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The biggest event to wager on in Transformers history – More than Meets the Eye #15


Who lives, who dies?

I can’t remember being so excited about something in Transformers since… ever!  The build up to “More Than Meets The Eye” issue 15 has been EXCRUCIATING and it’s all coming to head by the end of this month. The pieces have been falling into place for over 2 years by now, and we are going to see heads roll, sparks fly, and tears fall.

My fellow fans at Bottalk have started the betting early and a thread that features a multi-answer poll asking WHO DIES (in issue 15).  The hullaballoo got me thinking, could Las Vegas really start taking bets on who lives and who dies?  Of course not, since the outcome is based on written fiction and anyone involved could make out big but let’s just pretend for a second…

Based on the Necrobot’s list, we know that Hound, Chromedome, Dipstick, Drift and Ultra Magnus will ‘kick the bucket’ someday, although it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen on the Lost Light.  In fact, that list could be a red herring, and instead mean they live!  If there ones thing we can count on, it’s the big bruisers, Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus, getting a few good hits in.  Unfortunately, I also expect that a lot of the ‘one-liner’ crew of the ship to make their final bow during the pages of issue 15 and probably even 16.

Another common expectation is the arrival of the Decepticon Justice League and with the recently revealed power level of their leader Tarn, he may be more of a match for Overlord than we thought.  Ultimately, we can expect the death toll to reach the double digits We’re bound to see some energy spill on the floor.  By the looks of the teaser image below, Cosmos and Brawn may have already ‘bought it,’ but Springer’s been wrong before…



Green BAPE G1 Convoy – Optimuspot gets his day in the sun

Bathing Ape Green Optimus Prime G1 Convoy

This ain't no leprechaun!

Bottalk user Optimuspot gets as close to reality as possible with this super rare and first dive into the world of designer toys for Transformers.

Bathing Ape Green G1 Optimus Prime cab

Now go find me a pot of gold!


MP10 Convoy’s rifile – inspired by IDW and EJ Su!

Transformers MP10 masterpiece convoy rifile transformation

Fiction is stranger than fiction sometimes!

It has come to my attention after being indicated by a fellow Bottalker, that perhaps the MP-10 Convoy’s collapsible rifle was pre-cursed by the amazing EJ Su’s Optimus Prime rifle. The similarities are definitely there. Very cool!


Fanmade Lego Blurr – this ain’t no Kreo!

Transformers Lego Blurr

HP Lovecreft Hovercraft!

What else is a Transfan to do during a full month? Not video reviews of course! Bottalk user alanyap has shared a fabulous new Transformers lego creation, Blurr!

See even more fabulous photos from the creator here!

Transformers Lego Blurr robot mode

Fear me


Jazz sings! – The music of Scatman Crothers

Thanks to some industrious Bottalkers, I came across an AMV video set to the tunes of Scatman Crothers’ music!  Apparently Scatman had an entire LP of songs where he was the voice and talent.  Simply fabulous.  There can’t be enough Scatman in our lives!  We miss you!


Batman versus Soundwave – who would win?

Soundwave crushes Batman

This is why they call them squishies

As soon as Bay is done with Transformers, we can expect Hollywood to go hogwild with the franchise. Maybe we’ll even be lucky enough to see clever crossovers such as this!


First Draft Sctipt of 1986 Animated Transformers Movie – The Summary part 2

And here is part two of the highlights to the incredible first draft of Transformers: The Movie.

* Hotrod crashes into Quintessa’s sea. He finds the robo-squid tearing Kup apart. Same thing as the final film here including Kup’s repair. No Ali-cons, just Sharkticons. As the Sharkticons lead them away they use cattle prod like devices to shock them. The leader continues saying something which Kup translates as “we eat”.

