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When sworn enemies meet in the parking garage

Autobot parked next to Decepticon

When an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object

This made the rounds on Reddit today. Pretty funny! Check it out in full res here or check out the original Reddit post.


Street Transformers II Turbo – Bumblebee bonus stage

Street Fighter II Chun-li Bumblebee Optimus Prime

"Oh my car!"

This is too good, and sorry for lack of posts!



Narcissistron comic by Douge Savage

It's the Transformer every transfan wants to be but wouldn't admit it!

Check out this humorous comic from Doug Savage and his blog savagechickens.  I want more new characters!


Shattered Glass Soundwave wants his headband!

SG Soundwave waits in line for his headband at Botcon 2012

Even Soundwave himself has to wait in line! Photo by Deceptigtar

Here is a funny from my friend Deceptigtar. He bought this custom SG Soundwave at last year’s Botcon, who knew it would come to life less than a year later!  In case satire is a bit beyond you, this is a photo of Soundwave himself forking over mad cash for his own headband at the Funpub store later this year.  Oh irony.


Megatron ‘gets off’ on Robot Chicken – Transformer toys return to TV!

You really can’t beat it when Transformers are featured on Robot Chicken. This latest clip shows Megatron firing his weapon via some decently conventional yet obscene methods. God I love this shit.


More dry humor in Transformerland – Transform your Treat winner announced, promo might as well have never happened.


Simply hilarious

Apparently this went under my radar like a missile.  Hasbro and Hostess were giving away $25,000 to someone that made an awesome Transformers name.  I am upset I missed this because I literally make up a new ridiculous Transformer name every day.  Darbitron?  Helloooo….

Anyway, a friend sent this hilarious post from Facebook regarding the promo.  The $25,000 winner has been announced, some chick named Clarissa Rock.  Way to go Clarissamiss Prime, weirdo.


More spinny videos of Dark of the Moon toys

Dark of the Moon Voyager Megatron

Dark of the Moon Barricade

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Starscream


Jazz sings! – The music of Scatman Crothers

Thanks to some industrious Bottalkers, I came across an AMV video set to the tunes of Scatman Crothers’ music!  Apparently Scatman had an entire LP of songs where he was the voice and talent.  Simply fabulous.  There can’t be enough Scatman in our lives!  We miss you!


Transformers 5 – The Planet Of The Earth

Transformers 5 poster on 30 Rock

Could it really happen?

Liz Lemon came across a poster for Transformers 5: The Planet Of The Earth. This was definitely a jab at the awkwardly titled Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It was perfect for a laugh! It also shows how Transformers as a movie franchise is the butt of many jokes regarding integrity and quality.

So will Bay and crew be able to dig themselves out of the hole created by Revenge of the Fallen? All signs point to… maybe?

Check out the episode here on Hulu.

Transformers 5 Written by No One

Just like Revenge of the Fallen!


“Starscream’s Pokeball – Fear it!”

Transformers Prime Starscream with energon harvester

I choose you!

I was watching Transformers Prime episodes on Youtube today and the most popular comment on part 2 of Episode 10 really made me laugh. Check it out and watch the episodes on youtube here.