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Botcon Attendee figure is Decepticon Slice (Blue Energon Downshift)

Botcon 2010 Decepticon Slice is the attendee figure.

Free for all who attend Botcon 2010.

According to a post by TFW2005.com, the free attendee figure for this year’s convention is Decepticon Slice, which is an homage to Action Master Slicer.

This means that the attendee breakdowns will be something like this:

G2 Rapido
Ultra DoublePunch

Scorch w/ Shattered Glass Ravage

I’m sure we’ll know by tomorrow what the real attendee breakdowns are.  Till then, have fun all you Bot-conners!


Botcon 2010 pre-show round-up

Botcon 2010 Double Punch

So THIS is your ultra-class figure after-all!

Some auctions recently appeared on Taobao and were spotted by Seibertron.com. These are apparently some of the as-of-yet-to-be seen Botcon 2010 figures.  According to these, many of my predictions were incorrect, daggnabbit!

So as it currently stands, here is the current line-up of Botcon 2010 Toys:


  • Pyro – voyager – Autobot
  • Clench – voyager – Decepticon
  • Skybyte – deluxe – Predacon
  • Streetstar – deluxe – Autobot
  • Breakdown – deluxe – Decepticon

Attendee sets-

  • Double Punch – ultra – Decepticon
  • Slicer – deluxe – Autobot
  • Rapido – deluxe – Autobot
  • Scorch – deluxe – Autobot & SG Ravage – Heroic Decepticon
  • Gnaw – deluxe – Decepticon / Predacon

And that, as they say, is that.  The Gnaw figure is expected to appear in a troop building set of three figures, much like last year’s sweeps.  The only Shattered Glass figure we will be getting is the lovable white Ravage, which incidentally has his own Twitter page!  No word yet on which figure is the attendee freebie, but my guess is either Rapido or Scorch with SG Ravage.  If that is the case, SG Ravage will most likely become a $100-$200 figure within minutes.  Seriously, who doesn’t want that little guy?

Botcon 2010 Slicer alt mode

Seriously, no one really wants you blue-Jack.


Botcon 2010 G2 Breakdown in the wild

Botcon 2010 G2 Breakdown in the wild

As The Joker once said, "Where does he get those wonderful toys?" - Photo courtesy of Deceptigtar

The Juice is Loose!

Botcon has been pulling auctions for any pre-release Botcon 2010 figures this year. This has become a pretty common occurrence and keeps the lid tightly sealed on just what we will be seeing at the convention this year. However, this has left plenty of room for speculation…

Amidst the Botcon crew’s best efforst, these valuable little plastic guys still get out into the wild. With stuff appearing on Taobao now, language barriers are going to be keeping figures that shouldn’t be available hot on the market.


Botcon 2010 Yellow Shattered Glass Hound and White SG Ravage

Botcon 2010 SG Ravage and Hound

I so should've seen this coming...

ARg! Not even 24-hours since I posted by list of Botcon 2010 predictions does a new photograph surface which refutes almost all of it! Instead of the Shattered Glass figure being an Evac/Galvatron like I predicted, instead the happy joy-joy white version of Ravage comes with a yellow SG Hound!

This should’ve been more than obvious given the fact that Shatter Glass Ravage is the club’s favorite character, and even has his own Twitter account!  Blast you!

Now the question is whether this is the attendee exclusive or part of a 2-pack.  I am putting my money on a two-pack.

The images were found on Chinese auction site Taobao, which is apparently the new place to find stuff before you’re supposed to get it.

EDIT: The yellow hound is most likley Generation 2 Turbomaster Scorch and not the Shatter Glass Hound I originally guessed.

Botcon 2010 Yellow SG Hound and White SG Ravage

Silly Hound, don't you know we wanted you to be Swindle?


Botcon 2010 predictions

With the Botcon hullabaloo reaching a fervor, it’s time to start making some wild predictions about what the lucky attendees will see and hear this year at the fandom’s premiere gala event.

Previous years have revealed some mighty fine surprises such as the first images of the Transformers Animated characters and toys; early reveal of pre-production molds for figures like Hot Shot, Targetmaster Cyclonus, and Hound; exclusive previews from the set of Transformers courtesy of Michael Bay; and even the dreaded confirmation tentative toys will never see the light of day.  If you’ve never been to Botcon before, make sure you make it to the Hasbro product preview panel because it is definitely the highlight of the year for Transformers fans.