* The Quintessons are described differently. They have frail bodies but large heads and so have metal frames on their shoulders to hold their heads up. Kranix is now Granix and there are other prisoners besides him in the cell. Granix is a bot made of a granite and stone….a Rocklord?  After describing where they are and the Quintessons’ heads (pointing out only 4 are normally seen), a group of Sharkticons enter the cell to take Granix away. He pleads for his life (and we hear Lithone is made of marble). Hotrod and Kup attack to try and save him but are detained. The lead Quintesson flips to his fifth face, the Death’s head and sentences Granix to death. No tank, instead 4 Sharkticons surround him. Granix uses a cattle prod destroying two of them, but the other two eat him.

* Ultra Magnus and the others crash on Junkion and start repairing, while in view of the Junkions.

* The Dinobots are seen walking around when a Sharkticon takes a bite out of Grimlock. He shakes it off and the Sharkticon runs for the main Quintesson building. Upon entering they are greeted by the Quint leader who politely welcomes them but says their friends are not here. A few questions later Grimlock says goodbye to “Many Face Thing” and they leave.

* Ingestor continues to suck up energy and Unicron increases in size. It’s trees and grass becoming more vibrant. Galvatron arrives and starts kissing ass but then says he will not allow the consumption of Cybertron. Ingestor tortures him and orders the Decepticons to Junkion, saying the Autobots survived. Unicron eats another moon and increases in size again.

* The Quints sentence Hotrod and Kup but Hotrod manages to get ahold of one of the prods and destroys the surrounding guards and Sharkticons. He then corners the lead Quint with the prod staff against it’s neck, while Kup is on the main floor with Sharkticons in front of him.

* The Dinobots are now in the Quintesson mountains, where they were told “their friends may be”. Finding nothing they now encounter Wheelie. Same thing, back to the building.

* Hotrod threatening the Quint judge throws him to the arena floor. The Quint laughing at him and orders their execution. Hotrod and Kup fend of some more Sharkticons but are then cornered. Swoop flies in and Grimlock busts down the door. The Dinobots and freed prisoners start fighting back. The Quints now outnumbered, the prisoners take control, led by a giant glass bot. Wheelie points out the ship and they leave.

* After repairing the shuttle the Decepticons attack the Autobots. The battle plays out roughly the same. Additions include Ultra Magnus taking on the coneheads, and Daniel fusing Astrotrain’s hands together and mouth shut. Once the Autobots take cover, Perceptor uses a smokescreen and clones of themselves to fool the Cons. Galvatron and some Cons pursue Ultra Magnus as the others destroy the clones. UM fighting through many Decepticons is now battered, one arm useless. Galvatron transforms and blasts Ultra Magnus to pieces. He then uses a saw tool to cut open UM’s chest cavity and takes Prime’s spark. Galvatron orders his troops back to Earth so they can stop the energy transfer.

* The Junkions attack, but with other road warrior vehicles and not just transforming into motorcycles. They seem more violent and corner the Autobots. Threatening to use blow torches on them just as the Quint ship comes flying by. Hotrod lands and they exit with him holding energon pretzels.  The universal greeting, dancing, and Magnus’ repair play out the same. Magnus says he can no longer lead since he doesn’t have Prime’s spark. The others look to Springer but Hotrod pops in with some encouraging words. Kup says he’s grown. The Autobots and Junkions lift off for Unicron.

* Back at Unicron, Galvatron says he’s done all of Ingestor’s bidding and would like out of their agreement. Ingestor refuses saying they are his for eternity. Galvatron threatens to use a thermo charge to detonate Unicron’s core. The planet sucks up the last of the energy and transforms. Seeing as this Unicron looks nothing like the final version you’ll have to imagine what it looks like. Galvatron pleas again only to end up on Ingestor’s tree trunk eyebrows.

