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Closer look at Brownnoize Productions Unicron Throne of Chaos

Brownnoize Productions new unicron stand for planet mode

Out with the old, in with the new!

Well the work day is over and I finally got a chance to snap some pics of my fully assembled Unicron Thrones of Chaos! I am so happy with these! The assembly is super quick (there are only 2 steps and no tools are required) and the toys fit in their holster, PERFECTLY!

Armada Unicron in Brownnoize Productions Throne of Chaos

Time for NOM NOM NOM!!

The one big let down so far is, as I feared, it’s height. The planet atop the stand is too tall to fit in any of the compartments of an Ikea Detolf shelving unit. This is the most common shelving unit for toy display in the USA and probably abroad as well. However, there is a fix coming. All you have to do is add an extra half-inch to the resting areas on the support bars underneathe any of the glass shelves. I’ll figure out a way and explain later. For now, enjoy the pics!

Unicron with stand cannot fit in an Ikea Detolf shelf

Your displaying posture is highly dubious!


Unicron Throne of Chaos arrives!

YEAH!!! This thing is awesome! I can’t wait to get home and put the big guy in it!


Universally dominating Unicron stand – TakaraTomy 2010 Chaos Bringer gives birth to improved planet stand

2011 new and improved unicron stand for planet mode from Brownnoize Productions

Jizz | In | My | Pants

I had been hoping for it. I had been praying for it. Primus heard my call and has brought forth his own demise – Unicron’s previous 3rd party stand has finally been rendered obsolete by another fan just as aggravated as myself. No disrespect though, Unicron.com definitely brought the house down with their Unicron stand which I featured in my 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron review for TFsource.  That thing definitely had its flaws but now someone has taken the torch and given us the custom stand we have been thirsting for.

Named the Throne of Chaos, Brownnoize Productions has posted a blog advertising some great photos of the stand and 2010 Unicron placed atop it.

I just had an exchange with the creator of the throne and supplies are VERY limited.  I purchased two and I hope that it will fit within an Ikea Detolf shelf but who knows.  I need these for my Armada and Energon versions of the mold which I plan to keep in planet-mode in my updated display for 2011.

Shipped price for the stands is $41 domestically and there is no combined shipping.  The stands cannot be collapsed or fit into a larger box, that’s the breaks!  If you really want / need this, you don’t give a crud about paying that price for a stand that ACTUALLY works.  Our bargaining posture is highly dubious.  Get the stand while there are still stands to be taken!  You can order one directly via this contact form on Brownnoize’s site.