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Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Optimus Prime custom – The Machine Wars toys you were expecting but didn’t get


He makes having lips look good

Sure, Hubcap is missing his head. I wish I knew who made these, that Machine Wars Optimus is simply awesome.

Edit: It was Cheetimus


Botcon 2012 is upon us – what will the custom class figure be?

In 72 measley hours, I’ll be on my way to Dallas to enter the customizing class for Wednesday.  Let’s hope this year’s figure is as cool as last year’s.

Speaking of, who could this year’s figure be?!?

Considering the box set figures, the only sensible options are below:

G2 Prime mold – The big one here would be Nemesis Prime, but that would just be too cool for school.  Perhaps Toxitron (BLAAARG), or a non-shattered glass Ultra Magnus?  Not sure if Funpub has access to the old head since the box set figure has a new one…

RTS Tracks mold – Black tracks makes a lot of sense for this year’s class…  Not sure where it would fit in with the fiction but the mold seems simple enough for a customizing class to handle.  Then there is the fact that the Wheeljack mold was used twice already for the club exclusives…

RTS Jazz mold – A friend of mine thinks this is a shoe-in for the custom figure.  This is definitely possible, as it could be a non-shattered glass Treadshot in the maroon Armada Treadshot colors.  This would also make for a very auspicious SG Ricochet, which would be paying homage to the original Shattered glass set.  No one cares about the bullshit Ricochet character, so let’s hope that’s not what the figure actually is.

Thunderwing mold -The mold is so simple, I could see this being the custom figure.  There would be a lot of paint apps involved though.  Who could this guy be?  I have no clues because I hate Pretenders and just forget they existed.

Universe Ironhide mold – Lots of options here.  A black ironhide for Shattered Glass Ironhide, same with Ratchet possibly.  Also Soundblaster if we were able to use the head from the set, or just a straight up blue Soundwave.

There you have it.  Expect tons of videos and documentation of the event from yours truly come mid-next week!




Custom Decepticon engagement ring setting – even evil needs love

Decepticon Engagement ring diamond setting

'Holy MOLY!!! errr, matrimony'

Wow. See more here: geekologie


Awesome Generations Shockwave on Ebay – Take some lessons Botcon!

custom generations Shockwave with Nemesis Prime and Skram

Just 3 cool dudes hangin' out, being custom

Alas, what could’ve been! Here we get a look at some titillating custom generations figures from Ebay user venom_7.  It’s funny how close his Skram figure actually looks compared to the Treadshot figure we are actually getting at Botcon 2012.  Of note is the pretty nice Nemesis Prime in the photos from the ebay auction.

Don’t get too greedy folks, I’m bidding on this little Shockwave, or Shockblast if you want to be really nerdy.  It is based on the Alternator Shockblast that was a remold of Alternators Jazz.  Repetition kills.  The head is from a spare Action Master Shockwave.  I guess Action Masters can be good for SOMETHING once in a while…

Custom Generations Shockwave

Oh Botcon 2012, what could have been!!!


Chicago-land repacker strikes again – a new low with a custom Wheeljack stand-in

Generations Wheeljack fake repack returned to store

This is worse than bad comedy

Well the old “Illinois re-packer” has struck again. The group of us here in Chicago haved dubbed this shadowy figure as ‘the re-packer,’ his or her true identity unknown. We all assume it’s just one person, the same as that crafty ‘scalper’ that seems to be in every store in the United States right before YOU got there.

Most likely, this is the work of a few different people over time, but this particular example above shows some real lack of character, if not just plain scum-bag behavior. Considering my disdain for customizing Transformers, re-packing one’s horribly executed customs in place of a decent figure and returning it to a store is just asking for trouble. Someday we are going to find you, re-packer, and you will pay for the sins of everyone that has come before you. You will rue that day!


Custom Diaclone Powered Convoy ROTF Optimus Prime

blue Diaclone Powered Convoy custom

History repeats!

I pretty much hate custom Transformer toys. Once you add paint or cut a piece, the toy’s original value becomes essentially nill in my eyes. I find the simple ball joint replacement mods like the Kup head a little more digestible. Let’s not worry about my Transformers politics for a moment though and bask in the beauty of this killer custom Convoy!

Blue diaclone power convoy rotf optimus prime

It's ThunderPrimer!

The beauty of this custom is the throwback to a very little-known era of Transformers: the Pre-transformer era. This is paying homage to the beautifully unicorn-esque blue Convoy cab that was set into the original mold of what would become Ultra Magnus armor. Maybe I am enthralled because I have been trying to attain a nice blue Optimus cab for many years. I just respect the recognition of the source of the Transformers brand. Know your roots, Collecticons!

blue diaclone ROTF optimus prime

The past and present collide


Classics Actionmaster Starscream – custom to go with Botcon AM Thundercracker?

Classics Action master Starscream custom

Wings, dear God he actually has WINGS!

Deceptigtar sent me an awesome custom from yahoo Japan today.  It looked so good I almost thought it wasn’t a custom!  It also made me think that this would look super cool next to the supposed Action Master Thundercracker that has been rumored for Botcon 2011!

Enjoy the pics.

Action master Classics Starscream blue jet

Seriously, who thought of this color scheme?

Action Master Starscream classics jet

Baby blue wings!


Lego G1 Broadside

Generation 1 Broadside made of Legos

Time for a landing

I was perusing one of my favorite forums today and came across a great thread where Yap Alan was showing the latest fruits of his labor: a triple-changing Transformers Generation 1 Broadside.

Here’s what the artist had to say:

This one took me weeks after weeks of finetuning. The front part of the carrier mode had undergone 3 major changes. And the missus insist of putting the final touch to my creation. Can you guess which part is the “odd one out” ?

LEGO Transformers world has gotten too much of Primes lately. It’s like a rites of passage.

Some minor characters needs some love too!

Transformers Lego Broadside

Just like the G1 toy, the plane mode leaves a little to be desired ^_^

See more of his amazing Transformers Lego creations here.

Transformers Generation 1 G1 Broadside robot mode

Probably the best bot mode we've ever gotten for Broadside!


Amazing Lego Optimus Prime with launching Roller and trailer

Transformers Optimus Prime made of legos

My God, it's... beautiful!

Once in a while, a Transformers fan will create something so amazing that it just has to be seen to be believed. This is one of those times. An enormous fully-transformable Optimus Prime in the vein of the Masterpiece mold, yet certainly its own beast, has been revealed on the Flickr page of user Orion_Pax.  As can be seen in the video posted below, this thing is massive!

The only bummer about this guy is that he suffers from the same fate as Hybrid Convoy – he has stubby hands in order to create the flip down headlight forearms.  This is still bloody amazing.  Check out the full gallery here!