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TakaraTomy 2010 Universal Dominator Unicron video review

I’m once again sorry it took so long but this is probably my choice for figure of the year. I love Unicron and although I still pine for a true G1 unicron, this is probably as close as we will ever get. Simply marvelous and awesome.


Starscream’s Ghost – Greatest Cartoon Ghost of All Time

SCF Ghost Starscream chase PVC

Ghost Starscream is now the king of the cartoon undead!

Apparently the all-knowing and definitive source for cartoon top tens, animation.comedy.com, has made their declarations for top ten greatest cartoon ghosts of all time.  As we all know, the greatest Transformer ghost of all time is our beloved Ghost Starscream and apparently he is now the greatest cartoon ghost EVER!

Check out the full top ten here. Thanks to Jason Blue Boost for tipping me off to this article.


Transformers 3 Hardcore Eddie – Wanted: dead or alive

Transformers 3 - Hardcore Eddie Wanted: Dead or Alive

Time to round up a posse!

A rumor that I’ve been hearing for a while is now sounding more and more true. This is definitely a spoiler so hopefully no one freaks out.

I had heard rumors that there were ‘robot parts’ included in the set props amongst the Chicago Transformers 3 filming. Now we are getting word from one of the actors himself that he indeed is the one that puts down our beloved second-in-command. How befitting of this character to be taken down by a human. Sad as it is, now it just opens the door for one of the more ridiculous traditions in Transformers – Starscream as a robo-ghost!

Blog Video Reviews

Masterpiece MP-3G Ghost Starscream video review

Here’s a video review of the biggest robot zombie you’ve ever seen! This went up yesterday, but I am only now getting around to posting the review on Collecticon. Enjoy!


MP-3G Masterpiece Ghost Starscream packaging photos

Masterpiece Ghost Starscream box packaging MP3G

Shouldn't the box be transluscent too?

I leave you today with eye candy in the form of Ghost Masterpiece Starscream’s beautiful packaging. It is in the vein of other Masterpiece styled boxes and not a complete weirdo change like MP-8X King Grimlock. Enjoy!

You can pre-order MP3G at TFsource.com now!

Video Reviews

Henkei Ghost Starscream video review

My 2nd review for TFsource has been up for a while. I’d like to share this with anyone that hasn’t seen it. There are many more reviews in the pipeline but they take a while to complete. For now, enjoy an in-depth look at one of my favorite figures ever!