen, the bidding begins at $.99, any takers?


Unreleased Animated Thundercracker for sale on Ebay!

Animated Thundercracker toy unreleased

You're gonna make the old boys blue!

Has Deceptigtar gone absolutely mad? He is selling his almost one-of-a-kind Animated Thundercracker on Ebay! I don’t know what to say, but with Botcon 2011 concentrating on Animated, no one’s collection will be fully complete without this unreleased gem. TakaraTomy didn’t even make their own version of this guy, but they got Blackout!? What gives! Check out the auction and be sure to bite your nails as the price sky-rockets!


G1 Wingblade God Ginrai – Animated hits it home!

G1 God Ginrai with Animated Wingblade fists

So 'handy!'

Did anyone know that Animated Wingblade Prime’s giant fists were compatible with God Ginrai? For the lamens, you can consider this Wingblade Powermaster Prime. Snuff. Photos by Professor Smooth