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Series of three – Guessing the Botcon 2011 giftset theme

Botcon 2011 theme in Transformers series of 3

Spin the wheel, see what we get!

From the official Botcon twitter yesterday:

Just realized SO many stories and/or TF continuities (as a whole) were told in installments/seasons of 3… Well, get ready for Season 3.5!

So this could mean a few different things and probably debunks both of my theories of a Car Robots / Robots In Disguise theme or a straight Beast Wars Set. It is true that many Transformers series came in “seasons of three.”

  • Transformers Generation 1 – 3 seasons (let’s just say the 3 episodes of “season 4” do not apply here)
  • Beast Wars – 3 seasons
  • Unicron Trilogy – Armada, Cybertron, and Energon all consist of their own season and a continuation of the same story with relatively the same characters
  • Animated – 3 seasons and a ill-fated fourth season
  • Transformers films – 3 movies = 3 seasons

My estimation is that we’ll get a mixed set of new characters from each different TF universe.  It would be nice to see some more classic-ized Unicron Trilogy toys much like the Hot Shot figure but I am not holding my breath.  Apparently we will know the truth as soon as the Collector Club Magazine starts hitting mailboxes around the country.


TakaraTomy 2010 Unicron review incoming

Transformers 2010 Unicron with Cybertron Unicron and friends

I think the multiverse is le' fuct

Thanks to everyone that follows the TFsource youtube channel for each review that I painstakingly create to be the end-all-be-all authority review on the figure in and out. Upcoming is TakaraTomy 2010 Unicron! I hope it was worth the wait


Unreleased Transformers Energon Starscream Attacktix prototype

unreleased attacktix Energon Starscream prototype

Anybody seen a ghost?

Something funky must be going on over in China. A large smattering of unreleased Attacktix prototypes flooded Ebay a few weeks ago including Soundwave, Grimlock, Bumblebee, and Energon Starscream. Some of these figures were promised to us in the form of product preview photos and even G1 Megatron and Optimus found their way into a few dollar stores. A large group of those proposed figures simply never came to be and were never heard from again until these auctions appeared.

Attacktix Energon Starscream Star Wars base

I wonder which figure this base belonged to?

Of course I snagged the Energon Starscream figure, which is actually my second (I found an additional one for private sale a month ago). Both are unpainted and made from the same cream-colored plastic placed on a non-matching base. The prototype featured in these photos sports the base for a Star Wars Attacktix figure. The missile is not included but something kind of unique to this figure is its ability to detach from the Attacktix play base.

unreleased Attacktix Energon Starscream prototype hardcopy

Energon Starscream disconnected from the base. String optional?

The sculpt is quite nice and would’ve looked great with the proper paint job. Alas, it was not to be and there is likely to only be one hand-painted hardcopy out there in the mythical Hasbro vaults. I doubt I’ll ever get my hands on that one, but crazier things have happened…

I always enjoy getting a look at non-production figures and Attacktix Energon Starscream does not disappoint. I can’t say I ever figured out how to play this strange game, and by the looks of all these unreleased figures not many others did either. For now bid adieu and check out these photographs courtesy of yours truly.

Side and top views of Attacktix Energon Starscream prototype

TF b2 indeed


Lost and Found: Transformers Movie 1 Backtrack, Gunbarrel, and Decepticon Reverb

Unreleased Transformers Movie 1 basics Reverb, Gunbarrel, and Backtrack

What once was lost is now found - the 3 unreleased Movie 1 Basics PACKAGED!

Remember when I told you it was Unicorn mating season?  Looks like the stork arrived!

I have finally finished my complete MISB Movie 1 collection!!!  I knew these figures existed somewhere out there and now I have them!  Maybe I can actually take a full group shot of the entire line of toys now.  In case you didn’t know, there were 3 basic class figures that didn’t make it to the end of the first Transformers movie toyline, even though they were announced.  It was two repains of the Energon Bruticus limbs as well as a repaint of Cybertron Lugnutz and Hightail.

I’ll get back to this but for now, bask in the glory of what has taken more than 2 years to acquire!