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Botcon 2016 predictions – centerpiece figure possibility?


Could it be me?? YESssssss…..

So it’s time to start guessing what the potential figures could be for the upcoming Botcon 2016.  There is mention of a “center-piece” figure for the souvenirs that is not a Combiner Wars mold.  The other hint is that it required a new heead.

Could we possibly be getting access to the Japan-only remold of War for Cybertron Voyager Grilock as Beast Wars Megatron? Sure, maybe, but probably not.  He sure would make a good looking toy though to defeat Predacus!


G1-deco movie dinobots look awesome


Compared to his flamboyant buddies, Grimlock looks pretty G1-schemed! – Photo by seibertron.com

The movie dinobots are growing on me.  The photograph above makes me realize just how closely Grimlock is in colorscheme to his G1 self.  The colors have been thrown around int he washing machine a bit, but compared to the bright red of Scorn and Purple of Slug, he appears a little bit retro.  What really got me going was the recent reveal of the G1-version of Slag that is coming out in Japan for the 30-year expo.  This thing is going to be HOT and the deco looks so good I want to cry.  Sure the mass-appeal might not be there but collectors are going to salivate for this guy.  The red horns and robot head mean that the Canadian version of Slag is bound to shoot up 300% in value.  Clutch them tightly, Collecticons…


It may only be released in Japan, but it’s the Candian variant, bitchezzz!


Meet all the robot vehicles of Transformers 4

Transformers 4 is filming as we speak! Another two year stretch of Transformers madness is upon us, and this time, it seems some interested parties have learned a thing or two. Most of the information about the film has been coming directly from Michael Bay’s website. I applaud this effort, and the photos coming from set have kept much to be determined about the plot points.

With the reveal of the new Bumblebee car, we have apparently exhausted allt he pretty vehicle product shots for this movie. The cast looks to be our biggest yet, with over 10 confirmed new transforming vehicles. Have you met them all yet? If not, feast your eyes on the complete (as of now) robot cast of Transformers 4.


Can fan-fiction characters actaully enter the movie-verse? Apparently yes!


He ain’t nothin’ like a Hound dog


Supposedly this is an Autobot named Slingshot, but that information is pretty suspect


This is probably Grimlock


Suspected Decepticon Lambo


Another suspected Decepticon Stunticon


A lot of guesses on this one but all signs are pointing to Stunticons appearing in this film, lead by Motormaster




Hi! I don’t have a name yet! Skidsflap?


Hey guys, I’m the radically redesigned Bumblebee that is so old, I’ms new!


Or just fucking kidding, there’s no way I couldn’t be an upcoming commercial vehicle! Nya nya nya!


Real-life dinobots t-shirt coming from RIPT tomorrow – The Land Before Prime


Historic prehistoric Transformers t-shirt design

Nard alert!  Tomorrow’s t-shirt design from RIPT Apparel will feature some rather strangely colored jurassic creatures.  You might find this image relevant to your interests.  If you do, pick it up this retro shirt at RIPT Apparel on Saturday April 19th, 2013!


Could the Beast Wars Megatron from FOC Grimlock be Botcon-bound?


Hey guiz, remember me?

With the announcement of Beast Hunters Megatron being remolded into something fishy earlier today by yours truly, it appears that all the voyager figure slots for Beast  Hunters have now been filled.  So what happened to this guy, the Beast Megatron remold we saw oh so long ago?

Perhaps this was just a super early leak of a Botcon 2013 figure.  Sure, the leak seems incredibly early for such a figure, but the set this year is so off the wall stupid, that maybe this add-on figure can save it.  Who knows, but we’ll find out in a few short months!


Post Botcon 2012 predictions and thoughts – Cybertroncon Asia exclusives not so exclusive

Transformers G1 Hoist Cybertroncon reveal

This just in from 2012 Cybertroncon - Asia-only right? I'm calling bullshit brigade on that one.

So Botcon 2012 has come and gone and with it some surprising revelations. The most important of these I am listing below in no particular order:

  • Transformers Collector Club subscription service starting soon with 6 exclusive figures available in the initial roll out.  This subscription service is expected to replace the usual 1 or 2 club exclusive figures that are available each year.  This will make for all intents and purposes a second boxed set of toys for fans and members of the TFCC.
  • Transformers Generations will induct a new voyager class starting with War for Cybertron Soundwave, later being repainted to Soundblaster.  It can be expected that this is the size class for the all but confirmed Fall of Cybertron Grimlock figure to rival the giant Bruticus.  We might even see a reinvented Megatron or Optimus Prime in this size class.
  • All the drama and fan rage over the mixmatched War for Cybertron Bruticus figures can be put to bed after the more video-game accurate paint-scheme will be available as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive set.  Also showing up at SDCC is the Zombie Cliffjumper figure that seemingly vanished after the reveal at Botcon 2011.
  • MP10 will be released at Toys R Us with all accessories and a new paint job.  The only question now is the price
  • All the Cybertroncon Asia-market-only exclusives revealed a few months ago may not be as exclusive as everyone feared, however there was no official mention of this in any panels.  More below…

