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Did TakaraTomy just release the first ever Official Decepticon Justice Division figure? UW-06 Grand Galvatron


Is that you, Tarn?

Kudos to TakaraTomy for revealing the most bonkers combiner yet to be revealed amongst the Combiner Wars: Unite Warriors 06 Grand Galvatron!

Sold as a giftset, like most other Unite Warriors combiners, Grand Galvatron is the Japanese response to Hasbro’s Galvatronus. Much like Galvatronus is meant to force other robots to combiner with him, Grand Galvatron consists of mostly unexpected iterations of characters crossing many timelines and toylines.  The Ghost Starscream makes the most sense, but then we kick the dial up a few notches past heroin over-dose and Thrust from Armada drops over for hit, along with his new buddy Breakdown from Transformers: Prime.  But the party really starts once we realize IDW’s own Roller has dropped a few squares and we realize just what kind of friends we’ve made.


Such an innocent face

Named “Wandering Roller”, this redeco of Rook is actually a pretty smart move.  The alt mode is completely grey, just like the original G1 Roller, and the bot mode takes on the essence of Orion Pax’s early-day buddy who we lost somewhere along the way… or did we?

If you’re a follower of Collecticon, then you should be well aware of this site’s hunch that Roller = Tarn of the Decepticon Justice Division. We aren’t expecting a confirmation one way or the other until maybe this time in 2016, but it sure is one of the great mysteries of More Than Meets The Eye.  

It sure is suspect that Grand Galvatron decided to pull all Decepticons into the folder for his combiner except for one… so just why is he there?  Keep you eyes here to find out the moment we do!


Hangin at Botcon 2011

I’m here. I made it this morning.

I was lucky enough to attend the customizing class being held this morning. Apparently things ran more smoothly than ever before today. Wow, it’s hard to believe small children in China churn these figures out en-masse!!!

Anyway, until I get full internet access, this will suffice. For now please, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER for consistent updates.

Here are some things I can reveal after ‘strategically’ over-hearing some things by Botcon staff in the lobby:

  • Shattered Glass two pack attendee exclusive: Shattered Glass Galvatron + Shattered Glass Thundercracker.  This is the Cybertron Evac and Classics seeker mold.  THIS IS GOING TO BE THE HOT SET!
  • Animated Sideswipe is part of the set.
  • Other options for the custom class figure were the Animated Rodimus & Animated Jazz molds, since they were the only others that were availble to the club to use for this purpose.
  • Rodimus as Sunstreaker was considered for the custom class figure, but ultimately the Arcee mold was chosen due to it’s simplicity.  Rodimus is a very complex mold.
  • “The Stunti-con Job” name for the Botcon 2011 Comic is meant to be a play on “The Italian Job,” a caper / heist movie.

Masterpiece 10 – Who is it going to be?

Masterpiece Convoy Last Shot

For the last time? Yeah I doubt it

There’s been a lot of hoopla about which character Masterpiece 10 is going to be. We were apparently going to be teased with the identity of MP-10 from the audio clips housed in MP-1L’s pedestal. So far, no one has found any hint that may or may not be lost in translation from the 15 or so phrases from the pedestal.

MP-10 is going ot be large, with a hefty price tag of 22,000 yen, according to Big Bad Toy Store.  This is going to be pretty large, in the vein of MP-4 or MP-9.  Some speculation is a fully armored Ultra Magnus, a Masterpiece Devastator, or even Omega Supreme from left field.

I however, have composed a different theory.  I worry that the true identity of Masterpiece #10 may be much less spectacular than a new Masterpiece Shockwave or Galvatron.  WIth the hoopla building up to the “last shot” of the Masterpiece Prime mold, I am left wondering why it was re-release more than 3 times in the past 18 months in various incarnations.  What was the need to churn out production run after production run of a mold that has surely seen its fair share of time in the sun?

As the Masterpiece line has increased in complexity I have felt that the MP Convoy mold is a bit simplistic and just doesn’t fit in with the aesthetic anymore.  Ever since Starscream, Megatron, Grimlock and now Rodimus Prime, MP Convoy is left looking a bit boxy and clunky, not to mention the ‘cheating’ going on with the double front grill.  Might it be time for an upgrade of the Cybertron Commander to the new realm of Masterpiece figures?  I’m sure greater leaps and bounds can be taken to make an even more grand and regal Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold to be abused by the factories over and over again for another decade.

Optimus Prime painting

You can never get enough of me!!

