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Series of three – Guessing the Botcon 2011 giftset theme

Botcon 2011 theme in Transformers series of 3

Spin the wheel, see what we get!

From the official Botcon twitter yesterday:

Just realized SO many stories and/or TF continuities (as a whole) were told in installments/seasons of 3… Well, get ready for Season 3.5!

So this could mean a few different things and probably debunks both of my theories of a Car Robots / Robots In Disguise theme or a straight Beast Wars Set. It is true that many Transformers series came in “seasons of three.”

  • Transformers Generation 1 – 3 seasons (let’s just say the 3 episodes of “season 4” do not apply here)
  • Beast Wars – 3 seasons
  • Unicron Trilogy – Armada, Cybertron, and Energon all consist of their own season and a continuation of the same story with relatively the same characters
  • Animated – 3 seasons and a ill-fated fourth season
  • Transformers films – 3 movies = 3 seasons

My estimation is that we’ll get a mixed set of new characters from each different TF universe.  It would be nice to see some more classic-ized Unicron Trilogy toys much like the Hot Shot figure but I am not holding my breath.  Apparently we will know the truth as soon as the Collector Club Magazine starts hitting mailboxes around the country.


Botcon 2011 giftset theme rumblings – Robots In Disguise or Beast Wars giftset?

Transformers Robots In Disguise Sideburn

Photo from Plasticcrack.net

With 2011 right around the corner, I can’t help but start getting antsy about the next Botcon set. With the upcoming Club Exclusive Side Burn figure and last year’s Sky Byte addition to the G2 set, a Robots In Disguise theme seems plausible. Not to mention 2011 will be the 10 year anniversary to Robots In Disguise airing in the United States. There are some obvious repaint choices here such as G2 Optimus Prime as Scourge and Ironhide / Ratchet as X-Brawn, but where can the set really go from there?

I also must admit that I’ve been dreading the day that we would start seeing homages to figures that are only 10 years old. It just kind of puts some mortality in the mix of Transformers collecting. But what are you gonna do?

Another speculation that seems to have some support would be ANOTHER Beast Wars homage for the 15th anniversary. The thought is that the Beast Wars characters could be brought over to the Animated Toyline. This also seems to follow suit with the Animated Transtech Cheetor relased that Funpub is planning for 2011. Fat chance on that one though Beast Wars lovers. So soon you forget that we already received something similar for the 10th anniversary in pre-Earth mode set. I can’t say that I wouldn’t mind seeing some new Animated toys in some fashion though.

What could all this have to do with the only leaked tagline thus far, “The Invasion Has Begun?” I guess we have 6 months to speculate on that so let the slaughter begin!


xX Transformers Hardcore Xx – Shockwave

Shockwave the hardcore band

This ain't your average band of Decepticons

Years ago when I worked at a angst-influence hardcore record label, I met a lot of fun friends – including some amazing transformers fans.  It wasn’t long before I was introduced to Shockwave.  No, not Ole One Eye as most of us are used to. Shockwave is the name of a tough-guy hardcore band from Pennsylvania.  As far as I know, the band was signed to Triple Crown but there is little known about them since the only information is that they are one of their alumni artists.

I was stunned when I was allowed to actually hold both of the band’s CDs in my hands featuring heavily photoshopped images of a G1 Omega Supreme toy and skimmed the back of the package to discover song titles such as Warpath, Divide and Conquer, and The Ultimate Doom.  These upon-first-glance campy character names and episode titles become classic hardcore anthems when placed in a new wrapper.  I was enthralled and amazed.  How could such an amazing project have gone under my radar for so many years?  I still to this day have never seen any mention of Shockwave the band on any of the major Transformers sites.

Album cover for Shockwave's The Ultimate Doom

The Ultimate Doom

According to my friend who introduced me to the band, it is a hardcore “super group” made from many members of other bands that do their best to stay anonymous.  They do a Halloween show once every year in Pennsylvania and the show is complete madness.  It is a full production including between-song soundbytes and video interaction on the stage.  One of these days, I’m going to have to make the trip even though my hardcore music days are well behind me (in fact they were never really in front of me!).

I have since lost the tunes from my smattering of iTunes playlists over the years, but you can join in the fun by checking out the band’s myspace.  You can check out their entire albums online – The Ultimate DoomOmega Supreme

This project was obviously put together by some serious Transformers fans, but a different breed.  Whether these guys collect toys or like the new movies, we may never know.  The attention to minute details from the Transformers lore is incredible and these guys obviously are having a ton of fun.  Considering this stuff came out in 2006 at the latest, these guys were in it from the beginning.  These are definitely pre-movie fans and probably got this all going back in the early 2000’s during the Car Robots / Robots in Disguise era.

I leave you with this music video for The Ultimate Doom from Shockwave – the only hardcore Transformers band the world has ever seen!