So after the Hasbro panel, I visited the display box where the employees were setting up the new figures.  There is a lock box at the bottom of the display where all the toys are kept prior to being revealed.  The staff had to do this while everyone was ganged around the front of the case.  I, however, mulled around in the back and caught glimpse of something that shocked me: a small green G1 legion-class Hoist.  It was right there, plain as day.  One was in robot mode, the other in vehicle.  The female Hasbro staff then rolled it back into a sheet of bubble wrap and placed it back in the bottom of the case while the other staff member prepared Airachnid for display.  I didn’t have time to take a photograph and there were too many people in the way, but it was there.

Transformers G1 Hoist robot gun

This is what I saw, and that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it

G1 Hoist as a cyberverse or legion class figure was revealed months earlier in mock-up stage (check the image up top) and during those reveals, everyone in the USA cringed or cried at the thought of all those toys being exclusive to Asia, requiring import prices.  Well guess what guys?  It’s time to wake up and realize that some if not all of those toys will be seen in the USA at some point.  Hasbro has enough trouble producing a full toyline at all, let a lone two toylines concurrently that would be cut off from larger sales numbers by being sold in the USA.


Masterpiece Grimlock – you’re doing it right!

Masterpiece Grimlock bartender

He's not just tending the bar, he was born this way.

This wonderful photo from my friend Joe is a perfect example of how all owners of the original Masterpiece Grimlock ought to do it. You need to revel in the fact that you own that little apron and drink set. MP-08 was meant to be the silliest looking Transformer ever, so let its dim light shine and display that bitch in alt-mode slangin’ some scotch! If you’re not, then YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!


I still function

Collecticon empty ikea detolf cases

"The Matix... it's empty!"

Yes it’s true, I have not fallen completely off the face of the Earth. I have been… indisposed due to some unfortunate and untimely accidents in my dwelling. This has forced me to permanently remove the shelving upon which my ridiculous character-based loose collection has resided. I have decided to pack everything away in plastic bins (by character of course) until I can make a more safe change.

So for now, I must bid farewell to my toy soliders as they hibernate for the winter. Thanks for staying with me over the past 4 weeks with minimal updates! I swear they are coming.

Collecticon Movie bumblebee collection

It's the bee hive!


Does anything scare G1 Grimlock? – Transformers 2010 Predaking

Transformers 2010 Predaking meets Generation 1 Grimlock

Let's see Me Grimlock get out of this one!

Good luck little fella’…


Unreleased Transformers Energon Starscream Attacktix prototype

unreleased attacktix Energon Starscream prototype

Anybody seen a ghost?

Something funky must be going on over in China. A large smattering of unreleased Attacktix prototypes flooded Ebay a few weeks ago including Soundwave, Grimlock, Bumblebee, and Energon Starscream. Some of these figures were promised to us in the form of product preview photos and even G1 Megatron and Optimus found their way into a few dollar stores. A large group of those proposed figures simply never came to be and were never heard from again until these auctions appeared.

Attacktix Energon Starscream Star Wars base

I wonder which figure this base belonged to?

Of course I snagged the Energon Starscream figure, which is actually my second (I found an additional one for private sale a month ago). Both are unpainted and made from the same cream-colored plastic placed on a non-matching base. The prototype featured in these photos sports the base for a Star Wars Attacktix figure. The missile is not included but something kind of unique to this figure is its ability to detach from the Attacktix play base.

unreleased Attacktix Energon Starscream prototype hardcopy

Energon Starscream disconnected from the base. String optional?

The sculpt is quite nice and would’ve looked great with the proper paint job. Alas, it was not to be and there is likely to only be one hand-painted hardcopy out there in the mythical Hasbro vaults. I doubt I’ll ever get my hands on that one, but crazier things have happened…

I always enjoy getting a look at non-production figures and Attacktix Energon Starscream does not disappoint. I can’t say I ever figured out how to play this strange game, and by the looks of all these unreleased figures not many others did either. For now bid adieu and check out these photographs courtesy of yours truly.

Side and top views of Attacktix Energon Starscream prototype

TF b2 indeed