So there you have it.  MP-10 could very well be a brand new updated Optimus Prime mold, leading us into an entirely new realm of Masterpiece figures and the possibility for all of them to be re-imagined once again.  Does this theory hold water?  Just as much as any other one.  I myself would prefer a nice shiney Galvatron figure to stand opposite Rodimus Convoy, but my spidey senses tell me otherwise.  We shall see…


Transform and prosper – Leonard Nimoy returns to Transformers as Sentinel Prime

Leonard Nimoy to voice Sentinel Prime in Dark of the Moon

This is bad comedy

There has been a lot of voice-acting news recently!

Unlike a false news story that came up last year regarding War For Cybertron, Leonard Nimoy is indeed returning to the Transformers franchise.  This is quite exciting as its another throwback to the original 1985 Animated Movie.  This news comes from a post by Entertainment Weekly where Michael Bay discusses how Mr. Nimoy became involved and his relationship with him.

I for one, am happy to see him come back!  Bring on Dark of the Moon!


First Draft Sctipt of 1986 Animated Transformers Movie – The Summary part 2

And here is part two of the highlights to the incredible first draft of Transformers: The Movie.

* Hotrod crashes into Quintessa’s sea. He finds the robo-squid tearing Kup apart. Same thing as the final film here including Kup’s repair. No Ali-cons, just Sharkticons. As the Sharkticons lead them away they use cattle prod like devices to shock them. The leader continues saying something which Kup translates as “we eat”.

* The Quintessons are described differently. They have frail bodies but large heads and so have metal frames on their shoulders to hold their heads up. Kranix is now Granix and there are other prisoners besides him in the cell. Granix is a bot made of a granite and stone….a Rocklord?  After describing where they are and the Quintessons’ heads (pointing out only 4 are normally seen), a group of Sharkticons enter the cell to take Granix away. He pleads for his life (and we hear Lithone is made of marble). Hotrod and Kup attack to try and save him but are detained. The lead Quintesson flips to his fifth face, the Death’s head and sentences Granix to death. No tank, instead 4 Sharkticons surround him. Granix uses a cattle prod destroying two of them, but the other two eat him.

* Ultra Magnus and the others crash on Junkion and start repairing, while in view of the Junkions.

* The Dinobots are seen walking around when a Sharkticon takes a bite out of Grimlock. He shakes it off and the Sharkticon runs for the main Quintesson building. Upon entering they are greeted by the Quint leader who politely welcomes them but says their friends are not here. A few questions later Grimlock says goodbye to “Many Face Thing” and they leave.

* Ingestor continues to suck up energy and Unicron increases in size. It’s trees and grass becoming more vibrant. Galvatron arrives and starts kissing ass but then says he will not allow the consumption of Cybertron. Ingestor tortures him and orders the Decepticons to Junkion, saying the Autobots survived. Unicron eats another moon and increases in size again.

* The Quints sentence Hotrod and Kup but Hotrod manages to get ahold of one of the prods and destroys the surrounding guards and Sharkticons. He then corners the lead Quint with the prod staff against it’s neck, while Kup is on the main floor with Sharkticons in front of him.

* The Dinobots are now in the Quintesson mountains, where they were told “their friends may be”. Finding nothing they now encounter Wheelie. Same thing, back to the building.

* Hotrod threatening the Quint judge throws him to the arena floor. The Quint laughing at him and orders their execution. Hotrod and Kup fend of some more Sharkticons but are then cornered. Swoop flies in and Grimlock busts down the door. The Dinobots and freed prisoners start fighting back. The Quints now outnumbered, the prisoners take control, led by a giant glass bot. Wheelie points out the ship and they leave.

* After repairing the shuttle the Decepticons attack the Autobots. The battle plays out roughly the same. Additions include Ultra Magnus taking on the coneheads, and Daniel fusing Astrotrain’s hands together and mouth shut. Once the Autobots take cover, Perceptor uses a smokescreen and clones of themselves to fool the Cons. Galvatron and some Cons pursue Ultra Magnus as the others destroy the clones. UM fighting through many Decepticons is now battered, one arm useless. Galvatron transforms and blasts Ultra Magnus to pieces. He then uses a saw tool to cut open UM’s chest cavity and takes Prime’s spark. Galvatron orders his troops back to Earth so they can stop the energy transfer.

* The Junkions attack, but with other road warrior vehicles and not just transforming into motorcycles. They seem more violent and corner the Autobots. Threatening to use blow torches on them just as the Quint ship comes flying by. Hotrod lands and they exit with him holding energon pretzels.  The universal greeting, dancing, and Magnus’ repair play out the same. Magnus says he can no longer lead since he doesn’t have Prime’s spark. The others look to Springer but Hotrod pops in with some encouraging words. Kup says he’s grown. The Autobots and Junkions lift off for Unicron.

