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Gabriela Cedillo settles for 18 Million dollars after Transformers 3 stunt – almost two years after the accident

Transformers 3 Hammond Indiana Gabriela Cedillo

No Decepticon dogs anywhere to be found.

Today I learned from E! that the mishap that occurred back on the set of Transformers 3 in Hammond, IN was finally paid for the damaged caused to her.  Her, or her family, settled for a report $18 million USD, which is probably still never going to be enough to grant the Cedillo family a full recovery.

According to the article, “(Gabriela) is going to have issues for the rest of her life.” Sad indeed.

If you follow this blog, you may recall that I, Collecticon, was there on that disastrous day.  I’ve been holding onto this footage for almost two years and have followed Gabriela’s case as closely as I could.  There has not been much information since the movie was released until now.  The video below is my footage of the final stunt that was filmed on September 1st.  I was near the end of the caravan, and so most of the action occurs prior to me moving.  The accident occurred near the front of the line, and is not visible in the video.

I have never released this video until now. I wanted the dust to settle and there really isn’t much to see. I thought today would be a fitting release for the video. As indicated by the walkie, it took a few minutes before anyone realized there was a problem with Gabriela’s car. She erratically was driving after the stunt, and slammed into the guardrail and continued speeding past the stop point. This caused a lot of confusion over the walkies until someone said, “We need a helicopter now.” Then we all knew something was wrong.

I hope the Cedillo Family has found some solace this day with the tragic accident that happened nearly two years ago and they have my prayers.


Seeing Transformers Dark of the Moon tonight

Transformers Dark of the Moon jumping SUV's

I saw this stunt from a completely different angle

Sorry for the huge hiatus since Botcon, but I’ve been a busy bumblebee. After many months of waiting, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! I know a few lucky transfans have already seen the flick but I am doing all I can to resist checking anymore out until tonight.

It’s been a wild ride this time, mostly because the filming was in Chicago and I actually got to be a part of the extras cast, or at least my vehicle did. There’s also the sad story of Gabriella Cedillo, which has apparently been swept under the rug. I will be paying extra special attention to the highway scene, pictured above. That is where the accident occurred. Be on the look out for a dark grey Honda Element!!

So shall I make a few predictions? It seems silly since some have already seen the film and can vouch for whether I am right or wrong…

Starscream will die. (boo!)
Shockwave will die. (boo!)
None of the main character humans will die (boo!)
The Autobots will leave earth, save for Bumblebee who is in love with Sam (whaaa?)
Soundwave will get away (Yay!)
Megatron will get away again (Yay!)
Sentinel Prime will die (Yay!)

The movie will be awesome and I can’t wait to see Chicago get turned upside down. This is our time Transformers fans, the trilogy is over and we can all bid adieu to Michael Bay. Let’s hope he goes out with a bang.


Transformers 3 footage from accident site

Transformers Dark of the moon gabriella cedillo footage

"A BEAR in his aprtment???"

Well it appears that the footage from Gabriela Cedillo’s accident site is indeed making it into the film. I just saw this trailer today which features a clip of dog-like dreads running down the highway where Miss Cedillo’s car was hit by a piece of debris, in fact, the footage might be of the actual stunt that caused the accident!

You can tell it’s the same site down in Hammond, Indiana due to the large white receptacle tanks that are on the sides of the highway. See my footage below:


No fines, no fault – Transformers 3 crew cleared of stunt accident in Hammond, IN

Transformers 3 Hammond Indiana car stunt aftermath

Nothing to see here, please move along.

As posted by TMZ and TFLAMB, the Indiana Occupation Safety and Health Administration has cleared the producers of Transformers 3 from any wrong-doing regarding the terrible accident that has now paralyzed the left side of Gabriella Cedillo.

IOSHA tells TMZ the accident occurred “due to the failure of a weld connecting a car to a cable. The weld was made by a certified welder and all necessary safety precautions were in place.”

The IOSHA rep added, “No citations or fines will be issued. This was an unfortunate and unforeseeable accident.”

So what does this mean Collecticons?

My gut feeling is that now the lawsuit filed by the Cedillo family against the film may be have a little less weight behind it.  The total damages being pursued are around $350,000, which felt a bit small to me for the life-changing damage that took place for our unlucky extra.

My pure speculative notion is that the two parties will settle out of court, with Miss Cedillo still being awarded a handsome sum.  Handsome enough to make up for the terrible accident?  Of course not.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.


Photo of damage from Transformers 3 stunt accident

Transformers 3 accident vehicle damage

Yowsers, that wasn't from no Decepticon! (Photo sent to Chicago Breaking News by Kathy Beardsley of the law firm Power, Rogers & Smith)

Chicago Break News has updated their original story regarding the lawsuit filed against the production of Transformers 3. This time, the story includes a shocking photograph of the damage done to the vehicle that victime Gabriella Cedillo was driving. The extent of the damage is far greater than I had anticipated.