* Ingestor begins his attack. He sweeps the planet with his hand. Eats Shockwave and building debris. Thundercracker and Skywarp mount a counterattack with laser cannons, but are then devoured along with their weapons fire. The shuttles approach, Dinobots and Junkions exiting hatches. They all attack with Ingestor swiping at them. A few pages in Hotrod buries the Quint ship into Ingestor. Hotrod then flies into his ear as the others fight on. The battle outside seems more slapstick than anything. Daniel even getting alot of offense on Ingestor. While Hotrod battles the internal defenses inside.

* Ingestor speaks out to Galvatron who is still holding on to his eyebrow. Says to go in and stop the intruder. Ingestor forces Galvatron through his eye socket. Hotrod and Galvatron fight. The battle seeming a little similar to the one Prime and Megatron had. Hotrod grabs hold of the bottle around Galvatron’s neck which contains Prime’s spark. Optimus speaks out and the light of his spark bathes Hotrod who transforms into Rodimus Prime. Galvatron fires on him then tackles Rodimus as they crash through walls. He continues to bash Rodimus as they enter Ingestor’s stomach cavity. Inside they see Cybertron’s moons, other planets, space vechicles, etc all webbed up and being digested. Galvatron looks to deliver the final blow to Rodimus when he struck by laser fire coming from Jazz and Cliffjumper. Rodimus counters back and is ready to destroy Galvatron, before Galvy exclaims he is truly Megatron and grabs Rodimus’ throat.

* Rodimus frees himself from the grasp and the bottle with Prime’s spark breaks free. Optimus speaks once more and the energy from his spark begins to destroy Ingestor from within. Ingestor begins ripping himself apart trying to get at Prime’s spark. Part of the stomach wall blows open. Galvatron, debris, and the ship containing Jazz and CJ are shot out. Rodimus is about to evacuate when he hears voices. Turns out there are still Autobots on 2 of the moons inside Ingestor. Rodimus manages to hurl them out during the destruction. Prime’s spark speaks one last time as it dissipates and Ingestor explodes. Rodimus flying out from the remaining debris. The Autobots cheer as he flies off towards Cybertron.

I want to once again thank Air Hammer of Bottalk.com for allowing me to post his great summary.  Enjoy!


First Draft Sctipt of 1986 Animated Transformers Movie – The Summary part 1

Transformers: The Movie first draft script by Ron Friedman

This could transform history!

A draft of the Transformers Animated movie script by Ron Friedman has been making the rounds recently.  It has been scanned and placed page by page into a pdf file for all to see.  The script is long, clocking in at around 180 pages, not everyone is going to have the dedication to read the whole thing (myself included!) Download the script yourself from the Disciples of Boltax blog.

There have been some incredible revelations about the plot after reading this script.  A lot of the gaping holes in the story are filled in by this initial script such as the fate of Blaster, the significance of the Decepticon coronation ceremony location, and the first premature indication that the Transformers had something called “sparks.”

So to start off, the wonder Air Hammer from Bottalk has allowed me to share his incredible outlined summary of the original script, which is far more digestible than reading the entry yourself.  Here ’tis, part one of Air Hammer’s TFTM First draft script summary.

* Unicron is an actual planet, with an atmosphere, plants, etc… No planet eating at the beginning.

* Cybertron has 5 moons, not 2. The Autobots have set up a munitions base on the third moon, and are preparing a shuttle filled with weapons, not energon.

* The Decepticons are actually seen watching as the shuttle leaves then fly off after it. Laserbeak doesn’t spy on the Autobots.

* Daniel has a bike and not a jet board.

* There are two different versions of the shuttle attack in this draft.

-First one Megatron blasts the side of the shuttle in gun mode. He enters while the Insecticons make the hole bigger. Megatron destroys Brawn splitting him in half. Scavenger melts Prowl. Then Megatron and Kickback pretty much annihilate Ironhide and Ratchet with their parts splattering across the walls.

-Second version Megatron crashes through a window as the shuttle is entering Earth’s atmosphere. He destroys Ironhide. The Insecticons then tear through the side of the ship. Constructicons enter the shuttle. Prowl is destroyed by Scavenger. Ratchet not present.

