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Botcon 2013 Customizing Class figure is Autobot Blastcharge Strika clone


It’s on a Warpath!

Just wanted to let you know.  You can also check out this nice pic supplied by the Botcon twitter.


Nice flag


Botcon 2012 is upon us – what will the custom class figure be?

In 72 measley hours, I’ll be on my way to Dallas to enter the customizing class for Wednesday.  Let’s hope this year’s figure is as cool as last year’s.

Speaking of, who could this year’s figure be?!?

Considering the box set figures, the only sensible options are below:

G2 Prime mold – The big one here would be Nemesis Prime, but that would just be too cool for school.  Perhaps Toxitron (BLAAARG), or a non-shattered glass Ultra Magnus?  Not sure if Funpub has access to the old head since the box set figure has a new one…

RTS Tracks mold – Black tracks makes a lot of sense for this year’s class…  Not sure where it would fit in with the fiction but the mold seems simple enough for a customizing class to handle.  Then there is the fact that the Wheeljack mold was used twice already for the club exclusives…

RTS Jazz mold – A friend of mine thinks this is a shoe-in for the custom figure.  This is definitely possible, as it could be a non-shattered glass Treadshot in the maroon Armada Treadshot colors.  This would also make for a very auspicious SG Ricochet, which would be paying homage to the original Shattered glass set.  No one cares about the bullshit Ricochet character, so let’s hope that’s not what the figure actually is.

Thunderwing mold -The mold is so simple, I could see this being the custom figure.  There would be a lot of paint apps involved though.  Who could this guy be?  I have no clues because I hate Pretenders and just forget they existed.

Universe Ironhide mold – Lots of options here.  A black ironhide for Shattered Glass Ironhide, same with Ratchet possibly.  Also Soundblaster if we were able to use the head from the set, or just a straight up blue Soundwave.

There you have it.  Expect tons of videos and documentation of the event from yours truly come mid-next week!




Botcon 2011 Animated Custom Class Minerva 360 video

My new favorite Animated figure gets a nice little spin on the catwalk.


Botcon 2011 Customizing Class experience – Making Animated Minerva!

Botcon 2011 Animated customizing class sign

Welcome to the show!

I was lucky enough to get into the Botcon 2011 customizing class earlier this morning and boy was I glad I did!

Botcon 2011 customing class

The table stations prior to beginning the class

Botcon 2011 customizing class book

This was the instruction manual for the class.

About 30 participants were able to attend today’s class, which started at 9:00 AM. A few stragglers had to come in late due to travel problems, but they were pleasantly accommodated, regardless of the “no one will be seated after 9:15 AM” rule. We were then told that the figure to be created would be Animated Minerva from the Animated Arcee mold, which will in turn be used for the Dragstrip figure in the Botcon 2011 set.

Botcon 2011 Customizing class

These were the tools we were each given to create our Transformer figure.

Two samples were provided for us to see what we would be making. Apparently this year was special because this figure is meant to be an official Animated line figure, complete with character art, bio card, and two sets of headgear!

Botcon 2011 Animated Minverva samples

These girls are beautiful!

Botcon 2011 Custom Animated Minerva G1 head

Here is a sample of the G1-styled head component.

Botcon 2011 custom animated Minerva derrick wyatt head

The more plentiful Derrick J. Wyatt concepted head antennae

After everyone was seated, we were each divvied out our bagged set of raw materials to make Minerva. There were 4 colors of plastic: Red, White, Light grey, and the translucent blue.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva sprue parts

Here are the raw part sprues for the figure. You don't see this too often, unless you work at a toy factory in Asia.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva parts

Out of the baggie!

Each piece had to be twisted or carefully cut with an x-acto blade from the sprue, and then placed in a corresponding tray for easy access. There were 5 main sections – Head, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg. The instructions were easy to follow, and apparently this year’s figure was easier than most due to all the screws being the same size and no springs. The most difficult part was attaching the pins for the wheels, which required some excessive force.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minvera parts in tray

Organized and ready to go!

After about an hour, I was ready to start assembling this hot mama into discernible pieces. First the legs, then the arms, followed by the central component.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minverva Leg assembled

And it actually is starting to look like something.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minverva almost assembled

A good look at the instruction diagrams for assembly.

We were told it was best to get it assembled first, and then worry about the paint applications later. Slowly but surely, Minerva was coming to life!

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva no head paint

Frankenstein's Autobot!

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva assembled no paint

She sure is lookin' purdy now.

As I had mentioned previously, this figure had a custom molded part created out of resin. There were two options – the G1 headmaster style antennae or the Derrick J. Wyatt concept antennae. I ended up with the Animated style head piece and I was happy with that. It is a bit fragile and could break easily, but so far it is holding up good. The head still works in alt-mode as well!

