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Post Botcon 2012 predictions and thoughts – Cybertroncon Asia exclusives not so exclusive

Transformers G1 Hoist Cybertroncon reveal

This just in from 2012 Cybertroncon - Asia-only right? I'm calling bullshit brigade on that one.

So Botcon 2012 has come and gone and with it some surprising revelations. The most important of these I am listing below in no particular order:

  • Transformers Collector Club subscription service starting soon with 6 exclusive figures available in the initial roll out.  This subscription service is expected to replace the usual 1 or 2 club exclusive figures that are available each year.  This will make for all intents and purposes a second boxed set of toys for fans and members of the TFCC.
  • Transformers Generations will induct a new voyager class starting with War for Cybertron Soundwave, later being repainted to Soundblaster.  It can be expected that this is the size class for the all but confirmed Fall of Cybertron Grimlock figure to rival the giant Bruticus.  We might even see a reinvented Megatron or Optimus Prime in this size class.
  • All the drama and fan rage over the mixmatched War for Cybertron Bruticus figures can be put to bed after the more video-game accurate paint-scheme will be available as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive set.  Also showing up at SDCC is the Zombie Cliffjumper figure that seemingly vanished after the reveal at Botcon 2011.
  • MP10 will be released at Toys R Us with all accessories and a new paint job.  The only question now is the price
  • All the Cybertroncon Asia-market-only exclusives revealed a few months ago may not be as exclusive as everyone feared, however there was no official mention of this in any panels.  More below…

So after the Hasbro panel, I visited the display box where the employees were setting up the new figures.  There is a lock box at the bottom of the display where all the toys are kept prior to being revealed.  The staff had to do this while everyone was ganged around the front of the case.  I, however, mulled around in the back and caught glimpse of something that shocked me: a small green G1 legion-class Hoist.  It was right there, plain as day.  One was in robot mode, the other in vehicle.  The female Hasbro staff then rolled it back into a sheet of bubble wrap and placed it back in the bottom of the case while the other staff member prepared Airachnid for display.  I didn’t have time to take a photograph and there were too many people in the way, but it was there.

Transformers G1 Hoist robot gun

This is what I saw, and that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it

G1 Hoist as a cyberverse or legion class figure was revealed months earlier in mock-up stage (check the image up top) and during those reveals, everyone in the USA cringed or cried at the thought of all those toys being exclusive to Asia, requiring import prices.  Well guess what guys?  It’s time to wake up and realize that some if not all of those toys will be seen in the USA at some point.  Hasbro has enough trouble producing a full toyline at all, let a lone two toylines concurrently that would be cut off from larger sales numbers by being sold in the USA.


Fall of Cybertron combining Bruticus – the iron fist of Hasbro silences the land

Fall of Cybertron Bruticus on screen

"And our prayers were answered by fists of steel and rain of blood..."

Today was a day where the mighty returned and the weak were silenced. Today was a day where wrongs were made right and a solidarity that has been fragmented for years was made whole again. Today was the day that the true king to the throne returned and that king is a company named Hasbro.

Let’s get a bit more realistic now and explain what happened this week in Transformerland. This year (it’s only been one month long so far!) has been one of the most insane years to be a Transformer fan since the movies started in 2005. Let us list the notable events, shall we?

  • We’ve already weathered through the madness of registering for Botcon
  • Tolerated Funpub’s dismal track record with a webstore they’ve only had, well, about 5 years to perfect
  • Discovered rather shockingly that Transformers Prime contains a rather large multitude of toys that we were kept very successfully in the dark about (jolly show, Hasbro secret service, jolly show)
  • Discovered even more shockingly that all the fabulous, and expectantly readily available First Edition Prime toys were to become exceedingly desirable and hard to find, especially in the USA
  • SDCC will featured another GI JOE / Transformers crossover, this time with a Shockwave-styled Hiss Tank

It’s already been a topsy-turvy year and without going into begrudging detail about the Transformers Prime toy fiasco, let’s just set the stage to a world where everyone is feeling a bit frustrated and disappointed. Put yourself on that stage, and then feel yourself get nailed by a giant cream pie of surprise. Hasbro just knocked everyone’s socks off with the announcement of a figure no one dared dream would become a reality – a fully formed gestalt figure the way it was meant to be done. Five (supposedly) deluxe individually transforming figures that include minimal extra parts or internal connections. There is not a ton of data other than what was discovered in the latest issue of Game Informer, but it’s enough to drop any current transfan to their Primus worshiping knees.

Fall of Cybertron Bruticus revealed

Bruticus! Bruticus! Bruticus!

Beyond the excitement, what does this all mean? Well I couldn’t call myself a Collecticon if I didn’t figure this shit out for you so here goes.

– Some say that these 5 figures are what remains of the supposed 8 figure count for the Fall of Cybertron line, as reported at the UK Toyfair. While possible, to me this seems unlikely due to a weighted consistency of Decepticons amongst the ranks. We are likely to see Grimlock, maybe Jetfire, Ironhide or Ratchet, and with any luck, some seekers. They didn’t just re-design Megatron for nothing, either.

– Another question is whether these will be sold individually or as a large set. The answer? Who fucking cares. You’re going to buy them so move on.

