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Seeing Transformers Dark of the Moon tonight

Transformers Dark of the Moon jumping SUV's

I saw this stunt from a completely different angle

Sorry for the huge hiatus since Botcon, but I’ve been a busy bumblebee. After many months of waiting, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! I know a few lucky transfans have already seen the flick but I am doing all I can to resist checking anymore out until tonight.

It’s been a wild ride this time, mostly because the filming was in Chicago and I actually got to be a part of the extras cast, or at least my vehicle did. There’s also the sad story of Gabriella Cedillo, which has apparently been swept under the rug. I will be paying extra special attention to the highway scene, pictured above. That is where the accident occurred. Be on the look out for a dark grey Honda Element!!

So shall I make a few predictions? It seems silly since some have already seen the film and can vouch for whether I am right or wrong…

Starscream will die. (boo!)
Shockwave will die. (boo!)
None of the main character humans will die (boo!)
The Autobots will leave earth, save for Bumblebee who is in love with Sam (whaaa?)
Soundwave will get away (Yay!)
Megatron will get away again (Yay!)
Sentinel Prime will die (Yay!)

The movie will be awesome and I can’t wait to see Chicago get turned upside down. This is our time Transformers fans, the trilogy is over and we can all bid adieu to Michael Bay. Let’s hope he goes out with a bang.


Videos from Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Botcon 2011

Here is a smattering of videos I’ve posted from Botcon 2011. Enjoy!

iGear Ramjet at the TFsource Booth

Transformers Prime process booth

Transformers MMO Game concept art

Hasbro display – Thursday sneek peak

Transformers Kre-O Booth

Botcon 2011 dealer room setup

Botcon 2011 Registration line and entrance speech by Brian Savage

Maiden Japan Custom Junkion heads and chest sculpts. VERY COOL!

Clear Generation 1 Optimus Prime Knock off

First entrants to Botcon 2011 Friday

Kre-O booth at Botcon 2011 with tons of parts and toys

Giant Movie Starscream costume! AWESOME!


I am tired

Time to go to bed. Phew! worst collecticon post ever

Jesus christ

Typical Transfans at Botcon


Botcon 2011 survey may reveal potential future giftset ideas – Animated Protectobots!

Botcon 2011 survey giftset

This is at least interesting to consider the possibilities

Protectobots would be rad!


Botcon 2011 Day 2 – sales floor sneak peek!

Botcon 2011 day two consisted mostly of long lines and awesome toys. I’ll let my videos from the day do the talking. Luckily for me, I got into the sales floor before it was set up! It’s cool to see how much work goes into putting this convention together. WOW!

Botcon 2011 Hasbro toy display – Dark of the Moon and more!

Botcon 2011 sales floor during Thursday night set up.

Transformers Kreo displays

Transformers Prime concept displays


Botcon 2011 Animated The Motormaster 360 video

The ring leader of the whole Stunticon crew has finally made it into the Collecticon 360 arena. Enjoy this crazy new head sculpt!


Botcon 2011 Animated Wildrider 360 video

Mr. Wildrider, please stand up!


Botcon 2011 Animated Dragstrip 360 video

Oh how the Botcon people love to be clever with meanings of words. I get it! He’s in DRAG!!!


Botcon 2011 Animated Stunticon Deadend 360 video

Gothbot or not?


Botcon 2011 Animated Stunticon Breakdown 360 video

The circus continues with the new Botcon 2011 Boxset figures! Stunticons, unite!