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Collecticon is back online


Decided to spruce up the joint

Aaaaaand we’re back in business folks.  Just in time for Botcon!


The wall of primes is still up, shocker!


Snoballimus – the taste test of the year

I can’t say I have ever been attracted to Hostess snoballs, but a friend bought me a pack of Snoballimus from the store. Watch the video above to see how we proceeded.


Fansproject Insecticon prototype gallery on TFsource.com facebook – pretty

Fansproject Insecticon figures with G1 versions

Old and new

It was over a month or two ago that TFsource.com sent me the prototypes of the Fansproject Insecticons first seen at Botcon. Me being the busy body I am took all the photos for the next TFsource Review but alas, it just never came to be. So the photos were recently posted to the TFsource Facebook and I recommend checking them out!

These were prototype versions of the toys and very flimsy, hard to transform, and over-all frustrating. The review wouldn’t have been a very positive one and it wouldn’t have been fair to the final versions of the figures. So for now, check them out on Facebook and enjoy as they head to your mailbox.

Fansproject bug bots insecticon insects



I still function

Collecticon empty ikea detolf cases

"The Matix... it's empty!"

Yes it’s true, I have not fallen completely off the face of the Earth. I have been… indisposed due to some unfortunate and untimely accidents in my dwelling. This has forced me to permanently remove the shelving upon which my ridiculous character-based loose collection has resided. I have decided to pack everything away in plastic bins (by character of course) until I can make a more safe change.

So for now, I must bid farewell to my toy soliders as they hibernate for the winter. Thanks for staying with me over the past 4 weeks with minimal updates! I swear they are coming.

Collecticon Movie bumblebee collection

It's the bee hive!


Botcon 2011 Animated Custom Class Minerva 360 video

My new favorite Animated figure gets a nice little spin on the catwalk.


Botcon 2011 Animated Ironfist / Fistitron 360 video

Enjoy this short and sweet look at Botcon 2011 Animated Ironfist freebie exclusive! Wheee!!


Free Dark of the Moon Starscream! – subscribe to Collecticons on youtube

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Starscream mosc

Puny fleshlings, do you think you can win me, Lord Starscream!?

I’m doing it! I’m going to give away a Deluxe Class Dark of the Moon Starscream MOSC to one lucky collecticon! All you have to do is be a subscriber of my youtube channel. I just posted my 50th video and it’s time to celebrate!

That’s it!  I’ll contact and announce the winner via youtube by Friday May 6th and send it out Saturday May 7th.  Woo hoo!  This means you’ll get Starscream, my favorite character, an entire week before you can buy it in stores!  So what are you waiting for?  SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!

This promotion is also elligible to current subscribers as well! Thanks for the support everyone!


Collecticon defies the laws of Trans-physics – DOTM Street date break!

Target says no

The law of the land!

It was a beautiful thing when my buddy Deceptigtar decided to scout out the local Targets in Chicago armed with nothing but a few DCPI numbers and a thread of determination that only a true Collecticon can muster.

Target item scanner

Targets all around the country are currently stocking these things, like usual

What’s a DCPI # you may ask? This is a stock number used to classify products at Target. It is part of their inventory system. Typically what us snappy collectors try to do is use the DCPI #’s to determine whether a Target store has an item in stock or not. In the case of today’s bounty, the items were listed as in stock but not out on the shelf. At this point a variety of things may occur…

As for us, our plan of attack was the pleasant Customer Service desk. There we can give them the DCPI # and we can pray that the stock workers will locate the items and bring them hither. Our second attempt proved valiant as Leader Class Dark of the Moon cases were delicately placed in our clutches. The case box even stated that there was a street date for the toys, but alas, no one cared to notice!!!! $44.99 later, each of us were the proud owners of some Leader Class Dark of the Moon figs!

Collecticon Dark of the moon leader class figures at Target

Like shootin' fish in a cyber-barrel!

So now that my secrets have been revealed, I’m sure we will continue to pester Target employees en-masse as the May 16th street date nears. Every movie season, the same thing happens. The store managers get wind of this ridiculous phenomenon and do their best to quell the uprising. This is your time Collecticons, YOUR TIME! The treasure is yours for the taking, no go forth, and plunder!

Collecticon Leader Bumblebee MISB in Target store

So much work for such a stupid figure.

Thanks to TFormers for posting my espionage antics earlier this evening.


Take Dark of the Moon Leader Bumblebee & Sentinel Prime for a spin!


Deceptibones tshirt follow up to Auto Skull at RIPT Apparel today

Deceptibones at RIPT Apparel

All you have to do is subscribe to each channel on Youtube and you are entered to win.

It’s that time again!

You all knew RIPT Apparel was going to have to do a follow-up to “Auto-Skull” which was sold earlier this year. Now we have the complimentary “Deceptibones” from the same artist, Jason Tracewell.

Once again, I’m going to be doing a t-shirt giveaway to lucky people that subscribe to both my channel, Collecticons and RIPTApparel on Youtube. I’ll be giving away 3 free t-shirt coupons by the end of the day so make sure you subscribe to both now!  Even if you’re already subscribed to both, you can still win.  You need to be subscribed to BOTH channels to be eligible to win!  Winners will be contacted before 10 PM CST today.  That way, you can get Deceptibones if you want!

The shirt is only $10 and available until midnight tonight.