* Back at Unicron, Galvatron says he’s done all of Ingestor’s bidding and would like out of their agreement. Ingestor refuses saying they are his for eternity. Galvatron threatens to use a thermo charge to detonate Unicron’s core. The planet sucks up the last of the energy and transforms. Seeing as this Unicron looks nothing like the final version you’ll have to imagine what it looks like. Galvatron pleas again only to end up on Ingestor’s tree trunk eyebrows.

* Ingestor begins his attack. He sweeps the planet with his hand. Eats Shockwave and building debris. Thundercracker and Skywarp mount a counterattack with laser cannons, but are then devoured along with their weapons fire. The shuttles approach, Dinobots and Junkions exiting hatches. They all attack with Ingestor swiping at them. A few pages in Hotrod buries the Quint ship into Ingestor. Hotrod then flies into his ear as the others fight on. The battle outside seems more slapstick than anything. Daniel even getting alot of offense on Ingestor. While Hotrod battles the internal defenses inside.

* Ingestor speaks out to Galvatron who is still holding on to his eyebrow. Says to go in and stop the intruder. Ingestor forces Galvatron through his eye socket. Hotrod and Galvatron fight. The battle seeming a little similar to the one Prime and Megatron had. Hotrod grabs hold of the bottle around Galvatron’s neck which contains Prime’s spark. Optimus speaks out and the light of his spark bathes Hotrod who transforms into Rodimus Prime. Galvatron fires on him then tackles Rodimus as they crash through walls. He continues to bash Rodimus as they enter Ingestor’s stomach cavity. Inside they see Cybertron’s moons, other planets, space vechicles, etc all webbed up and being digested. Galvatron looks to deliver the final blow to Rodimus when he struck by laser fire coming from Jazz and Cliffjumper. Rodimus counters back and is ready to destroy Galvatron, before Galvy exclaims he is truly Megatron and grabs Rodimus’ throat.

* Rodimus frees himself from the grasp and the bottle with Prime’s spark breaks free. Optimus speaks once more and the energy from his spark begins to destroy Ingestor from within. Ingestor begins ripping himself apart trying to get at Prime’s spark. Part of the stomach wall blows open. Galvatron, debris, and the ship containing Jazz and CJ are shot out. Rodimus is about to evacuate when he hears voices. Turns out there are still Autobots on 2 of the moons inside Ingestor. Rodimus manages to hurl them out during the destruction. Prime’s spark speaks one last time as it dissipates and Ingestor explodes. Rodimus flying out from the remaining debris. The Autobots cheer as he flies off towards Cybertron.

I want to once again thank Air Hammer of Bottalk.com for allowing me to post his great summary.  Enjoy!


TakaraTomy 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron video review

I’m once again sorry it took so long but this is probably my choice for figure of the year. I love Unicron and although I still pine for a true G1 unicron, this is probably as close as we will ever get. Simply marvelous and awesome.


TakaraTomy’s Transformers 2010 toyline – the big picture

TakaraTomy Transformers 2010 logo

Such a subtle hint with those flames!

TakaraTomy’s Transformers 2010 line has been evolving over the past few months and has included some unexpected figures joining the psuedo-toyline. Originally, the line promised only 4 new toys including Masterpiece Sleep Convoy, a Unicron Repaint, the Sons of Cybertron Animated giftset and one empty slot many of us assumed would be left for Masterpiece Rodimus. As of yesterday, we have visual confirmation on Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy from Cybertron Convention 2010.

Upon visiting the TakaraTomy Transformers 2010 website, one can see that the slots have increased to 7 from the original 4 when the website launched (see below).

TakaraTomy Welcome to Transformers 2010 products page

The original look of the 2010 products page

TakaraTomy's Transformers 2010 product page

2010 Mid-summer look of TakaraTomy product page

Figure King 150 Transformers 2010 spread

The only confirmed toy missing here is the Predaking reissue

Incidentally, Figure King magazine posted a spread detailing the releases so far announced for Transformers 2010. If you include the Predaking reissue along with Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy, the total sits at 7. All signs are beginning to point to this line ending with a total of ten official releases, just to keep things tidy.

