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The Combiner Wars Machinima cartoon series ain’t dead!!!!

Black guns? Purple Lights? Green Lights? Who gives a shit!

A day after surmising on Bottalk that the Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars animated project was lost in development hell, we are treated to a nice screen-cap tease from Hasbro and friends!


Hey, I wonder if Windblade is going to be important to this show?

An announcement was made by Hasbro today that a prelude series to Transformers: Combiner Wars will be launching on various channels including YouTube and Facebook next week on June 28th!  Holy cow, it’s really happening! This series will include four episodes and is mean to prepare fans for the real deal.


Windblade apparently likes to stand on Computron, I mean Betatron!

From the images provided, a few things can be surmised, specifically Starscream whose body appears to be based on the leader Combiner Wars toy, the current comic version, G1, and specifically the Cyber Battalion figure seen below.  Black guns?? Hello!


Not only am I hard to find, now you suckers are gonna want me!! Life is pain!

The full show is set to debut on August 2 on whatever the shit go90 is. I’m sure that we are bound to see this via other channels. In the light of the new Voltron reimagination on Netflix, I’m wondering if Hasbro wishes they could go back to the negotiating table. This series could’ve slayed many dragons if it were on Netflix.

Tommy like wingy – on his arm

I’ve actually just realized that the Slipstream-looking purple Windblade repaint pictured on Menasor’s arm is actually a brand new character named Maxima!  Check her our in badass glory below.


Oh, and if the fact that 50% of the 6 images released so far for this series feature Windblade doesn’t make you roll your eyes, then you’re in luck!  It appears we are bound for much wind and much blades come August.  I can’t wait!


Warp One: ENGAGE!!


Funny animated GIF of Soundwave and his tape minions

Soundwave ejecting tapes generation 1 cartoon

The whole gang's here!

Blog Dear Hasbro...

Blue Christmas – Rumble is revealed to NOT be red!

Hasbro Demolition Rumble from Reveal the Shield is BLUE!

Hey everybody, eat $#¡@!!!!!!

Dear Hasbro,

We appreciate your inconsistencies, especially when they fight for the side of good and light.  Choosing to paint Rumble as a blue robot is a swashbuckling victory for the side of justice and order.  Thanks once again for a happy new year.


Team Awesome.


Starscream’s Ghost – Greatest Cartoon Ghost of All Time

SCF Ghost Starscream chase PVC

Ghost Starscream is now the king of the cartoon undead!

Apparently the all-knowing and definitive source for cartoon top tens, animation.comedy.com, has made their declarations for top ten greatest cartoon ghosts of all time.  As we all know, the greatest Transformer ghost of all time is our beloved Ghost Starscream and apparently he is now the greatest cartoon ghost EVER!

Check out the full top ten here. Thanks to Jason Blue Boost for tipping me off to this article.