Also, some have been questioning whether a safety clause or some other sort of waiver was signed.  There was no such waiver to speak of, and even if there had been – come on, seriously.

Cedillo’s attorney, Todd Smith, said there was no indication of any risk associated with the scene in any of the paperwork Cedillo signed.


Additional details of Gabriella Cedillo’s Transformers 3 lawsuit

Chicago Breaking News has posted an additional story regarding the lawsuit filed by the family of Gabriella Cedillo.

It includes additional details about the accident and also includes this tragic but hopeful account of the status of Miss Cedillo:

After nearly a month in intensive care at Loyola Medical Center, Cedillo was recently moved to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Despite her cognitive impairment, she is able to mouth words and write with her right hand, Romo said. She is able to indicate if she is in pain, he said, and she has written her family “I love you” and “Everything’s going to be OK.”


Transformers 3 extra permanently brain damaged – lawsuit filed by Gabriella Cedillo’s family

Transformers 3 filming stunt

The set of Transformers 3

I am sorry to report what many have feared for some time now: Miss Gabriella Cedillo has been permanently brain damaged by the accident that occurred on the set of Transformers 3, according to her family.

At least we finally get some accurate information about what actually happened on the set.  The Cedillo Family has filed a lawsuit against the production for the accident that affect Miss Cedillo, an extra on the film.

…stunt vehicles were being towed by flatbed trucks in the opposite lanes at about 50 mph.The stunt called for two of the towed vehicles to rise in the air and then flip, by use of a pulling cable with the idea being to cause violent rolls of the cars involved.

On the day of the accident, the eastbound stunt vehicle that was closest to the center of the road and to the extras driving their vehicles, including Cedillo, suffered a mishap when a cable and a bracket attached to the bottom of the stunt car snapped.

I’ll admit, I think just about everyone following this story expected this lawsuit to come sooner or later.  Hopefully this doesn’t affect the film, but in the grand scheme, this is a person’s life we are talking about.  It could’ve been me in Loyola hospital since September!  You can trust that Collecticon will be following this story very closely.

Check Chicago Breaking News for the full details.

Thanks to MarshallDusty for the tip.


Video of final Transformers 3 highway stunt – accident

Apparently I wasn’t the only one ‘taking notes’ while enjoying my time as an extra on the set of Transformers 3.  Another extra has come out with their story of the accident that occurred during the final highway stunt of Transformers 3 in Hammond, Indiana on Wednesday September 1st, 2010.

A video has been posted exclusively by Radar Online which consists of amatuer video shot from the car of an extra on the set of Transformers 3.

I am wondering how much this anonymous extra sold their video for… and I wonder if I ought to try selling my own! ^_^

Apparently the anonymous extra decided to play white knight and chastise the film crew:

“We weren’t trained stunt people. They paid regular extras to use their own personal cars an extra $25 per day for that freeway scene,” the extra continued. “We were never informed of the risk we were putting ourselves in and when you take into consideration the amount you are being paid to be there, it’s not worth it.”

That’s interesting.  You sure thought it was worth your time and money the two previous days.  It’s not like the crew was planning on someone getting hurt.  Once again, this was a complete accident.  The production was well aware of the risks and there were medical and police units on hand during the entire shoot.  If you have such a high opinion, why not make a comment with your real name attached?  You must really want the $300 you were paid to sit in your air conditioning for 3 days.  Tough work, indeed.

The ultimate fate of Miss Cedillo is still uncertain.


Transformers 3 Production crew makes a statement regarding accident

Over three days have passed since the tragic accident involving an extra during the filming of Transformers 3 in Hammond, Indiana.  News continues to trickle in bit by bit as we wait for the ultimate fate of 24 year old Grabriella Cedillo.  At long last, someone involved with the film has made an official statement.

According to the Los Angeles Times, an affiliate from the Transformers production staff has made this statement regarding the accident:

Our thoughts and prayers are with Gabriela, her family and loved ones. We are looking into what caused the accident.

I also found an article that so far has been the most factually accurate regarding the stunt and what occurred.  I still wish that the news sources would refrain from quoting the “sliced through her skull” report that has come from an extra that is completely speculating on that.  In particular, the information regarding the $25 extra wage on top of 8 hours of minimum wage to be an extra.

There now a Facebook page dedicated to the recovery of Miss Cedillo that can be seen here.  I’m sure this will be a great way for other extras involved with the shoot to reconnect with each other.


Transformers 3 accident update – Gabriella Cedillo still in hospital

Well, NBC Chicago has posted a follow-up video to the original revealing a few more details and even photographs of Gabriella Cedillo. From the sounds of it, Gabriella will be making a full recovery, although she is still listed in critical condition.

I’m sure once Gabriella’s condition is stabilized, reps from the movie or Paramount will be making a statement regarding the accident and the resultant future of the Transformers 3 filming.

Thanks to TFlamb for finding this updated video from NBC Chicago.