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G2 Sandstorm and G2 Night Attack Starscream prototypes discovered amidst ancient relics in China, now on Taobao for a shitload of money

Transformers Generation 2 Sandstorm prototype found in China

"Hello, is it me you are looking for?"

Years ago, a bunch of rare Transformers artwork was put up for sale by a dealer who found a huge bulk of it from a few Hasbro employees. Pieces included original box art, the original air brushed autobot and decepticon symbols, back of box art, you name it! Also included was production artwork for never-before-seen Generation 2 figures including a purple Sludge, Black Starscream, and a desert-camo themed Ramjet. These were apparently scrapped like many other figures from the line and thought to have never made it past the employee-created custom mock-up phase. However yesterday, history was rewritten!

Generation 2 Black Starscream artwork

Why didn't I buy this when I had the chance?!? Oh right, I was a college grad and I didn't have any god damn money to waste.

Apparently someone searching the great pyramids of China stumbled upon a treasure greater than any ancient aliens theorist could’ve imagined – prototypes of some of the un-released G2 figures!!! These include a real G2 Sandstorm, a black prototype of G2 Starscream, a spray-painted mock-up of G2 Sandstorm and some boring G2 Stunticons. Pff, like those are worth anything…

Transformers Black Generation 2 Starscream nightscream night attack

Black Death or Night Attack Starscream?

Whomever is selling these relics ain’t no dummy either. With prices like 10,000 and 20,000 Yuan, we are talking well over $1000 USD for either of these prize items. It’s taking everything in my being to stop from purchasing that G2 Black Starscream… only time will tell.

Transformers Generation 2 Prototype seekers copyright stamps

Too legit to quit

So with great discoveries like this, who knows what may still be out there? Purple Sludges? Skywarps with purple missiles and nose cones? BLUE BLUESTREAKS?!?! Keep your eyes peeled Collecticons, Unicorns are still out there.

Transformers Generation 2 prototype aliens

I'm not saying it's aliens...


New limited edition Transformers screen prints from Hydro74

Cool limited edition Transformers print from Hydro74

Bad to the bone

Hydro74 is back with more tattooey Transformers designs. This time he made a few hand-pulled screen prints of our favorites Optimus & Megatron. Each design is said to be slightly unique due to the hand-made nature of them. I’ve been following Hydro’s work for some time and its always rad to see a new Transformers-inspired design. You can currently buy both prints for $25 as a package! What a steal!

See more of his wares and designs at his official site.


Deceptibones tshirt follow up to Auto Skull at RIPT Apparel today

Deceptibones at RIPT Apparel

All you have to do is subscribe to each channel on Youtube and you are entered to win.

It’s that time again!

You all knew RIPT Apparel was going to have to do a follow-up to “Auto-Skull” which was sold earlier this year. Now we have the complimentary “Deceptibones” from the same artist, Jason Tracewell.

Once again, I’m going to be doing a t-shirt giveaway to lucky people that subscribe to both my channel, Collecticons and RIPTApparel on Youtube. I’ll be giving away 3 free t-shirt coupons by the end of the day so make sure you subscribe to both now!  Even if you’re already subscribed to both, you can still win.  You need to be subscribed to BOTH channels to be eligible to win!  Winners will be contacted before 10 PM CST today.  That way, you can get Deceptibones if you want!

The shirt is only $10 and available until midnight tonight.


Artistic representation of Transformers Movie poster by Tomasz Opasinki – LISTEN UP MONDO!

cool tomasz opasinski Transformers poster

Random robot hand engage

If this re-imagined poster (found on Design You Trust) for the first live-action Transformers film by Tomasz Opasinski is an indicated that Mondo needs to capture the Transformers license, then I don’t know what is!  Their last few Star Wars designs created a frenzy on the net and I’ve been waiting to see a series of Transformers film and Transformers: The Movie designs ever since I got the Mondo bug.

The best part about these types of posters is the lack of fan-wankery.  They will simply be incredible pieces of art.  Mondo, I am waiting!!!!


Autobot family portrait

Autobots Poster by Schema One

The gang's all here!

Check out this sweet illustration of the contemporary Autobot elite (including City Commander!) by Flickr user Schema-one.


Real-life Transformer built by Art Students in China

Real life Transformer

Now that's a big staff!

This is a pretty cool link I found today featuring a real-life Transformer statute made by students at the China Central Academy Of Fine Arts University.


Transformers stained glass art

Stained Glass window depicting Unicron's head

Immortalized once again.

A friend of sent me a link to some unique artwork depicting Transformers – stained glass windows!  Check out the deviant art page of autobotwonko to see depictions of Optimus Prime, Glavatron, Bumblebee, and even Shockwave!


Optimus Prime – the recycled steel sculpture

2.5 meter tall sculpture of Optimus Prime made of recycled steel

Every Optimus needs his own Elita

Here is something you don’t see every day, well maybe every OTHER day lately: a 2.5 Meter tall sculpture of the movie version of Optimus Prime made entirely out of recycled steel.  Very cool.  The photos have been posted courtesy of robosteel.com.