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Seeing Transformers Dark of the Moon tonight

Transformers Dark of the Moon jumping SUV's

I saw this stunt from a completely different angle

Sorry for the huge hiatus since Botcon, but I’ve been a busy bumblebee. After many months of waiting, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! I know a few lucky transfans have already seen the flick but I am doing all I can to resist checking anymore out until tonight.

It’s been a wild ride this time, mostly because the filming was in Chicago and I actually got to be a part of the extras cast, or at least my vehicle did. There’s also the sad story of Gabriella Cedillo, which has apparently been swept under the rug. I will be paying extra special attention to the highway scene, pictured above. That is where the accident occurred. Be on the look out for a dark grey Honda Element!!

So shall I make a few predictions? It seems silly since some have already seen the film and can vouch for whether I am right or wrong…

Starscream will die. (boo!)
Shockwave will die. (boo!)
None of the main character humans will die (boo!)
The Autobots will leave earth, save for Bumblebee who is in love with Sam (whaaa?)
Soundwave will get away (Yay!)
Megatron will get away again (Yay!)
Sentinel Prime will die (Yay!)

The movie will be awesome and I can’t wait to see Chicago get turned upside down. This is our time Transformers fans, the trilogy is over and we can all bid adieu to Michael Bay. Let’s hope he goes out with a bang.


Transformers 3 footage from accident site

Transformers Dark of the moon gabriella cedillo footage

"A BEAR in his aprtment???"

Well it appears that the footage from Gabriela Cedillo’s accident site is indeed making it into the film. I just saw this trailer today which features a clip of dog-like dreads running down the highway where Miss Cedillo’s car was hit by a piece of debris, in fact, the footage might be of the actual stunt that caused the accident!

You can tell it’s the same site down in Hammond, Indiana due to the large white receptacle tanks that are on the sides of the highway. See my footage below:


Transformers 3 dreads – now with bling!

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Dread toy robot mode

Where is the Lady Gaga transformer?

Well, just having dreadlocks wasn’t enough – Decepticons now come standard issue with BLING! Goldie Locks!


Transformers 3 – Attack of the dread lock bots

Transformers 3 dreadlocks on decepticons

Are you gonna go my way?

To the dismay of many fans and the chagrin of Lenny Kravitz, it appears that robotic hair will make a stunning comeback this summer. When I first reported the stage names of the Decepticon SUV drones (dreads), I never once gave thought to the literal potential of that name.  Now I hang my head in dismay.  Leaked images of Transformers 3 toys are pouring out of the Eastern continent at the typical rate.  We are seeing various characters, new and old, in various size classes.  Many of these images can be seen at a new site made specifically to leak this images aptly named DOTMtoys.com which is just a simple PHPbb messageboard.  Many are speculating who is running the site, claiming it is GhenZhao from Kotoys.com, but who gives a shit other than Hasbro and Paramount’s legal teams?  God speed you black stallions.

Autobot dreadlocks on the nascar wrecker

Sweet Home Alabama, where my robo dreads are blue!

The latest images show us the robot and vehicle forms of the Decepticon SUV’s and they appear to have wavey robotic dreadlocks, similar to what we saw in the robot mode for the lone Nascar legends toy, which is expected to be one of the wreckers.  I guess we just can’t have our cake and eat it too.  I’m calling it now: Nascar gun-toting Wrecker Autobots characterized like Southern Red Neck Americans.  Might as well put the nail in the coffin, it’s your last chance Michael Bay!

Kenny Fucking Powers

Get 'er dun n' roll 'er out!


Footage from Transformers 3 set in Hammond, IN – Decepticon SUV’s are named Dreads

At long last, footage from the Transformers 3 set in Hammond, Indiana. In this video you can see the white Maybach with Simmons inside, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Rodimus, and the Decepticon Dreads.

Yes, that is the name of the SUV’s by word of the film crew. They are known as The Dreads. They appear to be a group of Decepticon clones. Enjoy!

Edit: Yes, I said Rodimus. We all know that it’s going to be Hot Rod / Rodimus, sometimes you don’t need confirmation to make a statement.