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Someone fully animated a scene from More than Meets The Eye – Skids vs legistlators

Stop what you’re doing and watch this right now!

So this incredible piece of animation essentially uses the comic panels illustrated by Alex Milne in More Than Meets The Eye issue 2 as key frames for the sequence. ┬áThis must have been no easy feat…

The sound and voice acting is from a audio-comic fan retelling of the entire issue by a group calling themselves Team Train Wreck. ┬áTheir efforts are also well-received by this Collecticon and it also deserves a focus watch if you’re a fan of the comics. See below.

I’m simply breathless every time I see one of these intense fan creations to augment the already incredible comic book. If anything this just shows how much the core fanbase would love to see the More Than Meets The Eye storyline come to life in animated form.

I give a heart-felt thank you to the fans that are spending their free time contributing to these types of projects and I simply cannot wait for the next batch!!!


Russian Transformers short film rivals the real thing

A great site called The Daily What has posted an amazing amateur video by a creative Russian named Alex Semenov. The video was shot in a matter of 2 hours with edited time amounting to over a month. The results are quite spectacular. Great animation!

Transformers from repey815 on Vimeo.