Since I will not be attending, I feel I can do my part and start the speculation early with some predictions about just what we will be told at this year’s panel.

1- The full Botcon Set

Each botcon exclusive set includes a variety of figures that require differnet methods of attainment.  Anyone can buy the giftset but there is usually so much more available that is only available to attendees of the convention.  These include a free attendee figure with each boxset purchased and two to three attendee add-on sets.

So far we know the identity of the whole 2010 boxset, but what about the attendee exclusive and the add-ons?  It’s been deduced that G2 Rapido and G1 Gnaw will be part of the attendee figures, and there may possibly be a blue Energon Wheeljack redeco as Slicer involved as well.  So there are a total of 3-5 figures we still have not seen and should not see until the opening of the convention. (Good job on the security this year Botcon guys!)

So here are my predictions:

  • Gnaw will be a 3-pack of Sharkticons just like 2009’s sweeps set and will be ridiculously sought after by those that did not attend the convention.
  • G2 Rapido will be the attendee exclusive since he shares a similarity with Streetstar.
  • Slicer will be tied with a Shattered glass figure ala last year’s Razorclaw and Elita 1 set, and it’s partner will be Shattered Glass Galvatron ala the Club comic profile.  This will be a purple helicopter redeco of Cybertron Evac.  This, of course, will be the shining star of the set and be worth $350 within 5 minutes of selling out.
  • If the Gnaw 3-pack is a reality, this leaves us with one more attendee two-pack.  It would seem pretty ridiculous if we don’t get another real G2-G1 character like Breakdown so I am calling a Black Swideswipe, Purple Ramjet, or Gray White and Camo Starscream (oh please!).  However, I really have no idea what to expect since the set so far has been all over the place, but I just want a dang Purple Ramjet!
Botcon 2010 Sharkticon swarm

There must be blood in the energon!

2 – Announcement of G1 Unicron

Prepare for the big announcement of a big character coming to the United States.  Yes, this will most likely be a huge announcement at Botcon – That Hasbro will be bringing the 2010 TakaraTomy Unicron to the States as some sort of retailer exclusive.  I already called this earlier this week, so hopefully I get to say “I toldja so” once again.  I just pre-ordered this guy so I am kind of praying this doesn’t happen, but as long as figure is not a straight repack of the Japanese version, no one has anything to fear.

Generation 1 Hasbro Unicron Toy

It is most certainly Upgrade Time!

3 – Confirming the fate of the stray Animated figures

We just got a hint at what is to come since Animated Thundercracker and Mudbuster Bulkhead were recently listed on Hasbro.com.  Whether these toys will be online-only exclusives, retailer exclusives, or mass-released reamins to be seen.  Perhaps Hasbro will take advantage of their built-in sales system and sell these exclusively on Hasbrotoyshop.com.  After receiving no word on Transformers Animated at this year’s Toy Fair event, it is only logical that we will get the full skinny on these sought-after strays at this year’s panel.  Let’s just hope that the TakaraTomy side of things has given the proper bump that Hasbro needed to get these last few guys out of the vault and into our clutches!

The unreleased Transformers Animated Toys Rodimus Ironhide Thundercracker Wasp

We'll see them in metallic, but will they ever be matte?

4 – Masterpiece Rodimus / Galvatron images revealed

Transformers 2010 G1 Galvatron illustration

I don't want to be a brick anymore!

Transformers 2010 G1 Rodimus Convoy

Hey, me neither!

Will we get the touch?  We all know this is coming, but wouldn’t it be fun if the Rodimus rumors were incorrect and we were in turn given MP Galvatron for the 2010 line? 

Rodimus would altogether make a much more marketable toy – his alt-mode has always been more appealing that Galvatron’s “galva-gun” thinga-majig alt-mode. It is unlikely that Hasbro would be the ones to reveal such a special toy that will be released in Japan only, but perhaps we will see a joint released by Hasbro and TakaraTomy.  That sure would be nice, wouldn’t it?  If 2010 unicron will be released by Hasbro, the new 2010 Masterpiece figure could be all the more likely.

5 – Transformers Prime

Just what is Transformers Prime going to be all about?  No one knows, but after this year’s panel, everyone’s going to have a much better idea.  As the next big phase in Transformers until Transformers 3 hits theaters, the wire has been all to quiet about what we can expect.  The focus currently is on War for Cybertron, which has been taking a lot of the heat off of Transformers Prime for now, but as soon as the Activision game hits stores, expect this to be the next big push.

