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The Combiner Wars Machinima cartoon series ain’t dead!!!!

Black guns? Purple Lights? Green Lights? Who gives a shit!

A day after surmising on Bottalk that the Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars animated project was lost in development hell, we are treated to a nice screen-cap tease from Hasbro and friends!


Hey, I wonder if Windblade is going to be important to this show?

An announcement was made by Hasbro today that a prelude series to Transformers: Combiner Wars will be launching on various channels including YouTube and Facebook next week on June 28th!  Holy cow, it’s really happening! This series will include four episodes and is mean to prepare fans for the real deal.


Windblade apparently likes to stand on Computron, I mean Betatron!

From the images provided, a few things can be surmised, specifically Starscream whose body appears to be based on the leader Combiner Wars toy, the current comic version, G1, and specifically the Cyber Battalion figure seen below.  Black guns?? Hello!


Not only am I hard to find, now you suckers are gonna want me!! Life is pain!

The full show is set to debut on August 2 on whatever the shit go90 is. I’m sure that we are bound to see this via other channels. In the light of the new Voltron reimagination on Netflix, I’m wondering if Hasbro wishes they could go back to the negotiating table. This series could’ve slayed many dragons if it were on Netflix.

Tommy like wingy – on his arm

I’ve actually just realized that the Slipstream-looking purple Windblade repaint pictured on Menasor’s arm is actually a brand new character named Maxima!  Check her our in badass glory below.


Oh, and if the fact that 50% of the 6 images released so far for this series feature Windblade doesn’t make you roll your eyes, then you’re in luck!  It appears we are bound for much wind and much blades come August.  I can’t wait!


Warp One: ENGAGE!!


Botcon 2016 Tripedacus figure combined mode revealed



I am more impressive than you expected!

Wow!  Botcon 2016 is coming soon and we got a very early reveal of the final figure of Tripredacus.  There was a lot of naysaying regarding the overly red color scheme.  Shame on us of little faith!  This Collecticon must admit the result is great!  Lots of cool paint apps.

It’s also worth noting that this is the first time in Botcon or Funpub history where a mold is released as a Botcon exclusive PRIOR to being released at retail.  I’m talking about the drill tank which will later become a piece of Liokaiser and Computron.

Great work Funpub!  We’ll miss ya!


Did TakaraTomy just release the first ever Official Decepticon Justice Division figure? UW-06 Grand Galvatron


Is that you, Tarn?

Kudos to TakaraTomy for revealing the most bonkers combiner yet to be revealed amongst the Combiner Wars: Unite Warriors 06 Grand Galvatron!

Sold as a giftset, like most other Unite Warriors combiners, Grand Galvatron is the Japanese response to Hasbro’s Galvatronus. Much like Galvatronus is meant to force other robots to combiner with him, Grand Galvatron consists of mostly unexpected iterations of characters crossing many timelines and toylines.  The Ghost Starscream makes the most sense, but then we kick the dial up a few notches past heroin over-dose and Thrust from Armada drops over for hit, along with his new buddy Breakdown from Transformers: Prime.  But the party really starts once we realize IDW’s own Roller has dropped a few squares and we realize just what kind of friends we’ve made.


Such an innocent face

Named “Wandering Roller”, this redeco of Rook is actually a pretty smart move.  The alt mode is completely grey, just like the original G1 Roller, and the bot mode takes on the essence of Orion Pax’s early-day buddy who we lost somewhere along the way… or did we?

If you’re a follower of Collecticon, then you should be well aware of this site’s hunch that Roller = Tarn of the Decepticon Justice Division. We aren’t expecting a confirmation one way or the other until maybe this time in 2016, but it sure is one of the great mysteries of More Than Meets The Eye.  

It sure is suspect that Grand Galvatron decided to pull all Decepticons into the folder for his combiner except for one… so just why is he there?  Keep you eyes here to find out the moment we do!


Combiner Wars Victorion has been revealed


This pretty much sums up fan reaction to Victorion. Colorscheme: Accurate! Thanks Allen for this funny tidbit.

All I’ll say is that I was expecting all the female characters we know and love to become the parts that combine into Victorion.  I was NOT expecting a bunch of inverted-Seacon-colored genericons.  I didn’t like this idea to begin with and am definitely not stoked on the results.  Oh well, kudos for trying something new.

combiner wars victorion

The bitch is back! Photo from Seibertron.com


Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator finally leaks 12 days before US reveal – Looks dope!


Is that a crane on your shoulder or are you just glad to see me? Schwing!

As much as Seibertron tried to get the major scoop, 4chan wins again and various sites have since posted the full photograph of Transformer G1 Combiners Wars Titan Class Devastator from the Nuremberg Toy Fair.  After typing that sentence, I have to ask if the amount titles we have to supply any given figure these days really shakes my faith in this hobby.

This guy is looking, well, better than I expected!  I think there is a bit of mis-transformation here but I like what I am seeing.  The poseability looks great, the proportions appear sound except for the rather small head, and the colors are exactly what we have been yearning for in a modern Devastator.

I wouldn’t go so far as to beg for quality individual modes for the pieces of Devastator, but the combined mode is standing up to the hype.  Just for fun… let’s give a look at what some redecos of this figure could look like.


Kaybee Generation 2 Titan Class Devastator digibash


Generation 2 Titan Class Devastator in yellow – not too different than the original!