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Transformers Bumblebee auctions starting at $.99

Here are a ton of Bumblebee figures that are currently up for auction on Ebay starting at $.99.  See them all here or click on the image to go to the auction.


A rare South American treat – Red Antex Argentina Bumblebee Mint on Sealed Card!


The one, the only, G1 BUMBLEBEE!!!!


For the BB enthusiasts out there


You shouldn’t have missed it the first time!


What a cute little guy


…and a figure everyone already has 103095039 of


Botcon 2012 Customizing Class Day 1 – Shattered Glass Longarm / Shockwave is awesome

Botcon 2012 Custom class Shattered Glass Longarm head jazz

So purple, so refinded.

For the past few years, Botcon has offered the elusive Custom Class. I have been lucky enough to attend the class over the past two years and have reaped some incredibly benefits, like selling my Animated Minerva for an insane bag of cash. I won’t be selling this year’s figure though, oh no. I was able to create the very cool and clever Shattered Glass Longarm, which is a sort of bizarro classic-ized animated Shockwave.

Botcon 2012 custom class Shattered Glass Longarm profile art purple

So dark, so scary... so awesome!

I collect Shockwave figures, and indicated by the comically similar custom Shockblast I bought earlier this year. I cannot wait to photograph the two figures together.

Botcon 2012 Custom Class Shattered Glass Longarm parts plastic sprue tree

The bag of plastic parts that all attendees of the class start with. There is a long road ahead of us!

Shawn Tessman and his crew outdid themselves this year with two custom parts – a resin Shockwave head and an arm gun. The parts came in white and purple versions with most people preferring the white, which was a little easier to paint.

Botcon 2012 custom class parts resin shockwave head gun arm

These were the two possible custom parts that came with your custom figure. Both are resin piece, one a white set and the other a purple. The Purple gun arm was somewhat transluscent, but very rough.

When I first heard of Shattered Glass Longarm during my hungover stupor enroute to the hotel, I thought “WTF IS THIS CRAP!?” But then I realized the catch that it was just a roundabout way to make a Classics Shockwave, and I was very very pleased. Not only does Shockwave have a history with Jazz molds, this was a way to bring some canon from Animated back into the forefront. Longarm was the alternate persona for Animated Shockwave, the Decepticon spy. Now in the shattered Glass Universe, the tables have turned. Longarm is the evil Autobot posing as Shockwave, the benevolent Decepticon. He is also in the alternate persona’s colorscheme instead of his own, which would’ve been a sort of black, teal and gray. I love it.

arm of botcon 2012 custom class figure

This puts the arm in Shattered Glass Longarm

This figure was incredibly difficult to put together due to somewhat confusing instructions, and some last-minute changes at the factory in regard to the screws used to assemble the chest and hood to the body. Screws were replaced with pins, causing some headaches for everyone involved. I personally messed up about five times and had to disassemble the same parts over and over again. I broke for lunch to get a breather.

Botcon 2012 Custom Class artwork and official prototype

These are the official samples we were supposed to work from. Of course, it's your figure so you can paint it however you choose, but this example was quite good and I stuck to it as best as I could.

Problems aside, the figures turned out awesome. Everyone’s is a little different, and you get lots of choices in regards to how you want to display it. Gun arm? Longarm head? Shockwave head? Vehicle mode?

Transformers Shattered Glass longarm leg purple

Time to put his foot down

I expect these figures to reach an inflated value of around $1500-$2000 based on the popularity of Shockwave. Do not forget that the number of figures is doubled this year to 120 versus last year’s 60. My friend’s was already up to $900 24 hours after completing the toy. Yikes!

Botcon 2012 customizing class

They upped the attendance from 30 to 60 this year. Too bad the mold was unexpectedly difficult to assemble.

Botcon 2012 Shockwave torso

Grape ape has got some legs

Longarm Shockwave Shattered Glass Transformer custom paint

Gettin' the paint on, instead of waiting in line to assemble everything for 2 hours

Botcon 2012 Transformers convention Shattered Glass Shockwave

It's coming to life!!! Just needs da head!

In closing, the custom class is still one of the best events at Botcon. Some suggestions for next year would be perhaps 3 cyberverse-sized figures that are easier to assemble so that time can be focused on painting. I want to extend my thanks to the staff that put on this event and hope to see you again next year!!!

See Collecticon’s feature on the custom class from Botcon 2011 featuring Animated Minerva.

Botcon 2012 Custom Class Longarm shockwave finished

The finished product is logically awesome.


In-hand photos of TFCC Shattered Glass Drift and Over-Run – Classics Runabout

Shattered Glass Drift car TFCC over-run Runabout shockwave

A bunch of cool dudes

I thought I’d share some more eye-candy now that I’ve transformed them. Enjoy!

Shattered Glass Drift is lame


Shattered Glass Drift under hood

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Runabout Over-run and SG Drift



Botcon 2012 exclusives – oh whatever could they be!?

Cybertron Overlord by Dcjosh gigatron

In your cyber-dreams people...

We all saw the Christmas miracle that was bestowed upon us from Botcon – the brochure and listing of exclusive toys that would be gracing the boxset this year. In a strange turn of events the boxset will have six figures instead of the usual five. Could this mean we are getting extra plastic crack or that it will be comprises solely of deluxes and smaller?