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva resign head piece

The rather fragile head piece that sits between the two sections of the head.

Next came the paint apps. I had to dis-assemble some of the figure and then use masking tape to mask off areas I wanted to stay white. Then I applied some red via an air brush. I’ve never done this before, and was a little hesitant. I was instructed to try two coats, and the results were awesome. I did, however, get a little bit of bleeding under my tape, but who’s keeping score anyway?

Botcon 2011 animated minerva paint

These parts were painted with an airbrush and masked.

There were 5 colors of paint – black, red, slate gray, a lush blue, and vivid orange. The orange was only use on the face, and REALLY sets this figure apart. Wowie! We were also given a custom sticker sheet. All the stickers could’ve been painted on as well, so it was up to the creator to decide how the additional apps would be applied, if at all.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva paint

Here you see the decal sheet that was supplied for this figure.

As an added bonus, a full techspec was supplied. This techspec helps to vindicate this figure’s place in the real Transformers Animated Line. We were told that the character chosen for the custom class could not be a character that had appeared in any other Transformers Animated fiction. Considering the wide breadth of characters seen in the comics, cartoons, and other Transformers Animated media, this was no easy task! We really received a great character for the mold though, and everyone involved with this custom class deserves a truckload of recognition.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva sticker sheet techspec

The stand-alone techspec for Animated Minerva and the custom stickersheet

After about 4 hours, I was satisfied with my creation. I re-assembled all the now-dry painted parts, applied the decals that I wanted, and marveled at my finished Animated Transformer. It really is incredible how complex these seemingly simple toys are once you make one from the ground up. I personally cant’ stand customizing to a certain degree, and this gave me a lot more respect to those that practice the craft well. I met David from Encline Designs, who was in my class, and he is one of the best out there. He chose to black line some of the creases on his figure, which gave it a very unique look.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva finished

Botcon 2011 Customizing Class Animated Minerva, in the flesh!

When compared to the provided samples, I feel that mine is pretty true to the intended design. The face is a little messy and I could’ve been more careful with my paint applications, but this was my first custom figure.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva sample

The provided sample of Animated Minerva for comparison

So the question to me, as a Collecticon, is if this figure will garner the same attention that last year’s G2 Sideswipe figure did. It certainly was an incredible figure to get, and as it’s price inches ever-closer to the $1000 mark, will Transformers Animated Minerva do the same? With under 100 of these sets produced, the rarity factor is through the roof. But do a lot people in the fandom even really know who G1 Minerva (or Minelba) even is?

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva complete

So pretty.

Here is an image of the figure in alt-mode. It still looks great! A figure for the ages.

Botcon 2011 Animated Minerva alt-mode

Animated Minerva in alt-mode

Overall, I would highly recommend this class!


Hangin at Botcon 2011

I’m here. I made it this morning.

I was lucky enough to attend the customizing class being held this morning. Apparently things ran more smoothly than ever before today. Wow, it’s hard to believe small children in China churn these figures out en-masse!!!

Anyway, until I get full internet access, this will suffice. For now please, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER for consistent updates.

Here are some things I can reveal after ‘strategically’ over-hearing some things by Botcon staff in the lobby:

  • Shattered Glass two pack attendee exclusive: Shattered Glass Galvatron + Shattered Glass Thundercracker.  This is the Cybertron Evac and Classics seeker mold.  THIS IS GOING TO BE THE HOT SET!
  • Animated Sideswipe is part of the set.
  • Other options for the custom class figure were the Animated Rodimus & Animated Jazz molds, since they were the only others that were availble to the club to use for this purpose.
  • Rodimus as Sunstreaker was considered for the custom class figure, but ultimately the Arcee mold was chosen due to it’s simplicity.  Rodimus is a very complex mold.
  • “The Stunti-con Job” name for the Botcon 2011 Comic is meant to be a play on “The Italian Job,” a caper / heist movie.

Guessing the Botcon Customizing Class figure – Animated Stepper

Animated Stepper digibash for Botcon 2011 custom class

Quite simply my most hacked together digibash to date!

With Botcon 2011 just around the corner, it’s time to have some fun and play around round of guess the figures!!

Since I landed a spot in this year’s customizing class, I decided to take a different path than last year’s convention exclusives guesses and instead focus on that custom figure. Usually it’s a redeco of a figure that is already being released at the con, but it is not always the case. To start, I am gonna keep it simple with the already revealed Stunticon figures. Behold – Animated Stepper from the Animated Jazz mold being used for Dead End. Handsome AND topical!