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Unicron enters the world of energon-os! – Dr Smoov and Randall.ng are back!


Epic Mega Time – DrSmoov is at it again

One of my favorite Transformer fans, Dr Smoov, is back on the scene with a new 3D-rendered video. Check out this seriously funny eye-candy!


New Stan Bush video – collab with Dr. Smoov

Well well well, Mr. Bush is back and I do not mean my favorite presidents of all time. Stan the man has continued to embrace his intertwined fate with the Transformers world and buddied-up with my favorite 3rd-party Transformers content creators Dr. Smoov and Randall Ng!

Check out the video above which is a joint effort from the two creative forces.

“Your Time” by Stan Bush

Directed by: Randall Ng and DR. SMOOV
Animation and Models by: Randall Ng
Edited by: DR. SMOOV
Produced by: NGSMOOV Animation


New Dr. Smoov video – Arcee’s make-up tips

Dr. Smoov and company are back with another awesome video! This time, we get a Youtube mockumentary of Arcee giving make-up tips in the same vein as Starscream’s 2009 Botcon Kup toy review. They just can’t make a bad video!


Botcon 2010 promo video posted – very funny!

This is a rather funny jab at the video reviewer portion of the community out there. Starscream is reviewing Botcon 2009 Kup! I hope everyone has a good time at Botcon later this month. The video was put together by none other than the Transformers hero of Youtube, Dr Smoov!