Here’s the roster:
Shattered Glass:

  • Evil Ultra Magnus
  • Evil Tracks
  • Heroic Soundwave
  • Heroic Treadshot


  • Overlord/Gigatron
  • Metalhawk

Twitter has told us that no Armada / Energon / Cybertron molds have been used for this year, thank the Heavens.  So it’s lookin’ like classics molds again, which is all anyone really wants.  Some speculation on the molds to be used are as follows:

Metalhawk as Universe Cyclonus.

Botcon 2012 Metalhawk?

Seems feasible...

Treadshot as Universe Warpath

Shattered Gass Treadshot

No one really knows jack about this guy - Digibash by Air Hammer

Soundwave as Ironhide / Ratchet mold

Shattered Glass Soundwave

Duh. Forget your stupid music label whitewave


Magnus is clearly going to be the G2 Laser Prime mold with a Bludgeon styled head.

Botcon 2012 Ultra Magnus Bludgeon

Magnus Barmitzvah - Spookeee-scarreeee

Evil Track isn’t too hard to decipher – probably a black or red repaint of the current Tracks toy.

Classic Black tracks

Shattered glass on this guy will make him very gay-sad. 🙁

The one big question is is what will Overlord be? Will they focus on the jet? The Tank? BOTH? NEITHER?!!?!? Some possibilities include Deluxe Thunderwing, Ultra Silverbolt, or maybe even Warpath again if Treadshot doesn’t claim the mold. I’m also sniffing around the Cybertronian Megatron mold…  Maybe we’ll get a super treat and have some sort of combiner made of two figures?!? Yeah right, but it’s fun to be a nerd sometimes. Whatever they choose for Overlord, that’s what I am anticipating the most.

Overlord makes out with Megatron

Overlord, you fiend!

So what else? What else is bound to come our way? Let’s leave that for another day… or the next post!


Real life Classics Rodimus car

Real life Classics Hot Rod Rodimus

Only missing a spoiler!

Just when you thought Transformers designers were coming up with their own crazy car designs, think again!

classics hot rod in car mode



Classics Actionmaster Starscream – custom to go with Botcon AM Thundercracker?

Classics Action master Starscream custom

Wings, dear God he actually has WINGS!

Deceptigtar sent me an awesome custom from yahoo Japan today.  It looked so good I almost thought it wasn’t a custom!  It also made me think that this would look super cool next to the supposed Action Master Thundercracker that has been rumored for Botcon 2011!

Enjoy the pics.

Action master Classics Starscream blue jet

Seriously, who thought of this color scheme?

Action Master Starscream classics jet

Baby blue wings!


Sunstorm and Silver Chrome Seeker from KOtoys.com

KO orange sunstorm and silver chrome classics seekers

Welcome to the land of Chrome

These just came in today from KOtoys.com! The orange Sunstorm is GREAT! Now I don’t know what to do with my yellow one. Unfortunately I received two silver seekers instead of a gold chrome one like I ordered, but as usual with kotoys.com, buy at your own risk! I am currently working on a solution with them so no harm no foul, just another wtf moment.

Highly recommended knock offs! (for once)


Yellow Classics Sunstorm Knockoff from KOtoys.com – better than you were expecting!

Knockoff classics sunstorm from KOtoys.com

And I was pissed I bought this at first!

I just received my Yellow Sunstorm from KOtoys along with the purple seeker squad. I was really upset that I bought this mere hours before the orange more G1-accurate Classics Sunstorm was announced for sale.

However, now that I have it in hand, I must say it’s pretty incredible. The CHMS versions of this mold are much, much better than KOtoy’s own efforts to recreate these guys. I still hate knock-offs, but some of these I feel less guilty about purchasing than others.

As always with KOtoys.com, I must stress you are buying at your own risk. This order turned out great though but I’ll still be picking styrofoam out of my office desk carpet for weeks.


Gold Classics Starscream parade

Gold KO Classics Starscreams

Aye, me' lucky charms!

Just in case no one happened to see this fabulous display of the second upcoming KOLD release from kotoys.com

I’m off to the Transformers 3 casting call, smell ya later!


Transformers Collector Club Punch can’t see!

Transformers Collector Club Punch / Counter punch face

"Everytime I look at you I go blind!"

Some pretty cool photos of the upcoming Transformers Collectors Club exclusive Punch / Counterpunch have made their way onto the net via TFclub.  The figure looks great except for one glaring detail – the helmet is covering Punch’s eyes!  Oh the horror!  Keep in mind this may be a pre-release version of the figure and this might not be a wide-spread problem.

The colors of this toy look spot on to the original generation 1 incarnation.  It’s sad to say that I sold mine the other day, boo hoo.  For those of you that got a pre-order in, rejoice!  It looks like you will be getting a great G1 homage in Classics form.  The biggest surprise for me was the vibrant paint scheme adorning the rear of the vehicle.  It is overtly Decepticon and very eye-catching.  Perhaps this Classics version is catering more to the Decepticon side of his dual-personality, whereas the G1 version was meant to be a weighted on the Autobot side of things…  curious.

Transformers collector club Counterpunch

Drop it like it's hot