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Fansproject bruticus loves halo!!! Headshot!!

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Fansproject Crossfire 2 Munitioner and Explorer video review

This was a doozy. Very happy to have this up for your viewing pleasure!


Fansproject Bruticus is awesome

Fansproject Bruticus

Fansproject Bruticus

The only word that comes to mind is BRUUUUUTICUSSSS!!!!

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Fansproject Explorer and Munitioner in hand


Arise Classics Rodimus Prime – Fansproject Protector photos!

Fansproject Protector or Rodimus Prime prototype

"Oh yes" just doesn't always cut it...

Just when I was thinking it was a slow Transformers news day, Fansproject uploads a hoard of photos revealing their Protector add-on kit for Classics / Henkei Rodimus Prime!  This is sick!

The only thing we were able to see previously was a product illustration.  Now we are finally seeing how the Rodimus trailer really fits together and it looks AMAZING!  Looks like I have to put my foot in my mouth from the ending I put on the Fansproject Defender review.


Oh and uh, by the way, if you haven’t gotten your own yet, you might not want to try getting a classics Rodimus from Ebay right now…

Fansproject Protector Rodimus Prime in vehicle mode

The spoiler peeks out of the sides! It's beautiful!!

Video Reviews

Fansproject Warbot Defender video review

TFsource video review #8 is Fansproject Warbot Defender! Check him out in all of his gun-totin’ glory! Also, thanks to Punchline for supplying one of the best audio tracks yet! Check them out at punchkids.com


A wicked Triple-changer this way comes…

Fansproject Warbot Defender

Feelin' lucky, punk?

Busting on through the Tfsource video review rampge next is Fansproject Warbot Defender!  Talk about an amazing entrance into the world of scratch-built figures!  Wow!  Here’s looking forward to what the company has in store next.

All hail Fansproject!  Video review coming as soon as humanly possible.