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Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator finally leaks 12 days before US reveal – Looks dope!


Is that a crane on your shoulder or are you just glad to see me? Schwing!

As much as Seibertron tried to get the major scoop, 4chan wins again and various sites have since posted the full photograph of Transformer G1 Combiners Wars Titan Class Devastator from the Nuremberg Toy Fair.  After typing that sentence, I have to ask if the amount titles we have to supply any given figure these days really shakes my faith in this hobby.

This guy is looking, well, better than I expected!  I think there is a bit of mis-transformation here but I like what I am seeing.  The poseability looks great, the proportions appear sound except for the rather small head, and the colors are exactly what we have been yearning for in a modern Devastator.

I wouldn’t go so far as to beg for quality individual modes for the pieces of Devastator, but the combined mode is standing up to the hype.  Just for fun… let’s give a look at what some redecos of this figure could look like.


Kaybee Generation 2 Titan Class Devastator digibash


Generation 2 Titan Class Devastator in yellow – not too different than the original!




Transformers Devastator and Constructicon items for sale on Ebay


This big guy himself. This one has no stickers applied!

Just thought I’d list some of the awesome Devastator-centric items I have up on Ebay currently.

Transformers G1 Takara 37 Devastator Giftset Constructicons stickers unapplied

Transformers G1 Action Master Devastator w Scorpulator MOSC sealed


So pretty, sorry to see you go big guy!

Transformers GIG Italian G1 Devastator Giftset Trasformer MIB Bopper Missiles


These foreign Transformer sets are some of the best. Bopper missiles!

Transformers USA Classics Constructicon Devastator GIFTSET MISB Energon


New Devastator


Transformers Universe Constructicons Devastator RID MISB


These guys make one really awkward combiner

Transformers Universe Micromaster Constructicons Devastator MISB 6pack


All six of this little guys make one big guy!



Encore 23 Fort Max includes his sword

Transformers Encore 23 Fortress Maximus with sword

All but verbally confirmed.

Some official preview photos of the slew of upcoming releases were posted by Famitoy which include our first look at the expected Black repaint of MP-10 (this time with Decepticon symbols!!), MP-15 & MP-16 cassetticons, the non-yellow ‘anime’ version of MP-22 Devastator, and Encore 23 Fortress Maximus WITH THE MASTER SWORD IN HAND!!! Check out the pic above to see what I’m talking about.

This has been the big question to Fort Max reissue lovers: Will it have the sword? Looks like yes, it probably will.

Also, THIS GUY is very happy to not have Encore 22A be a yellow G1 redeco because… well, I just got THIS in the mail. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not from Generation 2…

Transformers Generation 1 Yellow Devastator from France

So rare, I may be the only person on Earth to have this. Thanks Maz! ^_^


Cool Transformers G1 Gestalt text tees & more

Tee shirt with Devastator names on it

The 'Devastator' Tee – It's... it's wonderful!

I came across a smattering of interesting Transformers shirts the other day on Red Bubble.  Although I can’t really stand that website for personal reasons, these shirts were kind of funny.  They play off the original Helvetica listing design for the beatles, which has been parodied to death.  Instead, it’s the Generation 1 Gestalt teams with color-coded names!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.  They are kind of pricey though, at over $20.

See a slideshow of the designs below:


Maketoys is Fansproject – 3rd parties in disguise!

maketoys devastator 3rd party

Brothers from the same mother.

There, I said it.


Will Skids and Mudflap finally combine in Transformers Dark of the Moon?

Transformers Movie Twins combined face

A face only a robo-mother could love

It’s no secret that the Twins from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen were designed as some sort of counterparts to each other.  In fact, when merging their body renders, it becomes clear that they were probably intended to combine into some sort of super-soldier.  It all makes perfect sense really: two stupid goofy robots that can handle stand up straight on their own merge into a highly intelligent and unworldly strong single unit.  Each even had opposite enlarged arms and by looking at the faces above it can be seen that each bot has opposing features.  I have no doubt that this was a facet of the Twins that ended up on the cutting room floor due to ROTF’s bloated visual vomit and lack of cohesive story plot points.  They even battled Devastator, who was a combination of may robots.  It’s only right and natural to have opposing forces with the same powers battle it out in Transformers lore.

So now Mudflap and Skids will be returning as shadowy versions of their formers selves in Transformers Dark of the Moon.  My money is on the fact that these guys will finally combine in an attempt to get kids to say WOW!  Unfortunately, the proof was in the design from the get-go.  Let’s hoping for Skidflap!

Transformers ROTF skids and mudflap twins

Please get destroyed before this movie ends.