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Speaking of Ultra Magnus…


Worth the wait…


The biggest event to wager on in Transformers history – More than Meets the Eye #15


Who lives, who dies?

I can’t remember being so excited about something in Transformers since… ever!  The build up to “More Than Meets The Eye” issue 15 has been EXCRUCIATING and it’s all coming to head by the end of this month. The pieces have been falling into place for over 2 years by now, and we are going to see heads roll, sparks fly, and tears fall.

My fellow fans at Bottalk have started the betting early and a thread that features a multi-answer poll asking WHO DIES (in issue 15).  The hullaballoo got me thinking, could Las Vegas really start taking bets on who lives and who dies?  Of course not, since the outcome is based on written fiction and anyone involved could make out big but let’s just pretend for a second…

Based on the Necrobot’s list, we know that Hound, Chromedome, Dipstick, Drift and Ultra Magnus will ‘kick the bucket’ someday, although it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen on the Lost Light.  In fact, that list could be a red herring, and instead mean they live!  If there ones thing we can count on, it’s the big bruisers, Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus, getting a few good hits in.  Unfortunately, I also expect that a lot of the ‘one-liner’ crew of the ship to make their final bow during the pages of issue 15 and probably even 16.

Another common expectation is the arrival of the Decepticon Justice League and with the recently revealed power level of their leader Tarn, he may be more of a match for Overlord than we thought.  Ultimately, we can expect the death toll to reach the double digits We’re bound to see some energy spill on the floor.  By the looks of the teaser image below, Cosmos and Brawn may have already ‘bought it,’ but Springer’s been wrong before…



Awesome animated short featuring Transformers, Gobots, and Legos – The King of Legoland

Check out this sweet animated short by Youtube user dunun.  Thanks for showing it to me Jessecuster!


Botcon 2011 Day 2 – sales floor sneak peek!

Botcon 2011 day two consisted mostly of long lines and awesome toys. I’ll let my videos from the day do the talking. Luckily for me, I got into the sales floor before it was set up! It’s cool to see how much work goes into putting this convention together. WOW!

Botcon 2011 Hasbro toy display – Dark of the Moon and more!

Botcon 2011 sales floor during Thursday night set up.

Transformers Kreo displays

Transformers Prime concept displays


Free Dark of the Moon Starscream! – subscribe to Collecticons on youtube

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Starscream mosc

Puny fleshlings, do you think you can win me, Lord Starscream!?

I’m doing it! I’m going to give away a Deluxe Class Dark of the Moon Starscream MOSC to one lucky collecticon! All you have to do is be a subscriber of my youtube channel. I just posted my 50th video and it’s time to celebrate!

That’s it!  I’ll contact and announce the winner via youtube by Friday May 6th and send it out Saturday May 7th.  Woo hoo!  This means you’ll get Starscream, my favorite character, an entire week before you can buy it in stores!  So what are you waiting for?  SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!

This promotion is also elligible to current subscribers as well! Thanks for the support everyone!


Optimii in the wild – generations of the now


Talkin' bout my generations!

G2 Laser Prime is shooting from the hip!


Botcon 2011 registration is online! – Try, try, try again!

Botcon 2011 registration

Have fun trying to get through!

I was lucky enough to get through the gauntlet and after the second time, get fully registered for Botcon 2011! I purchased a Primus Package as well as a loose bagged set of the Stunticons. I also will be attending the customizing class for the first time. That should be fun!

The site is being completely overloaded right now so my suggestion is to be patient and fill out your information as quickly as possible! The first time I went through, I was unable to complete the registration before the countdown ended.


Terradive and I bid farewell to the beaches of Cybertron

Terradive on the beach mon

I claim this beach for the Queen of Spain!

Goodbye Mexitron, we’ll see you next year!

Enjoy this little video diddio


Greetings from the sunny side of Cybertron

Collecticon Terradive on the beach

I claim this mound in the name of Lord Megatron

Terradive and I are having a great old time!


Handmade Transformers

Talk about literal