Transformers Prime Logo

Its almost Prime Time, baby!

From what I can gather, all signs point towards a Movie-verse storyline set on pre-war Cybertron.  Another prediction would be that it is Transformers on Earth in the very distant future.  It could also focus on the new movie mythos behind the Primes and what eaxctly it takes to become one and what they really are.  If Hasbro has their stuff together as much as they typically do, panel attendees may be treated to photos of the actual toys beyond just a preview clip or two of the finished show.

6 – War For Cybertron toyline expanded

At this point, Hasbro and Activision know they have a hit on their hands with War for Cybertron. The pre-sale data on the game has probably helped Hasbro make some decisions as to expand the quantity of War For Cybertron toys or not, and I think we can all agree that there needs to be more of them.  The CG renders are really great and show that each character has been well-designed and each is in need of their own sculpt.  This is most likely already in the works as illustrated by Seibertron who recently discovered that War for Cybertron Bumblebee’s instruction sheet features a very Cliffjumper-like head sculpt!

Why didn’t Hasbro decide to make a dedicated War for Cybertron line in the first place?  I’m sure the answer to these types of questions are very complex so let’s not really expect any sort of answer and just hope that we see an entire fleet of these beautiful renditions of everyone’s favorite characters.

Transformers War For Cybertron potential expanded toyline figures

Chistle us in plastic, plox

7 – Botcon 2011’s location will be back in Chicago, IL

Transformers 3 is filming in Chicago for six weeks this summer.  The city will hopefully be a relatively signifcant part of the plot and consist of at least one major action sequence.  Transformers 3 is slated to come out July 1, 2011.  The Botcon event is typically near the end of June, just in time for a pre-screening of Transformers 3 similar to what happened at Botcon 2007 in Rhode Island.  Depending on how significant or insignificant Chicago’s part plays in the movie, it may become the temporary epicenter of the Transformers Universe.

Botcon 2011 to be in Chicago?

Let's hope for Transformer heaven in 2011

Botcon 2008 was in a Midwestern part of the country, and it has spanned both coasts in between so it just feels right to be back in the midwest again, and we haven’t seen the con in the Windy City since 2004, when it wasn’t even called Botcon!  I know, I know, everyone wants Botcon to be near them, but the recipe is all there.  As the location of some great Transformers websites, it would just be too good to be true!  So please, just be true.


Botcon 2010 Streetstar teaser art

Botcon 2010 Streetstar teaser artwork

Givin' Barricade a better run for his money than Prowl

This was posted on the Botcon twitter.


Botcon 2010 promo video posted – very funny!

This is a rather funny jab at the video reviewer portion of the community out there. Starscream is reviewing Botcon 2009 Kup! I hope everyone has a good time at Botcon later this month. The video was put together by none other than the Transformers hero of Youtube, Dr Smoov!


Botcon Rapido en el casa

Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Rapido robot mode

So turquoise, so goooood!

Yeah yeah, every other Transformers site has already posted this photo found on ACtoys.net but I just couldn’t help it. Plus, I need to follow-up on the ‘rumor‘ that Rapdio was indeed going to be part of the attendee exclusive sets at this year’s Botcon in Disney World.

As weird as I was expecting this toy to be, the photo above looks quite nice.  The apparently remolded head is also a nice surprise.  Oh Botcon 2010 non-attendee giftset, shall I order thee?


Botcon 2010 Registration is LIVE! and it’s not SSL

Botcon 2010 online Registration now available

For those of you that have been eagerly awaiting the Botcon 2010 online sign-up, it is currently available according to this tweet!

The more tech-savvy Transformers fan, of which there are many, might be raising their eyebrows to why this system took over so many months to implement and turn out to not even be behind a Secure Sockets Layer.

Perhaps we ought to overlook the high importance of such security and just rejoice in the fact that registration is simply available.  The nightmare is over… or is it?


Botcon 2010 – the nightmare continues

botcon 2010 boxset art

Wow, almost worth that frantic feeling that you aren't going to make it to the convention it's for, isn't it.. NOT!!!

And again, no registration today.  We have one major issue that is being worked out.  We apologize for the delay.  In order for the code to be very simple and error free on your end, it is very complicated on our end.  We don’t want anyone to have a problem with their registration.

On a side note the box art will go online today at BotCon.com.

Thanks for your patience,


So still acting like it ain’t no thang, but guess what? FREE BOXART!

Botcon 2010 front of box art

Way to Professor Smooth it over haha