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy is also up to bat at #9 in the Masterpiece line… leaving a precarious 10th slot that seems all too coincidental. Of course the first thing that comes to mind would be a Masterpiece Galvatron, but two new Masterpiece molds in a year seems like a bit of a pipe-dream. Let’s not count ol’ purple horns out though. The Decepticons have been un-represented so far in the Transformers 2010 line, except for the recent announcement of Predaking. Galavatron most certainly will be appearing in one of the last 3 slots in some form. Let’s hope it’s not just a redeco of Henkei Galvatron matched with Cyclonus…

Another possibility to fill out the line with another Masterpiece figure would be a reformat version of Megatron. The MP-05 mold is the only one that has yet to be redecoed. With such a fabulous mold, we know something has to be coming. The Purple Megatron gun in the Sleep Mode Convoy set may be strong indication that a clear Masterpiece Megatron is in our future. Heck, they just released a clear Masterpiece Starscream so it can be pulled off.

There’s also the possibility of more G1 reissues with slight upgrades like the Encore line. The possibilities here are many: Cyclonus, Scourge, Galvatron, Rodimus, Kup, Blurr, Trypticon or even Metroplex. The 2010 line seems to be pulling from every line available so more reissues are not out of the question.

And finally, none of these predictions could be true and MP-09 Rodimus Convoy could be the final piece offered in the line and it caps out at 7. Who knows. I have faith in the Japanese to round everything off at 10, including a new Masterpiece figure. Come on TakaraTomy, you got The Touch!


Botcon 2010 predictions

With the Botcon hullabaloo reaching a fervor, it’s time to start making some wild predictions about what the lucky attendees will see and hear this year at the fandom’s premiere gala event.

Previous years have revealed some mighty fine surprises such as the first images of the Transformers Animated characters and toys; early reveal of pre-production molds for figures like Hot Shot, Targetmaster Cyclonus, and Hound; exclusive previews from the set of Transformers courtesy of Michael Bay; and even the dreaded confirmation tentative toys will never see the light of day.  If you’ve never been to Botcon before, make sure you make it to the Hasbro product preview panel because it is definitely the highlight of the year for Transformers fans.

Since I will not be attending, I feel I can do my part and start the speculation early with some predictions about just what we will be told at this year’s panel.

1- The full Botcon Set

Each botcon exclusive set includes a variety of figures that require differnet methods of attainment.  Anyone can buy the giftset but there is usually so much more available that is only available to attendees of the convention.  These include a free attendee figure with each boxset purchased and two to three attendee add-on sets.

So far we know the identity of the whole 2010 boxset, but what about the attendee exclusive and the add-ons?  It’s been deduced that G2 Rapido and G1 Gnaw will be part of the attendee figures, and there may possibly be a blue Energon Wheeljack redeco as Slicer involved as well.  So there are a total of 3-5 figures we still have not seen and should not see until the opening of the convention. (Good job on the security this year Botcon guys!)

So here are my predictions:

  • Gnaw will be a 3-pack of Sharkticons just like 2009’s sweeps set and will be ridiculously sought after by those that did not attend the convention.
  • G2 Rapido will be the attendee exclusive since he shares a similarity with Streetstar.
  • Slicer will be tied with a Shattered glass figure ala last year’s Razorclaw and Elita 1 set, and it’s partner will be Shattered Glass Galvatron ala the Club comic profile.  This will be a purple helicopter redeco of Cybertron Evac.  This, of course, will be the shining star of the set and be worth $350 within 5 minutes of selling out.
  • If the Gnaw 3-pack is a reality, this leaves us with one more attendee two-pack.  It would seem pretty ridiculous if we don’t get another real G2-G1 character like Breakdown so I am calling a Black Swideswipe, Purple Ramjet, or Gray White and Camo Starscream (oh please!).  However, I really have no idea what to expect since the set so far has been all over the place, but I just want a dang Purple Ramjet!
Botcon 2010 Sharkticon swarm

There must be blood in the energon!

2 – Announcement of G1 Unicron

Prepare for the big announcement of a big character coming to the United States.  Yes, this will most likely be a huge announcement at Botcon – That Hasbro will be bringing the 2010 TakaraTomy Unicron to the States as some sort of retailer exclusive.  I already called this earlier this week, so hopefully I get to say “I toldja so” once again.  I just pre-ordered this guy so I am kind of praying this doesn’t happen, but as long as figure is not a straight repack of the Japanese version, no one has anything to fear.

Generation 1 Hasbro Unicron Toy

It is most certainly Upgrade Time!

3 – Confirming the fate of the stray Animated figures

We just got a hint at what is to come since Animated Thundercracker and Mudbuster Bulkhead were recently listed on Hasbro.com.  Whether these toys will be online-only exclusives, retailer exclusives, or mass-released reamins to be seen.  Perhaps Hasbro will take advantage of their built-in sales system and sell these exclusively on Hasbrotoyshop.com.  After receiving no word on Transformers Animated at this year’s Toy Fair event, it is only logical that we will get the full skinny on these sought-after strays at this year’s panel.  Let’s just hope that the TakaraTomy side of things has given the proper bump that Hasbro needed to get these last few guys out of the vault and into our clutches!

