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Botcon 2013 Customizing Class figure is Autobot Blastcharge Strika clone


It’s on a Warpath!

Just wanted to let you know.  You can also check out this nice pic supplied by the Botcon twitter.


Nice flag


Autobot Tracks: in case you didn’t already know, he’s gay

A Friend of Tracks

The crest of The Friends of Tracks

Most fans of Generation 1 know a few of the ongoing fan-made conjectures, such as Beachcomber is a hippie, Arcee is kind of a swinger bettern Hot Rod and Springer, and of course, Track seems so very… very… fabulous?

This is a pretty common consideration amongst the Transformers fanbase including a specific group of Botcon-goers that refer to themselves as the Friends of Tracks. The name of this non-official group is based on the assumption that Track is in fact a gay robot. This has trickled out beyond just the hardcore Transformers fan base as indicated by this top 10 I recently found: “The Top Ten Ambiguosly Gay Action Figures.”

Tracks receives the 9 spot on the blog, and it seems rightly so. My favorite part is the description of Raul as a “hot hispanic boy.”

I for one commend the vigor of G1 Tracks and I hope some day he too can feel free to join his human breatheren in celebrating his sexual orientation. Until then, we will continue to raise an eyebrow at the flame-decal toting Corvette of awesome.


Get your own Autobot Ukulele – Transform your inner hipster

Autobot ukulele hipster douche


A new low – get your own made to order Transformers Ukulele! Nothing says hippie sac like this thing. Check it out on Etsy, or maybe soon on regretsy.


Fall of Cybertron Perceptor spotted

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Perceptor

Probability: High

I spy with my little eye Autobot Perceptor in this video. Enjoy.

And hey, I still function!


Devious selling “Superion” painting for $500

Devious Chris Gliebe's Superion Painting $500

Devious always was more of a toy-lover than a cartoon watcher...

Street artist Devious (Chris Gliebe) must love Transformers.  He is selling a painting of what must be one of his favorite Autobots.

This fabulous painting of Superion’s mug can be yours for only $500! Check it out at meltcomics’ online store!


Transformers 3 trailer reactions – Who is this yellow Autobot? Alpha Trion?

Yellow robot in Transformers 3 trailer

Who is this guy?

Well at long last, the trailer has been posted and we can see it! So Michael Bay’s Transformers films will come full circle and end how they began – riffing off real-life space missions and twisting them to fit into the Transformers Universe. This time we go back to the mission to land the first man on the moon, Apollo 11. I encourage you to learn a bit about the mission by checking out the wiki page.

The only majorly interesting bit we get to see is a full upper-torso shot of yellow or golden Autobot which appears to be confined in the ship.  This may just be a random bot but the attention to the design of the face and body lead me to believe this is at least a named character.  My first guess is Alpha Trion, as I feel the Autobot looks a bit on the weathered side.  Completely an off the cuff guess by yours truly.  I call him an Autobot due to the blue glow of his eye ball.

Transformers 3 trailer robot ship crashed on moon

And they tried to tell us Transformers didn't need ships in this universe!

We are also treated to an incredibly complex take on the Transforming logo ala the first teaser trailer.  Stylistically, it appears this 3rd film will be taking some cues from the first.  Let’s hope that trend continues!

Of course big time fans are going to complain that there are too many humans, but it’s just a teaser. We’ll get some more of the juicy stuff sooner than later. So far, I like what I see and I hope this really is the big finale that I’ve been hoping for!