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Awesome Generations Shockwave on Ebay – Take some lessons Botcon!

custom generations Shockwave with Nemesis Prime and Skram

Just 3 cool dudes hangin' out, being custom

Alas, what could’ve been! Here we get a look at some titillating custom generations figures from Ebay user venom_7.  It’s funny how close his Skram figure actually looks compared to the Treadshot figure we are actually getting at Botcon 2012.  Of note is the pretty nice Nemesis Prime in the photos from the ebay auction.

Don’t get too greedy folks, I’m bidding on this little Shockwave, or Shockblast if you want to be really nerdy.  It is based on the Alternator Shockblast that was a remold of Alternators Jazz.  Repetition kills.  The head is from a spare Action Master Shockwave.  I guess Action Masters can be good for SOMETHING once in a while…

Custom Generations Shockwave

Oh Botcon 2012, what could have been!!!


Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Octopunch – a punch in the face

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass SG Octopunch


Thanks Ebay for this horrifying look at what is coming for the Botcon 2012 exclusives. Here we have the brilliant choice of Octopunch as the Seaspray mold.

Seriously, why do we have to reach back so far as to use the shittiest of all Transformer lore in Botcon sets these days? Action masters and Pretenders sucked, they were and still are pathetic excuses for Transformer toys, and no amount of ret-conning or upgrades will change that fact. These things KILLED the Transformers franchise, let’s not celebrate them anymore, please? Alice was the only good pretender we ever got, and that still hasn’t become a toy!

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Octopunch hovercraft

Under the sea, the only place you should ever see me!


Off to Ebay again…

Old Aliens from Dark Horse Comics

Now maybe you know part of where the name "Diablien" comes from...

I just got finished taking a ton of ebay photographs tonight, thank God! I cannot wait to get rid of some of these figures. There is some decent stuff here too. A bit of vintage G1, Japanese Animated rarities, and TONS of Botcon stuff. So keep your eyes peeled to Ebay User Diablien to see the swath of stuff appear. I want the auctions to end Sunday so it will probably begin tomorrow.


Closer look at Animated Voyager Thundercracker for sale by Deceptigtar

Animated Voyager THundercracker blue robot

Strike a pose, let's get to it

Deceptigar, who is selling the Animated Voyager Thundercracker on Ebay currently, has supplied me with some awesome pictures of the figure. He does not want to transform it since he is selling it and the dollar value is high. That seeker mold does have some misgivings…

unreleased Animated Voyager Thundercracker toy

Stick 'em up Autobots!

The auction has risen to over $1000 but has stayed at that level for a few days now. With over 100 watchers and 19 bids, this thing might go insane-o in the last hour. Hold onto your butts!

Voyager Animated Thundercracker figure in robot mode blue

Ladies and gentlemen, the bidding begins at $.99, any takers?


Custom Diaclone Powered Convoy ROTF Optimus Prime

blue Diaclone Powered Convoy custom

History repeats!

I pretty much hate custom Transformer toys. Once you add paint or cut a piece, the toy’s original value becomes essentially nill in my eyes. I find the simple ball joint replacement mods like the Kup head a little more digestible. Let’s not worry about my Transformers politics for a moment though and bask in the beauty of this killer custom Convoy!

Blue diaclone power convoy rotf optimus prime

It's ThunderPrimer!

The beauty of this custom is the throwback to a very little-known era of Transformers: the Pre-transformer era. This is paying homage to the beautifully unicorn-esque blue Convoy cab that was set into the original mold of what would become Ultra Magnus armor. Maybe I am enthralled because I have been trying to attain a nice blue Optimus cab for many years. I just respect the recognition of the source of the Transformers brand. Know your roots, Collecticons!

blue diaclone ROTF optimus prime

The past and present collide


Chrome Hard Hero Shockwave bust sample

Generation 1 Shockwave Hard Hero chrome bust prototype

Shield your eye from the glory!!

I recently purchased a few Hard Hero test samples. This one in particular is VERY cool. It’s a sample of the G1 Shockwave bust. This particular one is painted in a gleaming purple chrome. It is magnificent. Hopefully my Starscream one has something special like sample colors or something, but it is still packed away.

Thanks The Great Outdoors!


Gold chrome Hot Rod returns from the void – $7,000 for a fake toy?

Gold Chrome G1 Hot Rod MIB

What a peculiar specimen.

A few years ago, there was a gold chromed G1 Hot Rod up for sale and the reputable seller claimed it was a genuine Takara Employee give away. Problem is, no one has ever produced any hard proof that this toy is in fact a Takara employee give away. No one is denying that the figure is indeed cool looking, but my spidey senses tell me that this is not a legitimate Takara creation. What proof do I have? None, just my gut feeling. The gold guy is back in action on Ebay right now for the starting bid of $7,000. That’s a high price to pay for something that could’ve been made rather recently in the right workshop…

There are definitely some crazy Hot Rod fans out there that would love to get this figure in their collection so maybe $7k is the magic number? Lucky 7 baby!  Peep the auction here.

Fake or real Gold Chrome G1 Hot Rod

My precious...


Meet Dwolla.com – Giving the middle finger to a-holes like Paypal

Fuck paypal scampal

So clever and poignant. NOT!

Paypal logo illustration by Michael Jan as illustrated on his blog.