– Is this really happening? After what feels like a prison riot full of 3rd party companies doing “everything that Hasbro won’t”, did the giant just stir in its sleep? It sure seems like it to me. Like always, Hasbro follows through but not in the 3 day timeframe that the Transfan manbabies decree. Enjoy your shoddy-plastic 3rd party Devastators boys, they will all be made obsolete soon. And that, my fellow Collecticons, is a fact.

Fall of Cybertron Bruticus from the trailer

Bruticus says: Don't fuck with hasbro


Maketoys is Fansproject – 3rd parties in disguise!

maketoys devastator 3rd party

Brothers from the same mother.

There, I said it.

Blog Live Blog

Fansproject Bruticus vs. Higa’s Hemi

Fansproject Bruticus on Higa's Mustang

Oh no Bruticus, not the Hemi!

Blog Live Blog

Fansproject Bruticus showing off his ‘party tricks’

Fansproject Bruticus knife in beer
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Time to Party hard with Fansproject Bruticus

Fansproject Bruticus slames a Miller Lite

Party hard party hard party hard party hard!!!!

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Fansproject bruticus loves halo!!! Headshot!!


Fansproject Bruticus is awesome

Fansproject Bruticus

Fansproject Bruticus

The only word that comes to mind is BRUUUUUTICUSSSS!!!!

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Fansproject Explorer and Munitioner in hand


G1 Hasbro Bruticus giftset – does it exist?

The title of this post could have also been “Hot on the trail of the Transformers Unicorn”.

Photoshopped G1 Bruticus giftset

The very essence of the Transformers Unicorn. Sometimes you just want to believe so badly you'll let your eyes deceive you.
This does not exist!

2 years ago on April Fools Day, a big-time collector reignited an old gag he instigated long ago to fool a fellow collector. The gag consisted of providing photographic evidence of the existence of a very, very rare, (so rare in fact, its very existence is in question to this day!) Transformers Generation 1 gift-set of the Combaticons. Many of the G1 combiner sets were repackaged into full gift-sets to save parents the hassle of locating all of the individual figures. One of the most common is the G1 Devastator gift-set, followed by the G1 Aerialbot gift-set. Almost all of the gestalt (combiner) teams came to the USA in the form of large gift-set boxes, save for a few that were only released in Japan. These include the Combaticons, which form Bruticus; and the Predacons, which form Predaking.

As the Transformers fanbase was being cultivated online over a decade ago, many fans and collectors were sharing stories of sets they had seen in various parts of the world. Back then, and even still today, it was difficult to know without a reasonable doubt whether claims of a certain version of a toy or packaging really existed. The Hasbro G1 Bruticus gift-set was one of those mystical items that people would claim existed, yet never be able to prove as they “no longer possessed it.”

Up comes an industrious and mischievious “super-collector”, who decided to have a bit of fun. In this thread that I recently stumbled upon while browsing TFW2005.com’s Junkion Exchange, user TheSpaceBridge recalls how he actually created what he dubs “the infamous photoshop.”

It’s an old photoshop I did years ago to wind up Karl Hartman. Its made from an Italian Bruticus gift-set and a US Menasor gift-set.

For April Fool’s Day 2008, TheSpaceBridge had posted the photoshopped image from years ago and passed it off as his own and for sale. What a rare piece to nonchalantly be parting with! To top it off, at the time it seemed reasonable to believe he would be parting with it due to a large sell-off of many of his rare one-of-a-kind pieces. Quite a few collectors who knew a thing or two walked right into the thread and the trap was sprung!

Before TheSpaceBridge revealed the April Fool’s Day gag, he claims to have received offers ranging from “…under $100 to $5000.” Not too shabby.

Old catalog photo of Takara Generation 1 VSA Superion vs. Menasor versus giftset

Takara's VSA Superion vs. Menasor gift-set.
Probably the most notable unicorn due to this authentic documentation. This is the only known image of the giftset and it quite possibly was never released in stores. Do samples exist somewhere out there?

Antics aside, this story illustrates the power of lack of supply and excess of demand in the world of vintage Transformers. The G1 Bruticus gift-set serves as the perfect example of a Transformers Unicorn (not to be confused with Unicron!). The set exists in Japan, it exists as a Italian GIG even. The molds have been reused numerous times. The logic seems sound enough to infer the existence of the G1 Bruticus set. For what reason could there NOT be one?

This inferred expectations for such a set to exist have driven the price up incredibly high… that is if any ever happens to get ahold of this horned pony.

G1 Bluestreak versus blue bluestreak

Transformers G1 Bluestreak - Top is what we were shown, bottom is what we got.
This figure is perhaps one of the most well-known unicorns in all of Transformers due to its spectacular boxart.

The disappointing truth is that we must finally admit that this set truly is a work of fiction, only existing in the rampant imagination and photoshopping talent of TheSpaceBridge. This is not the only example of the fanbase being lead astray by a clever photoshopped image, but it may be one of the only times the culprit was benevolent enough to let us all in on the joke before riots poured into our city streets.

So thanks for the laugh TheSpaceBridge, and we’ll await the completion of the new spacebridge.net to see your smorgasbord of unicorns made flesh and then some.