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Botcon 2010 Yellow Shattered Glass Hound and White SG Ravage

Botcon 2010 SG Ravage and Hound

I so should've seen this coming...

ARg! Not even 24-hours since I posted by list of Botcon 2010 predictions does a new photograph surface which refutes almost all of it! Instead of the Shattered Glass figure being an Evac/Galvatron like I predicted, instead the happy joy-joy white version of Ravage comes with a yellow SG Hound!

This should’ve been more than obvious given the fact that Shatter Glass Ravage is the club’s favorite character, and even has his own Twitter account!  Blast you!

Now the question is whether this is the attendee exclusive or part of a 2-pack.  I am putting my money on a two-pack.

The images were found on Chinese auction site Taobao, which is apparently the new place to find stuff before you’re supposed to get it.

EDIT: The yellow hound is most likley Generation 2 Turbomaster Scorch and not the Shatter Glass Hound I originally guessed.

Botcon 2010 Yellow SG Hound and White SG Ravage

Silly Hound, don't you know we wanted you to be Swindle?


Botcon 2010 Streetstar teaser art

Botcon 2010 Streetstar teaser artwork

Givin' Barricade a better run for his money than Prowl

This was posted on the Botcon twitter.


Botcon 2010 promo video posted – very funny!

This is a rather funny jab at the video reviewer portion of the community out there. Starscream is reviewing Botcon 2009 Kup! I hope everyone has a good time at Botcon later this month. The video was put together by none other than the Transformers hero of Youtube, Dr Smoov!


Botcon Rapido en el casa

Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Rapido robot mode

So turquoise, so goooood!

Yeah yeah, every other Transformers site has already posted this photo found on ACtoys.net but I just couldn’t help it. Plus, I need to follow-up on the ‘rumor‘ that Rapdio was indeed going to be part of the attendee exclusive sets at this year’s Botcon in Disney World.

As weird as I was expecting this toy to be, the photo above looks quite nice.  The apparently remolded head is also a nice surprise.  Oh Botcon 2010 non-attendee giftset, shall I order thee?


Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Voyager Clench

Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Clench in vehicle mode

Utterly scrumptious!

Amidst all the clouds surrounding this year’s Botcon festivities, we have been given an official look at the magnificent second voyager figure that shall appear in the Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Redux boxset – Clench in the form of Universe Onslaught! It includes a brand new head mold and some bright pink and green accents.

You can all buy beers for TFW’s Whitemocha as he called this one long ago with his Generation 2 mock ups. A fabulous piece to round out this year’s boxset.

Botcon 2010 Clench compared to White Mocha's digibash

Wow, Whitemocha really nailed this one! - original photo from Seibertron.com

Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Clench in robot mode

It might be tough to get a 'clench' on this guy after the 'con!


Botcon 2010 Breakdown makes a mad dash for the States

Botcon 2010 Breakdown

Pink and teal never looked so menacing

KOtoys.com has gotten their hands on some hot plastic – Botcon 2010 Breakdown! This figure is going to be one of the gems of the set so prepare to be forkin’ over the big bucks!

See all the photos at this gallery on photobucket.

Looks like for those of us with the means, we’ll be able to get one of the most alluring figures from the set thus far well before the convention itself. Are you ready to get your ‘con ‘Con?

Live Blog

Lazy Saturday

Lazy Saturday, originally uploaded by Collecticon.

Spark, deceptigtar and splitnine drinking a brew

Live Blog

Botcon 2010 pyro (Spark) in the wild

Botcon 2010 pyro in the wild, originally uploaded by Collecticon.

Lookie who stopped by for a visit

Featured Ebay Auctions

ATB Megatron and Starscream on Ebay – $5,500

Generation 2 Unreleased ATB Megatron and Starscream

It could be yours for $5,000

With Botcon 2010 revealing their Generation 2 themed boxset over the past few weeks, a lot of focus on Generation 2 figures and lore has been popping up. It really came to a head today when Deceptigtar showed me this auction for the very rare G2 ATB Megatron and Starscream set.

I have been trying to get my hands on one of these for a few years and two of them have slipped through my fingers during that time.  Now we have one publicly listed on Ebay for a whopping $5,500.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone that the price is absolutely ridiculous.  It also brings up a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for the past week or so: what is the most expensive Transformer ever, or even more specifically, is any Transformer worth more than $2000?

My reasonable offer was declined from the seller automatically, so the seller apparently believes his asking price is appropriate.  in the end, he price is set by what someone is willing to pay for it.  So Collecticons, are any of you willing to fork over $5,500 for some plastic parts in a sealed box?

Oh, it’s also nice to see that the seller isn’t expecting to inflate shipping charges on your $5,5000 purchase – it’s only $9 UPS!  HOW THOUGHTFUL!!


Botcon 2010 Clench

Transformers Botcon 2010 Convention exclusive deluxe Clench

Well, he wasn't ever repainted before...