As an avid Transformer buyer and dealer as well as an early adopter to online transactions, I am all too familiar with Paypal.  If you haven’t heard of it, then what are you doing reading this blog about buying and selling Transformers?  Other long-time Paypal users like me have seen the costs per transaction increase steadily throughout the years, and this is most likely due to the ongoings practices of its parents company, Ebay. The ease of use and popularity of the Paypal transaction system can sometimes be overlooked once it comes to the reality of doing business in this way; and by reality I mean the one unavoidable aspect of each paypal transaction: The dreaded Paypal fee.

The Paypal fee is a two-tiered process.  Removing money from the Paypal system and adding it to your bank incurs a % fee and receiving money for a transaction or purchase from a buyer incurs an adjustable fee as well.  The fee is on a sliding scale but usually lands somewhere around 1.5% of the total payment involved.  The total value of large amounts appear to bloat or decrease depending on which side of the coin you find yourself on.  In the end, the Paypal fee serves as a pseudo tax and increases the costs of utilizing an online cashflow.

Many Transformers sellers have circumvented this fee by requesting to be paid “as a gift” or asking their buyers to “gift” them their paypal payments.  Some sellers will even upcharge their buyers if they refuse to gift the funs, citing that they need to pay their paypal fees.  This is quite humorous considering that most small-time Transformers “dealers” have never actually run a business of any scale and don’t understand the meaning of “operating costs.”  Passing on your Paypal fees to your buyers is the lowest form of business-ethic around.  Since I recently discovered that a seller has stiffed me on a more than $350 transaction, I am realizing I will never again gift Paypal payments to anyone I don’t know in person.  Let it be know that you cannot retrieve any payments that were originally declared as a gift.

Dwolla.com: Autobot Approved

Transform your transactions!

Enter Dwolla.com, a Des Moines-based start-up determined to thwart online-transaction giants like Paypal by offering flat rate $.25 transactions.  That’s right, you can send $1 Million or more for the one-time low price of $.25.  This may completely erase the sticky situation individual buyers and sellers find themselves in when it comes to who needs to pay the Paypal fee.  Instead, it should now be a no-contest decision for the seller to fork over $.25 to receive a payment of dozens, to hundreds of dollars of cool hard cash.  Legitimate online retail owners should be flocking to Dwolla in droves to shave thousands of dollars a year off of their bottom line.

What does this mean to Paypal?  I’m sure they aren’t batting an eyelash.  Their stance has always been to be the first int he market and be the biggest.  Paypal has been around for over ten years and they have big-time seniority.  Still, I would never underestimate the power of innovation when it is pitted against greed…

So will Dwolla gain enough users to make a dent in Paypal or even Google Checkout’s annual revenue?  Probably not at first, but I’m signing up and I’m NEVER looking back!


Ballzac auction of the week – White 4-Star Starscream seeker knock-off $500

White 4Star Starscream seeker knock off jet

I guess this guy is seeing green, not white?

From time to time, I feel it is necessary to bring to light the worst of the worst Ebay auctions out there.  Without apology, I must highlight the sheer absurdity of some sellers of Transformers.  While we all know that some figures have incredibly high price tags, it is humorous, sad, and obnoxious when unrealistic prices are slapped onto undeserving specimens.

Take this “Holy Grail” auction for a incomplete White 4-Star seeker knock-off.  This is typically labeled as a White 4-Star Starscream.  These have been pretty rare over the years and only the acute Seeker or Knock-off collector will be hunting for something bizarre like this.  So yes, the price for a good one should be relatively high considering it is a knock-off because of the caliber of people looking for it.  Although it is a knock-off, 4-star made a very desirable slew of figures during its day due to the wild re-moldings they applied to the source material.  I still have yet to ever see one of these, black or white, in the box.  Even a silver/gray variant has been whispered down dark hallways…

Ebay auction for white 4-star seeker jet

This is why Ebay auctions need comments.

To the auction.  Our would-be seller is going for broke and asking the obscene amount of $500!  Luckily for us, he allows a best-offer button as well.  PHEW!  Thanks my lucky stars, or I might be suck drooling for this rare piece!  Am I laying on the sarcasm thick enough for you, internet?  If you need a price check, I bought a COMPLETE one of these in perfect condition for under $100 just earlier this year.  $500?  Come on toy-central, you could’ve at least thrown in the free shipping.


Lucky draw SCF Skywarp PVC still exists!

Lucky Draw PVC SCF Skywarp from Japan

One of only 200 of these ever made

Sometimes I feel like I am nature videographer that has been sitting in a cove for a multitude of hours of end just to catch a glimpse of a rare creature.  Today is one of those days.

Friend excitedly contacted me and sent a link to Ebay.  Low and behold, photographs of an incredibly rare specimen: Takara’s Lucky Draw SCF Skywarp PVC – The rarest of the entire PVC line.

Leave it to Hasbro to completely destroy the luster of this figure by releasing skywarp as a regular pack-in during the Heros of Cybertron line a few years later.  So next time I hear the debate for Botcon Thundercracker being blasphemy, I’ll just bring this up and bring the pain.

The Takara version of Skywarp still demands high prices, as the starting bid of £150 suggests.  Good luck Shane, and godspeed!

For more information on the Lucky Draw prize Skywarp figure, check out this page at My Kool Toyz!

hasbro Heros of Cybertron Skywarp in package

If you want to talk about screwin' the pooch, this is the #1 cross-Pacific screw-job ever!