In both it seems that the Insecticons eat the shuttle as they enter above Autobot air space. Hotrod doesn’t fire on the shuttle.

* Hotrod and Daniel are attacked by Constructicons before Blitzwing shows up.

* The city battle is radically different. Some elements the same but many changes. The initial gathering of the Autobots is the same, except Blurr is not present. Ultra Magnus shouts out for the city to transform rather than Springer and Arcee doing it manually. Hotrod and Kup still enter the city the same way. They confront Ultra Magnus before going to battle stations. UM talks with Wheeljack and they release the Ani-bots! Simba, a lion. Pardo, a leopard. Shriek, an eagle. Thump, a buffalo, and Clump, a rhino. They attack the Constructicons. Blaster fires on Insecticons from the crows nest. Blaster’s cassettes consist of Cubbie the lion, Stripes the tiger, Stinger the scorpion, and Bolts (who I’d assume looks similar to Eject and Rewind). Powerglide and Warpath attack Blitzwing. As the Decepticons rip and tear at the walls, Bluestreak, Hound and Sunstreaker use laser blades to cut off the Con’s legs. When Devastator starts his assault, Wheeljack has the Ani-bots merge into Dragon Beast, and the combiners brawl.

* There’s dialog between Optimus, Jazz, Cliffjumper, Bumblebee and Grimlock prior to them lifting off for Earth. No Spike. The Dinobots don’t want to go but Bumblebee persuades Grimlock by saying his great intelligence is needed to make a battle plan. Jazz and CJ are left to watch the base while the others leave.

* Astrotrain was left behind and he attacks Optimus’ shuttle. As they approach Earth the Dinobots get out and blast Astrotrain away. Then they help guide the battered shuttle through the atmosphere so Optimus can land, and finally go help Dragon Beast tackle Devastator. They rip Devy apart and bash the seekers around.

* Both factions stop to watch the battle between Optimus and Megatron. Hotrod still dives in but Megatron uses him as a hostage rather than a shield. Megs then tosses Hotrod at Prime and fires on Prime’s wound. The battle ends the same, and Astrotrain shows up battered and bruised but still gets the Cons off the planet. Daniel urges the Autobots to attack while the Cons retreat but Arcee says they must focus only on Optimus.

* It’s interesting to note that Sparks are indeed mentioned here. There is no Matrix of Leadership. Instead Optimus plans to….if I read this right, merge his “life spark” with Ultra Magnus. Prime dies, and Ultra Magnus gets everyone right to work on repairing the city before they go after the Decepticons and finish them off before they can appoint Megatron’s successor. Hotrod exclaims how it was all his fault but Arcee says it was brave of him, and Kup reassures him.

* As expected the Decepticons fight on board Astrotrain, but they don’t discard Megatron, and they didn’t bring any near-death Cons back with them. Instead they land on Cybertron at the ceremony site. They continue to fight while Megatron crawls around trying to get their attention. Remember those gold statues? Well these are actual tombs of past fallen Decepticon leaders and warriors, not just memorials. Each tomb contains their spark. As the Cons continue to fight, they manage to break several of the tombs releasing the sparks, and one of the statues falls on Megatron finally killing him, his spark rising up and joining the others as they travel through space.

* The sparks drift through space. Megatron’s, still sentient vows revenge if he ever got a chance, and says he’ll do anything. Overhearing, a voice calls out to Megatron. The planet Unicron appears, but that’s all it appears to be. The voice is from the being controlling the planet. It’s name is Ingestor. Similar talk takes place. Megatron not as angry but tries his best to barter. Afraid that he’ll float through space forever if he doesn’t agree, but knowing he’ll get a new body and his revenge, goes through with it.

* Megatron’s spark is reformatted into Galvatron, and funny enough he’s happy about it. Sheding his former self away. The other sparks are converted into Scourge, the Sweeps, Cyclonus, and the “armada” which is in fact more Cyclonus bots in similar fashion to the Sweeps. Ingestor tells Galvatron to go gather his troops.

