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Terradive and I bid farewell to the beaches of Cybertron

Terradive on the beach mon

I claim this beach for the Queen of Spain!

Goodbye Mexitron, we’ll see you next year!

Enjoy this little video diddio


G1 Transformers Starscream piggy bank!

Transformers Generation 1 Starscream piggy bank

One less thing I need to find!

Got it!

Even with the promotion by TFW2005.com I was able to snag this for a decent price. It’s a little taller than a G1 figure.


One year of Collecticon – My new Transformers display

The new 2011 Collecticon toy display

I don't think I'll have much difficulty filling the empty spaces

I thought I ought to take a second to post today because it marks the one year anniversary of my starting this blog. The big picture still has yet to reveal itself but I am happy that I successfully kept up the blog for an entire year.

I also wanted to share my plans for my new Transformers collection display. I haven’t re-organized since the flood back in July and I am finally going to get the toys back in their place this weekend. It’s funny how I started this with just 2 ikea shelves… and now I have 9. I’ve been imposing restrictions on my collection forever, but still I end up with this many plastic figures??! I also wanted to highlight that we’ve made it to TFsource video review #20, Primus!

So if you have any thoughts on my character-based collection display, I’m all ears!  Thanks for sticking with me all year I hope we can make it through all over again in 2011!


TakaraTomy 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron video review

I’m once again sorry it took so long but this is probably my choice for figure of the year. I love Unicron and although I still pine for a true G1 unicron, this is probably as close as we will ever get. Simply marvelous and awesome.


TV casting call for one lucky Transformers collector – Design Rescue

Design Rescue logo

I sure hope they rescue the logo first

I was recently contacted regarding an by a casting director in LA looking for Transformers collectors.   They were looking for specifically Transformers collectors with “lavish” collections and who own their own home.  I chose to pass this opportunity on to everyone and hope to find the biggest and best out there. Long story short, I passed the info on to TFsource in order to reach a broader audience and today they made the public announcement about the casting call.

The show is a new series and will be titled “Design Rescue.”  It is of the reality TV vein and will feature a group of professional interior designers improving a displayed collection of Transformers.  So essentially, if you have 2000+ plastic figures invading your entire living room, you might be the perfect candidate for this show.  The way I put it to my friends was that they are looking to “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” your Transformers display.  Personally, I fear that the producers may be underestimating the true volume of toys in some Transformers Collectors’ houses.  Any extra interest in the hobby is welcome by me though and I cannot wait to see the finished episode!!!!


Want free Hunt For The Decepticons codes? Follow Collecticon on Twitter!

I’m going to be giving away any extra Hunt for The Decepticons game codes that I get in my figures to my Twitter followers.

Basically, I have finished the game at this point and figured I ought to just spread the love to anyone that has been wanting to check it out but can’t.

So what I ask you to do is simply follow Collecticon on Twitter and I will randomly give them out there.  First come first served!  I will not know who gets them first or when they become invalid, you will just have to be there and use the code quickly once I have posted it!  I will probably remove the codes after a day or so, in order to not confuse anyone.  I have about five codes to giveaway and I’m sure more will be coming.

Get to it, because I will be giving away one of the codes Friday September 10th!

For those of you wanting to see any videos about the Hunt For The Decepticons game, check out this post on Collecticon featuring all my screen captures of the game.


Girl “seriously injured” on almost final day of filming Transformers 3 near Chicago

Transformers 3 filming

Explore, explore! Repair, repair!

It weighs heavily on my heart to post this news, but now that NBC Chicago has made a post about it, I feel it is ok to say something.

A young girl’s second day of filming went terribly wrong this evening during what seemed to be one of the less-insane stunts performed over the last three days of highway shots for Transformers 3.  Some details were revealed by the NBC article including that the girl’s car was driving against the median for “almost a mile before it came to a stop”.

I don’t want to cause any problems by posting my account yet or anything, but I can tell you that the crew was top-notch.  They handled this unexpected situation swiftly like a well-oiled machine.  This was simply a freak accident and we all wish for the speedy recovery of our unlucky comrade.  It put a somber note upon an otherwise jubilant week of work.

Our prayers are with you.

Here are some additional links regarding this story:

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Transformers 3 Chicago casting call – over!


Just made it back from a 4-hour wait in line to apply to be an extra in Transformers 3.  I’ll talk more once I take a shower. haha

Transformers 3 Chicago Casting Call sheets

4 hours to be told I can make $66 a day!

ok I’m back. The experience is what you might expect if you’ve been to any other movie extra casting call.  All they need is your contact info and a head shot.  A friend and I were able to get photographed together, which was fun.  The total for extras called today was over 1000 at the time of my application.  I overheard from staff that over 300 were still in line outside, and the casting call only lasted 30 more minutes!

We were told that filming will commence during July and that filming would consist of five days during the week, including weekends.  The staff was very friendly and ran a tight ship.  The person in charged was named Mayellen Aviano and told us that she has been working with Mr. Bay for many years on many films.

So now everyone that was able to participate in today’s long wait and application process will be playing the waiting game.  Those of us that offered to use our vehicles on set were told that may be deemed useful and would be appropriately compensated.  It was also noted that the days would be long and not necessarily pleasant in the hot Chicago Summer sun.  If today seemed like a horrendous wait, actual fiming days could be even twice as long.

So that’s it!  If you are planning to attend tomorrow’s casting call for Transformers 3, I suggest you do the following: come early, bring a lawn chair for sitting, an umbrella in case it’s sunny, and some liquid refreshments.  The wait will probably be over 2 hours long, even if you’re at the front – because if you’re at the front, you’ve probably been in line 2 or more hours before the doors open.

Saturday June 5th Transformers 3 casting call info:

Saturday June 5th, 2010: 9:30AM-4:30PM

WHERE: The Chicago Academy for the Arts
1010 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642-5414

– Must be 18 years of age or older
– Photos will be taken at no charge
– Please bring a pen


Collecticon.org photo featured on Huffington post!

Collecticon image featured on Chicago's Huffington Post

How about that, right next to Blago and Obama!!

In a funny turn of events, Screenrant.com has used a photo-montage that I created a month ago of Starscream atop a Michigan Avenue building. Hilarious!

In an even funnier turn of events, the Chicago branch of Huffington Post used the same photo to link back!!!

Movin’ on up, movin’ on up…


Hasbro Toy Fair – HO!!

I’m finally awake and ready to go to the event today. As a warning to any new followers or subscribers to this blog’s various outlets, please be prepared for a lot of rapid-fire updates today. I plan on taking a ton of photos and updating on the revelations that we are told today. There may be as many as 200 updates today to the Collecticon twitter account. So what I am saying is, today is not a typical day, and I am not spamming you; I am trying to give you what you actually want!

There is a strong chance that Collecticon will have the fastest and most up-to-date info received from Toy Fair, but since the site is so new, it may fall upon deaf ears.

A little background about what is going on today: Toy Fair is a huge manufacturer and wholesaler event geared towards the toy industry at large.  Hasbro has pulled out from the standard Toy Fair event and has created there own concurrent event at a separate location that is an invite-only press event.  This is what we are attending today.

For now, check out the press release that has been posted to various sites.