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Topspin looks great… as Misfire!!


I’m baaaack! – Digibash by Air Hammer

With photos of Titans Return Topspin surfacing and the reviews looking great, many are wondering who he might be redeco’ed or remolded into.  One very exciting possibility is Targetmaster Misfire whose loud pink color scheme has stood out over the years amidst his Decepticon allies. With rumors of a “Scavengers” comic story circulating, and Krok coming in wave 4, could wave 5 be full of rummaging Decepticons?


Titans Return Orion Pax and Dion by Air Hammer


Digibash by Air Hammer

Here’s another wishful thinking digibash now that Kup has been revealed to be an upcoming Titans Return figure.  Bring on the giftset!!


Guessing the Botcon Customizing Class figure – Animated Stepper

Animated Stepper digibash for Botcon 2011 custom class

Quite simply my most hacked together digibash to date!

With Botcon 2011 just around the corner, it’s time to have some fun and play around round of guess the figures!!

Since I landed a spot in this year’s customizing class, I decided to take a different path than last year’s convention exclusives guesses and instead focus on that custom figure. Usually it’s a redeco of a figure that is already being released at the con, but it is not always the case. To start, I am gonna keep it simple with the already revealed Stunticon figures. Behold – Animated Stepper from the Animated Jazz mold being used for Dead End. Handsome AND topical!


Botcon 2011 Menasor???

Botcon 2011 Animated Menasor

The horror!

Some industrious fans have been busy bees.  This digibash at least gives us an idea of what some industrious customizer will undoubtedly create.


Botcon 2011 Motormaster as Wreck-gar would’ve been cool too

Botcon 2011 animated Motormaster as Wreck-Gar

So demanding-looking

I’m by no means complaining about the Optimus mold Motormaster, because I mean, how else would we get that stupid Toxitron right?? I saw this digibash and think it looks great. That’s a pretty scary looking Decepticon!


Botcon 2010 G2 Ramjet

Botcon 2010 G2 Generation 2 Ramjet digibash

Transformers Generation 2 Ramjet - Is purple, teal, black, and conehead in your future, Botconners?

With the notion that the Botcon 2010 exclusive set just may be Generation 2 inspired, Collecticon.org is going to bring you some “what if’s” and see just how close the predictions stack up to the final product this year. Keep in mind, the set may not be Generation 2 at all. After this series of digibashes by yours truly, you may be wishing they do become a reality this year!