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MP-23 Exhaust might go bust!!! Infringement declared by Phillip Morris

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 5.44.25 PM

A letter just received from Big Bad Toy Store!

Wow, this was a most un-expected turn of events!  Incredible!  If I didnt’ have to drive across the state, I’d weigh in on this but wow!!!


Transformers Encore 23 is Fortress Maximus :-O

Generation 1 Fortress Maximus toy

Ohhhhh baby!

I’m speechless.

I head over to BBTS today and see that they have a new listing for Kababy Fort Max. “That’s strange…” I think to myself. Then I realize that holy hell, it is not the kabaya but a flesh and plastic reissue of Fortress Maximus!

My mind is kind of messed up about this.  As a long-time owner of an original Fort Max that I worked an allowance up for 5 months to get at age 6, I feel this is not quite fair.  However, there is an extreme lack of Fort Max’s in the world, and now this will be a chance for everyone to get him.

Will aftermarket prices plummet?  Will you be shamed if you had just bought an original for $1000?

Chances are that this version will include many new tampographs in the place of stickers and hopefully some other little goodies or details that were not on the original.  This of course helps us differentiate from the original 20+ year old version.  Regardless of how I feel about the re-release of one of the fandom’s most holy grails, I pre-ordered one.

Oh yeah, also MP-15 is a Rumble & Ravage set that we already knew was coming.


Transformers United gets a new lease on life – Unicron, Windcharger, and more coming to Japan

Transformers United Windcharger and Wipe Out TakaraTomy Japan

"----A new challenger appears!"

If you’ve been reading this blog at all, then I hope I’ve been teaching you a thing or two about Transformer Toys and what to expect.  It should come as no surprise that today announcement came for another wave of Transformers United toys coming in 2012.  There were quite a few molds that never saw the light of day in Japan from the latest Generations line.  What you may not have expected though was the late release of a few deluxe-sized figures that never made it Japan from the Cybertron line. The rule of thumb is if it was release in one country, it will, some day, no matter how long it takes, be released in the other countries as well. I will die a nerd death defending this proverb.

These figures include Sharkticon, Optimus Primal, Beast Megatron, and the big little guy, Unicron in tank form. It’s almost dismissive how these figures never saw a release in the land of the Rising Sun, where they were most likely designed. Here in the USA, most collectors lament whenever they can’t get one little figure like Windcharger and forget the amount of exclusives toys we actually get. tsk tsk tsk…

Transformers United Deluxe Unicron from Cybertron Unicron tank

Look ma, no giant teeth!

Here is the finalize list of figures from Big Bad Toy Store:

It’s not quite apparent if Sharkticon will be named Sharkticon or be some weird version of the Axalon from Beast Wars. Here’s hoping for the Axalon version. Unicron will be a big hit, even with the recent larger releases. Not many caught the Cybertron version… although THIS Collecticon sure did. Expect the Windcharger / Wipe Out set to be exciting at first, but then be revealed for the lackluster release it is (especially when compared to the cool new Encore releases!).

Hey, at least there are no Optimus Primes this time! ^_^

Transformers United Thunder Megatron G2 Purple tank

Purple, and loving it!


Transformers Dark of the Moon G1 Chronicles sets – just what the hell are we getting in these sets?

G1 red black Megatron Dark of the moon chronicles set ad

Seriously, what the fuck is that thing supposed to be?!

Ok, I’ve had it.  I can stay quiet and bite my finger nails no longer.  The G1 Chronicles sets were announced ages ago and since then it’s felt like a circus to figure out just what the hell is actually coming in these sets.

Originally, it was announced that 2-packs for a G1 version of Megatron would be paired with the Dark of the Moon version, same for Optimus Prime.  The prices were expected to crest around $100.  A few different online retailers have been posting pre-orders for said 2-packs at prices ranging from $99-$125.  That’s all fine and fancy, except pretty much every online store has a different god damn photograph for the sets.  Apparently, no one knows what is actually coming in the sets, as indicated by the variety of photos supplying the listings.  See below:

Big Bad Toy Store G1 DOTM chronicles product listing

Dark of the Moon Chronicles listings on BBTS May 2011

Ages Three and Up G1 DOTM chronicles product listing

Dark of the Moon Chronicles listings on Ages Three and Up May 2011

Both the listings above are for the same sets of toys, from two different stores: Big Bad Toy Store and Ages Three And Up.  First off, it appears that BBTS has made note of the lack of solid information regarding these sets and has taken it upon their design staff to cleverly blur out the DOTM versions of Megatron and Optimus, leaving the G1 versions.  Ages Three and Up is using some sort of solicitation provided by presumably TakaraTomy featuring the Deluxe version of Optimus Prime with… hey what is that?? A Trailer?  No one seems to have made any noise about the fact that these solicitations show a God damn trailer with the basic sized version of Optimus!  That means TakaraTomy has made not one, not two, but THREE sizes of trailer to attach to Optimus!!  Good thing I’m here to spell this kind of blatantly obvious detail to you, Collecticons.  Ages Three and Up isn’t the only store using this solicitation, my buddies at Fan to Fan seem to be doing the same:

G1 DOTM chronicles product listing from Fan to Fan JP

Dark of the Moon Chronicles listings on FantoFan.jp May 2011

So what I am surmising is that the more recent solicitation for this set is what the non-US-based retailers are using to promote these mysterious sets.  Then there’s TFsource’s:

Dark of the Moon chronicles product listing on TFsource.com

Notice anything strange with this and Big Bad Toy Store’s listings? Wait for it… You’ll shit bricks!

I have never ever seen a G1 Megatron that looks like THAT thing on the right.  Not only that, but this completely contradicts the listings seen previously with the original Takara G1 Blue-legged gunmetal Megatron.  What the hell!?  I mean, I’d love an exclusive new deco, but blood red hands and inner thighs?  Charcoal legs and siding? Whoa. And if Megatron is going to be a completely new deco, (which is totally cool!) then one could assume G1 Convoy might also get a make-over.

So here are the big pressing questions left to ponder:

  • Will any of the figures have unique exclusive decos seen only in these two-packs?
  • Which accessories will be included for each figure?
  • Is the Chronicles banner going to be a sub-sect of Dark of the Moon or something new altogether?
  • Which figure molds are we ACTUALLY getting in these sets?

Now I, Diablien, would not just leave you all hanging, now would I?  Although I cannot answer these questions will absolute certainty, we can follow my Energon Gut.  I believe these figures will be under the Dark of the Moon toyline and include the following:

Megatron Set:
Redeco of G1 Megatron with a DOTM Voyager redeco.  G1 Megatron will include the Japanese accessories included in the first G1 Megatron, however not the scope and barrel stock.

Optimus Set:
Redeco of G1 Optimus Prime with a DOTM Deluxe redeco.  G1 Optimus will not include his G1 trailer and roller, etc, but the Deluxe version of Optimus will include a brand new trailer, mech tech weapon, and the trailer will fit on G1 Optimus some how.

In the end, who knows.  This whole line is already a mess that makes my head hurt.  It is always a gamble pre-ordering something before we have seen a boxed sample.  However, by waiting you risk the pre-orders selling out or the price sky-rocketing.  These are cool sets and wrap up what I love about Transformers in one nice neat package: the new and the old.  This is a cool concept and I just hope it’s executed well.  There is also chatter of the 3rd Chronicles set to contain G1 Bumblebee, but considering that there are about 100 different movie-verse Bumblebees to choose from, I’ll just leave that topic for another day.


Hasbro Generations 3.0 Thundercracker lives (again) – now with proof!

Generation 1 Thundercracker cartoon

Thundercracker responds just like a thousand other Transfans - horrifying gasp as a valuable piece of himself crumbles to the floor like so many shattered dreams.


Who knew that my most embarrassingly falsified post has turned out to be as true as the testimony of OJ Simpson!?  TFW2005.com has reported a preorder on Big Bad Toy Store for Generations 3.0 Thundercracker.

Read it and weep boys.

So does time really heal all wounds?  It’s hard to say, the 2007 Botcon Seeker scars run deep… soooo deep.  I guess it’s time to give up collecting in general, huh guys?  Guys? Hello?  Is anyone there?  Where’d you all go!?!?!?

Transformers Generations 3.0 Thundercracker preorder at BBTS

A tear


War for Cybertron Soundwave toy coming

Transformers War For Cybertron Soundwave

See ya in plastic soon enough!

Apparently in the wake of Bigbadtoystore’s huge pre-order update last night, someone found a listing for War For Cybertron Soundwave. So now we know who the 4th War for Cybertron toy is going to be (the third being Megatron which we have already seen).

No need to worry though, these toys are going to be hotter than hot.  This game is going to be hotter than hot.  Hasbro is taking the cautious route and simply filling in the gaps of their Generations line.  They most likely already have the entire line of toys ready to go.  With the expected cast to be over 30 characters, that’s a lot of plastic to sell.

Oh and it looks like we’ll be seeing all the molds we missed in Henkei such as Dirge, Thrust, and Red Alert.  ‘Bout time I say!