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2016 Botcon Beast Megatron seems to be a shoe-in this year


Everyone is looking forward to this figure in the Botcon 2016 souvenir set!  See Botcon’s new video here.


Botcon 2016 predictions – centerpiece figure possibility?


Could it be me?? YESssssss…..

So it’s time to start guessing what the potential figures could be for the upcoming Botcon 2016.  There is mention of a “center-piece” figure for the souvenirs that is not a Combiner Wars mold.  The other hint is that it required a new heead.

Could we possibly be getting access to the Japan-only remold of War for Cybertron Voyager Grilock as Beast Wars Megatron? Sure, maybe, but probably not.  He sure would make a good looking toy though to defeat Predacus!


Botcon Registration is live!

What are you waiting for?  Registration is live!  It was seemless!  The system WORKED!!  IT ONLY TOOK TEN YEARS TO GET IT RIGHT!!~!
Register here.


Botcon 2016 Tripedacus figure combined mode revealed



I am more impressive than you expected!

Wow!  Botcon 2016 is coming soon and we got a very early reveal of the final figure of Tripredacus.  There was a lot of naysaying regarding the overly red color scheme.  Shame on us of little faith!  This Collecticon must admit the result is great!  Lots of cool paint apps.

It’s also worth noting that this is the first time in Botcon or Funpub history where a mold is released as a Botcon exclusive PRIOR to being released at retail.  I’m talking about the drill tank which will later become a piece of Liokaiser and Computron.

Great work Funpub!  We’ll miss ya!