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Sunstorm and Silver Chrome Seeker from KOtoys.com

KO orange sunstorm and silver chrome classics seekers

Welcome to the land of Chrome

These just came in today from KOtoys.com! The orange Sunstorm is GREAT! Now I don’t know what to do with my yellow one. Unfortunately I received two silver seekers instead of a gold chrome one like I ordered, but as usual with kotoys.com, buy at your own risk! I am currently working on a solution with them so no harm no foul, just another wtf moment.

Highly recommended knock offs! (for once)


Chrome Hard Hero Shockwave bust sample

Generation 1 Shockwave Hard Hero chrome bust prototype

Shield your eye from the glory!!

I recently purchased a few Hard Hero test samples. This one in particular is VERY cool. It’s a sample of the G1 Shockwave bust. This particular one is painted in a gleaming purple chrome. It is magnificent. Hopefully my Starscream one has something special like sample colors or something, but it is still packed away.

Thanks The Great Outdoors!