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G1-deco movie dinobots look awesome


Compared to his flamboyant buddies, Grimlock looks pretty G1-schemed! – Photo by seibertron.com

The movie dinobots are growing on me.  The photograph above makes me realize just how closely Grimlock is in colorscheme to his G1 self.  The colors have been thrown around int he washing machine a bit, but compared to the bright red of Scorn and Purple of Slug, he appears a little bit retro.  What really got me going was the recent reveal of the G1-version of Slag that is coming out in Japan for the 30-year expo.  This thing is going to be HOT and the deco looks so good I want to cry.  Sure the mass-appeal might not be there but collectors are going to salivate for this guy.  The red horns and robot head mean that the Canadian version of Slag is bound to shoot up 300% in value.  Clutch them tightly, Collecticons…


It may only be released in Japan, but it’s the Candian variant, bitchezzz!


Real-life dinobots t-shirt coming from RIPT tomorrow – The Land Before Prime


Historic prehistoric Transformers t-shirt design

Nard alert!  Tomorrow’s t-shirt design from RIPT Apparel will feature some rather strangely colored jurassic creatures.  You might find this image relevant to your interests.  If you do, pick it up this retro shirt at RIPT Apparel on Saturday April 19th, 2013!


First ever Knock-off Diaclone version G1 Transformer – Diaclone Swoop “reissue” hits the market

Knock off Diaclone Swoop in G1 box

Me Swoop no see nothing

And that’s all folks.  The knock-off train has officially left the station.  We are now seeing knock offs of toys that never existed, namely a Transformers-branded Diaclone Swoop (now on ebay!).  This is a figure that has reach upwards of $700 to attain due to the unique molds and paint-scheme akin to our beloved Generation 1 cartoon version of the dinobot Swoop.  I would assume that this “limited to 500” Diaclone version in fabricated Generation 1 box is made by the same group that put out the first wave of G1 Dinobot reissues.  At least said-group appears to be getting smarter.  Although it would be cool to get a sharp-beaked blue-chested G1 swoop, I am forced to solemnly ask “Is nothing sacred?”

Heed my warning super collectors – The dawning of Blue Bluestreak is upon us.  Sell your original while you still can!!!!

This really makes me kind of want to give up the whole collecting game.  For all those that sneer at Hasbro for “neglecting the collectors,” this is for once a glaring instance of that happening.  With the lack of a firm stance or case against those churning out these “reissues,” the collector market is suffering severely.  Good luck to any that are able to secure one of these supposedly “high quality reissues.”  Bah-humbug.

Check out this video reviewing the item in question by Youtube User thecollector75:

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JUSTiTOYS World’s Smallest Dinobot Comic Version giftset

Woo hoo!! Two reviews in less than a week! I’m on a whole new pace!

After the Jurassic Park teaser trailer I made, the final video is here!


Welcome to Jurassic Park – WST Comic Book Dinobots review coming

WST Comic Book Version Dinobots

"Hold on to your butts!"

Limited to 300 pieces, this is a cool set!  Here is an image of them in their natural habitat.  Check them out at TFsource.com.