The unreleased Transformers Animated Toys Rodimus Ironhide Thundercracker Wasp

We'll see them in metallic, but will they ever be matte?

4 – Masterpiece Rodimus / Galvatron images revealed

Transformers 2010 G1 Galvatron illustration

I don't want to be a brick anymore!

Transformers 2010 G1 Rodimus Convoy

Hey, me neither!

Will we get the touch?  We all know this is coming, but wouldn’t it be fun if the Rodimus rumors were incorrect and we were in turn given MP Galvatron for the 2010 line? 

Rodimus would altogether make a much more marketable toy – his alt-mode has always been more appealing that Galvatron’s “galva-gun” thinga-majig alt-mode. It is unlikely that Hasbro would be the ones to reveal such a special toy that will be released in Japan only, but perhaps we will see a joint released by Hasbro and TakaraTomy.  That sure would be nice, wouldn’t it?  If 2010 unicron will be released by Hasbro, the new 2010 Masterpiece figure could be all the more likely.

5 – Transformers Prime

Just what is Transformers Prime going to be all about?  No one knows, but after this year’s panel, everyone’s going to have a much better idea.  As the next big phase in Transformers until Transformers 3 hits theaters, the wire has been all to quiet about what we can expect.  The focus currently is on War for Cybertron, which has been taking a lot of the heat off of Transformers Prime for now, but as soon as the Activision game hits stores, expect this to be the next big push.

Transformers Prime Logo

Its almost Prime Time, baby!

From what I can gather, all signs point towards a Movie-verse storyline set on pre-war Cybertron.  Another prediction would be that it is Transformers on Earth in the very distant future.  It could also focus on the new movie mythos behind the Primes and what eaxctly it takes to become one and what they really are.  If Hasbro has their stuff together as much as they typically do, panel attendees may be treated to photos of the actual toys beyond just a preview clip or two of the finished show.

6 – War For Cybertron toyline expanded

At this point, Hasbro and Activision know they have a hit on their hands with War for Cybertron. The pre-sale data on the game has probably helped Hasbro make some decisions as to expand the quantity of War For Cybertron toys or not, and I think we can all agree that there needs to be more of them.  The CG renders are really great and show that each character has been well-designed and each is in need of their own sculpt.  This is most likely already in the works as illustrated by Seibertron who recently discovered that War for Cybertron Bumblebee’s instruction sheet features a very Cliffjumper-like head sculpt!

Why didn’t Hasbro decide to make a dedicated War for Cybertron line in the first place?  I’m sure the answer to these types of questions are very complex so let’s not really expect any sort of answer and just hope that we see an entire fleet of these beautiful renditions of everyone’s favorite characters.

Transformers War For Cybertron potential expanded toyline figures

Chistle us in plastic, plox

7 – Botcon 2011’s location will be back in Chicago, IL

Transformers 3 is filming in Chicago for six weeks this summer.  The city will hopefully be a relatively signifcant part of the plot and consist of at least one major action sequence.  Transformers 3 is slated to come out July 1, 2011.  The Botcon event is typically near the end of June, just in time for a pre-screening of Transformers 3 similar to what happened at Botcon 2007 in Rhode Island.  Depending on how significant or insignificant Chicago’s part plays in the movie, it may become the temporary epicenter of the Transformers Universe.

Botcon 2011 to be in Chicago?

Let's hope for Transformer heaven in 2011

Botcon 2008 was in a Midwestern part of the country, and it has spanned both coasts in between so it just feels right to be back in the midwest again, and we haven’t seen the con in the Windy City since 2004, when it wasn’t even called Botcon!  I know, I know, everyone wants Botcon to be near them, but the recipe is all there.  As the location of some great Transformers websites, it would just be too good to be true!  So please, just be true.


Leonard Nimoy returns to Transformers!

Leonard Nimoy returns to Transformers

"Live Long in Prosper, you insolent Autobots!"

TFW and Seibertron have reported some additional voice actors slated to appear in Activision’s War For Cybertron video game coming out later this year.  The big news here is that Leonard Nimoy has been cast as the voice of the Autobots’ doomed commander, Zeta Prime.

No Transformers fan needs a reminder of Mr. Nimoy’s contribution to the Transformer lore, but I felt a post regarding his characterization of the Decepticon leader Galvatron was appropriate.

Welcome back to our world!