* Starscream, having apparently won the fight now stands tall. Smoldering Decepticons at his feet. Dirge reads a passage of their history in accordance with the crowning of a new leader as Astrotrain crowns Starscream. Galvatron and his forces arrive. Starscream saying Galvatron looks familiar and argues with him before Galvatron destroys him in the same manner, but with his arm cannon.

* Unicron then appears and eats the third moon. Jazz and Cliffjumper getting away in their shuttle, only to get sucked up. Ingestor orders Galvatron to Earth so they can finish off the Autobots and gather energy for him. Galvatron annoyed that a moon was destroyed shouts out that the galaxy belongs to him. Ingestor makes him suffer, etc…off to Earth.

* Blurr now randomly shows up saying he has scans he’s been reading from Cybertron. One of the moons was swallowed by a giant planet, and an invasion force has left for Earth and is here…….NOW!

* The second Earth battle is much more intense. Alot more destruction. Galvatron actually ordering they melt down the city and do so. The city ablaze in flames as the fighting continues. Warpath and Powerglide getting in on the action again. Cyclonus bombs Gears to pieces. The armada use their wings to slice up Windcharger. Blaster fleeing with Mirage and Trailbreaker. The Dinobots still refusing to enter the shuttles at first. Decepticons firing on them as they lift off.

* Kup’s story to the Dinobots is extended. Hotrod takes a break from fighting the sword bot and answers a hologram call from Arcee and Daniel who speak to him. The Decepticons then attack and destroy Kup and Hotrod’s ship, rather than it crashing. The Autobots inside hurled through space. Magnus’ ship again splitting up and the bigger half getting destroyed. Galvatron orders them back to Earth so they can collect the energy.

* Scourge and the Sweeps still on Earth preparing energon cubes. The energy being sent directly to Ingestor through a beam. The shuttle picking up the signature, Perceptor tracks where it’s going, then they detect a planet to set down on.

* Meanwhile back on Earth, Blaster, Sunstreaker, Wheeljack and other Autobot survivors are in hiding, waiting for a chance to strike at the Sweeps. Wheeljack indicates that if they don’t stop the Con’s from taking Earth’s energy then the planet with blow up within 2 days. Scourge and the others then leave to join the Decepticons.

So there you have it.  Up to the point where Galvatron first chases the Autobots off of Earth.  Some important things to notice is that Earth is feeding energy to Unicron now.  Wheeljack is still alive!  Autobot City is completely destroyed by Galvatron and his crew.  Simply amazing.  The brutality of the deaths is quite pronounce and I’m not surprised this script had to be heavily modified.  The base story is here though and helps paint the bigger picture for all of us.

I myself have always wondered what would’ve been the consequences of Unicron reaching Earth…  Perhaps we will never know!


Sideways – a Michael Bay Film

Transformers Sideways

Love that bottle!

From the twisted mind of Bottalk’s Durango:

He keeps talking about his character driven indie movie he might do one day.


Lego G1 Broadside

Generation 1 Broadside made of Legos

Time for a landing

I was perusing one of my favorite forums today and came across a great thread where Yap Alan was showing the latest fruits of his labor: a triple-changing Transformers Generation 1 Broadside.

Here’s what the artist had to say:

This one took me weeks after weeks of finetuning. The front part of the carrier mode had undergone 3 major changes. And the missus insist of putting the final touch to my creation. Can you guess which part is the “odd one out” ?

LEGO Transformers world has gotten too much of Primes lately. It’s like a rites of passage.

Some minor characters needs some love too!

Transformers Lego Broadside

Just like the G1 toy, the plane mode leaves a little to be desired ^_^

See more of his amazing Transformers Lego creations here.

Transformers Generation 1 G1 Broadside robot mode

Probably the best bot mode we've ever gotten for Broadside!