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Blog Dear Hasbro...

Blue Christmas – Rumble is revealed to NOT be red!

Hasbro Demolition Rumble from Reveal the Shield is BLUE!

Hey everybody, eat $#¡@!!!!!!

Dear Hasbro,

We appreciate your inconsistencies, especially when they fight for the side of good and light.  Choosing to paint Rumble as a blue robot is a swashbuckling victory for the side of justice and order.  Thanks once again for a happy new year.


Team Awesome.

Blog Video Reviews

Perfect Effect Warrior Type R & F video review

Check out the latest video review from TFsource!  Rumble is BLUE dammit!


Rumble and Frenzy mania

Perfect Effect Rumble and Frenzy with Encore versions

I want Rumble to be blue ok?

With the imminent reveal of the Generations / United Frenzy and Rumble 2-pack, Cassetticon-mania is sweeping the nation! In the mean time, I an let you know that the next video review for TFsource.com will be a very belated Perfect Effect Red and Blue two pack video.