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The Next American Idol – Cliffjumper?

Wow. This guy just wanted to show off his lackluster transforming car costume. The dude couldn’t even sing, but he got his 15 seconds of fame! Drew Beaumier attempted to sing “Born to Be Wild”, but apparently got a little stage fright and forgot the lyrics. Oh well, there’s always next year!


Starscream Tetrajet cartoon model and more cool stuff from the origins of the G1 Transformers cartoon

Transformers G1 Cybertronian seeker animation model for Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp!

Whoa, we never saw Starscream as a Cybertronian Tetrajet before!

It doesn’t get much cooler than THIS, folks!  More incredible thought-to-be-lost-forever documents are coming out from the very early origins of the Transformers Generation 1 cartoon and movie development.  Jim Sorenson continues to deliver on some awesome materials won from Ron Friedman’s private stash.  We now have a look at some of the original Sunbow Transformers bibles that helped determine the look, feel, art style and characterization of our beloved childhood friends.  THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED!  Check out some of the original names of characters like Trailbreaker as Guzzle and Cliffjumper as Blow Out.  Incredible!

It just blows my mind that somewhere through the creative process, decisions were made for the better or worse that 25+ years later, we are still reveling in.  Who would’ve thought that Cliffjumper would be a better name than Blow Out?  Luckily someone made what we now feel to be the right call, but who knows?  Maybe we’d be saying the opposite about Cliffjumper had the name Blow Out actually been chosen.  We’ll never know!  Now enjoy a look at what Starscream was intended to look like as a tetrajet!

The G1 seekers tetrajet models in color!

This is at least close to what we could've expected to see G1 Starscream's Cybertronian mode look like.

Video Reviews

TakaraTomy A-03 Alternity Bumble and Cliff video review

Glad to finally get this video review out. A little late, but it was definitely worth the wait! Bumpin’ fists with Bumblebee!


More War for Cybertron characters – Slipstream, Arcee, Zeta Prime, Cliffjumper, Brawl

War for Cybertron Autobots

Omega's got a ship mode! - Photo from TFW2005.com

High Moon Studios had a press event recently that many of the longest-standing Transformers sites were invited to. On display was some of the production art for the game and it is incredible! Check out posts about this at Seibertron and TFW2005.

From what I can see, we get a glimpse at a ton of the environments and most importantly, the characters themselves!

It has been recently revealed that the chracter I suspected to be Onslaught was actually Brawl.  That’s great because the chracter looks very convincingly to be that ‘other’ Combaticon.

Of particular interest to me is the female-looking jet Decepticon on the High Moon’s Decepticon roster board.  If you ask me, this looks like a dead-ringer for a War For Cybertron version of Animated’s Slipstream!  What a cool character to bring in!  Female seekers have been a part of fan fiction since it started and now it’s becoming canon.

Speaking of she-bots, it looks like the autobots’ femme fatale Arcee is on hand to do some damage.  We also see a little red bot in the forme of Cliffjumper.

And finally, we get a good look at Zeta Prime.  He has a likeness to IDW’s Sentinel Prime, but now that Sentinel has been re-cast a pompous bootlicker in Animated, it appears the Prime previous to Optimus has been ret-conned to be Zetz Prime.  I can deal with change like that.

This game is going to be epic!  I hope you have your pre-order in… I still need to do it!   I’m voting Shockwave this year!

War For Cybertron Decepticons

Slipstream and Thundercracker! Woo hoo! - Photo from TFW2005.com